Hatfields Photo Gallery 2011

All of us at The Car Show would like to thank Gary Hatfield for host another amazing day of cars and fun. Foe your enjoyment Ken took some pictures at the event to give you an overview of the show and to get your mouth watering for next years show. Just go to the Gallery page and you can see them all, the good, bad, and yes a picture of me completes the cycle.

Don’t forget this was all done for charity. Al proceeds went to help the ABC Room. Thanks again to Gary, Dale and the whole crew at Hatfields.

And, don’t forget we are taping the show at Breakers on Thursday night May 12th. It’s a week after Cinco De Mayo. So come join us at Breaker’s Seafood on the corner of Old Bullard and Rice Road. The show starts taping at 6:30 p.m. See you there

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