2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

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The 2011 Corvette Grand Sport is the best handling most precise automotive instrument I‘ve ever held in my hands. The ability to be in command of such a docile monster is simply addictive. Really, these guys should just take the week off from sending me cars the week after I take delivery of a new Grand Sport.

When compared to anything with wheels made since some guy carved out a circle, the 2011 Grand Sport will win 85% of those comparisons. Yea, that’s you Porsche GT2 or 911, whatever, you Ferrari guys, and you tricked out Camaro and Mustang guys, even you Corvette Z06 owners. The all-new Corvette GS will flat out kill on any type of track and take you home in total comfort logging almost 30 miles to the gallon in air conditioned comfort.

And let’s talk looks for a second. It always seems that the Vette’s I get are in one of the performance primary color schemes, red, black, yellow or, bright blue. Eye catching colors that scream look at me. I mean I love black cars and honestly, yellow looks great to me at times. To makes the Porsche Demo happy I’ll tell you my favorite car in yellow is the GT-3. But, as I age I tend to want less attention. The shade of blue called Supersonic Blue Metallic is far more subtle than the name implies. It absolutely takes the look at me scenario out of it. The Corvette could almost pass for an Aston Martin from far away. The color is that subtle. I actually had more people check the car out because it didn’t stand out until you wanted it to. And once it stands out there is no mistaking what it is, a fire breathing monster.

Inside, as with every C-6 I’ve ever driven, it is both comfortable and capable. The shifter can’t be more than a few inches from the steering wheel making the six-speed transmission a quick and easy application. It’s just really effortless. Whether you go from first to fourth gear or, from first to third which I prefer, it’s nice to have such a vast amount of torque on hand to make almost any gear a go-slow gear. Someone actually ask me why I was driving the Grand Sport like an old lady (not that there’s anything wrong with that). My reply was, because, I can. Some performance cars are geared to maximize the lack of power to weight. That’s ceases to be a problem for the 436HP 3,300lb Corvette GS. It just says, jump in and enjoy me.

I really don’t know what else to tell you. A new 2011 Corvette Grand Sport fully loaded will set you back seventy five large. So there it is. Sell everything you own and go buy one. If after you liquidate you still don’t have enough money, buy the 2010 GS. Tell your wife or husband you NEED a Grand Sport. Tell your boss to make that your yearly bonus. Whatever you have to do, do it. There is nothing like driving a car like this.

I took a former owner of a local Chevy dealership for a ride. The man has driven every Corvette made since the seventies. He sold the dealership in 2006 and the 2011 Grand Sport was the first corvette he’s driven since then. He was blown away by the feel of the car.

I’m Lonnie Johnson and this is this week’s review sponsored by Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive. Stop by and see Gary today. I’m very proud to have them sponsor these reviews and hope you will give them a chance to earn your business. At the corner of Donnybrook and Troup Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive offers what I think is the last full service station on the planet. You won’t find a more enhanced, enjoyable atmosphere anywhere in Tyler.

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