2011 Dodge Avenger

2011 Dodge Avenger

2011 Dodge Avenger

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They say true beauty can only be achieved inside. Looks like the boys a Chrysler are big time believers in this philosophy. A friend told me that there is only thirty dollars difference between the cost of a Corvette ZR1 interior and a Porsche 911 interior. Thirty bucks! Hell, that will barley put a quarter tank of gas in your car. So, when I found out Chrysler and Fiat had approved one hundred and seven dollars more per car that would be completely dedicated to the interior, it caught my attention.

The last time I had seen an Avenger it was in the desert on a trip paid for by Chrysler back when car companies still paid big bucks to fly a bunch of car guys with lap tops to exclusive resorts to allow us to see the car, in its proper setting. I’ll tell you this, it was a forgettable automobile. The first thing I noticed was the poorly constructed interior, loud ride and of course the chiller cup holders. Those were cool.

As they say, that was then, this is now and now the interior of the all new 2011 Dodge Avenger is one of the biggest assets. And speaking of assets, yours will be comfortable in the Avenger. The dash is laid out beautifully and the fit and finish is almost European. Don’t laugh. It reminds me a little of the BMW’s interior. Big fat steering wheel, purposeful gauge cluster, cross stitching, touchable dash pad, and sound deadening material make the cabin as enjoyable as a news cast sans Charlie “WINNING” Sheen.

The power of the Avenger is adequate. Well, it’s adequate if you choose the I-4 with 173HP. If you choose the Heat edition of the avenger you add over a hundred horses to the car. Adding a hundred ponies livens up any car of this size. I would imagine that would be a very fun car to drive. Something else the transmission shifts with authority. The mileage for the Avenger is 20/31 for the I-4 and 19/28 for the V-6. Get the V-6.
I’m truly impressed with the whole line of the new Chrysler and Jeep products. In the case of the Avenger you can have one of the nicest cars I’ve seen produced for $20,000.00. But if your’e in the market for an SUV I urge you to look in the direction of the all-new Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

One thing’s for certain, crazy Charlie is spewing the tale of the American auto industry. They’re WINNING!

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