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2011 Mazda Speed3

Mazda Speed3 [1]

Mazda Speed3

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If you are in the Market for an Impala, Taurus or Cadillac DTS you might want to skip over this review and catch the newest installment of “You Tell Me”. But, if you love fun to drive, quick and responsive smaller cars, keep reading.

The 2011 Mazda Speed 3 is special. If for nothing else its value alone should entice you to strap yourself in for a test drive. The Mazda Speed 3 starts out at $23,945.00 and tops out at a very reasonable $25,840.00. When you consider the fun quotient it’s a steal on any level. The only complaint I have is with the torque steer. I just don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t address this problem. I realize a light car with front wheel drive and high horsepower will produce some torque steer, however, something tells me they could minimize the effects of it.

As bad as the torque steer is, it’s easy to overlook when you’re driving the car in traffic. Some say the torque steer adds personality to the car. Well, if the personality you want is Gilbert Gottfried then mission accomplished. I find the torque steer makes the car less predictable than the price of fuel.

The heart of the Mazda Speed 3 is the turbo four-cylinder power-plant laying down 263HP and almost three hundred pounds of torque. These numbers allow for a very kind power to weight ratio. The kind of combination that makes even the most mundane trip to the local Brookshire’s an event to anticipate. The car allows you to plow through traffic like a gator through a swap. It almost feels like everyone else in the road is stuck in the mud. The nimble handling, which could only be improved with all-wheel drive is exhilarating

The interior of the Mazda Speed 3 is very welcoming and not nearly as confining as it looks from the outside. The front seats offer plenty of bolster to keep you planted in place to enjoy the ride. My seven-year old will tell you there is plenty of room in the back. The gauge cluster is easy to read and frankly, I like the color choice of the lighting package. The stereo is what you would expect from a car in this segment. There is ample bass and the integrated USB hook-ups that make putting a collection of your favorite driving songs on your I-pod as easy as switching to Suddenlink.

Over all, I would absolutely recommend the Mazda Speed 3 to anyone wanting a fun to drive road racer. The fuel mileage won’t set the world on fire. I averaged twenty-three miles per gallon under hard driving conditions, most of the time. That’s what I loved about the car. Hard driving is fun driving and fun driving is what the Mazda Speed 3 was bred for.

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