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2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe [1]

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

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Last week will stand out in my mind for several years to come. First of all, my hometown Dallas Maverick’s beat LeBrick and the hated Miami Heat in six games. The final game was viewed with my dad, my brother and my seven year-old son who was sporting his black belt he had earned earlier in the week.

For a guy you would think the week couldn’t get much better, right? Wrong! I was able to spend the week going to each event in the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. Think plush Corvette. The CTS-V turned more heads than an intelligent remark made by Paris Hilton.

For starters, it was the first Caddy I’ve ever seen with what my twenty-one year old brother calls “Murdered out” wheels. This term I learned, stands for completely blacked out rims. Think about it for a moment. All black competition wheels on a Cadillac. Strangely, they didn’t look bad at all. The car is silver with black wheels. It actually looks more like a race car than the Z06 does. The front of the CTS Coupe is both sinister and sophisticated at the same time. With more angles than a Bernie Maddoff scheme and smoother than Rep. Wiener’s shaved torso, it announces to everyone that this car is here to compete. The great thing is you can compete in relative comfort .

Make no mistake there are 556 angry ponies at the tip of your foot. The great thing is when you don’t need this stable of discontent to perform the CTS-V drives like your grandma’s Cadillac. Of course the ride is not quite as smooth and it is a lot harder to access the back seat. The hilarious thing about this is once you actually get past the front Recaros the back seat offers ample room for anyone under six-feet tall. If you’re bigger than that you will need to impose your will on the smaller guy or girl and force them into the back. There is tons of leg room but, no headroom at all. The funny thing is, no one cared. You don’t buy this car for the back seat anymore than you buy that new 50” flat screen because you need it.

The interior of the CTS-V is just amazing. The Recaro seats are extremely comfortable and supportive. They offer bolstering to keep you in place under “fun” conditions. They are heated and cooled. The cooling is something I really appreciated in this current Texas heat wave. The gauges are easy to read and can be configured to any set-up you desire. The ride is quiet and plush. The CTS-V I was in was a six-speed. Think about that for a minute…a six speed…Caddy. Probably would have made a great moonshine runner. As odd as it was swimming through the gears, the stick made it worth the trouble/fun. My only complaint here was the clutch. It seemed to engage a little high for my taste and several folks stalled it the first time they got behind the wheel.

The mileage is Horrendous! I spent about a hundred bucks on premium fuel for the trip to Dallas and back to Tyler. That’s the second reason I can’t buy this car. The first is the $70,000.00 dollar price tag.

Look, you don’t buy this car if you can’t afford the payment or the fuel cost. But, if you can, I would. Although I did tell my friends it is more like a luxury Camaro Z28 than a luxury Corvette, I loved being in the cockpit flying low to Dallas to see Miami lose the BIG ONE. I’m now taking my talents to…well, back to work.

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