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2012 Jaguar XJL

Quiet, quick and responsive describes many things, Seal Team 6, politicians in their first week of office and the all-new 2012 Jaguar XJL. Since I’m not physically capable of running with Seal Team 6 and my past behavior prevents me from running for public office, I have no choice but to tell you about this amazing car.

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2012 Jaguar XJL

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The Jaguar XJL is everything a luxury car should be. It is simply the most enjoyable car I’ve ever reviewed. It will surprise you at almost every turn. Whether it is the XJL’s highway performance or the well implemented 1100 watt sound system, the XJL begs for you to keep your seat, relax and enjoy the ride.

Of course I have always related a smooth ride with a Jaguar but, there is smooth and there is smooooooth. When you enter the cabin of the XJL the first thing you will notice is the Yacht like wood grain. The fit and finish looks more like it was completed by NASA. Every single component looks like it was designed and re-designed until finally perfection was reached.

When looking at the gentle, classic curves of the dash and console your eyes feel tricked to find out that the gauge cluster is completely digital. Don’t think 1988 Corvette digital. This is the new digital. The gauge cluster illuminates what looks to be old style racing gauges complete with moving needles. I can’t tell you how cool it is to see the contrast of the old-world styling with 21st century technology pressed firmly in place.

This is what makes the XJL so appealing to me. Jaguar seemed to hit the perfect sweet spot. It’s just enough of the Jag we love and none of the Jag we don’t.

I’ll re-visit the interior in a minute. Wrapped around the parlor style interior is one of the most beautiful body’s I’ve ever seen. Sorry, Jennifer Aniston. I know Jaguar hired some designers from Aston Martin. The hints of that are all over the body but, most noticeable is the classic Aston snout. Gone are the classic lines of the Jag of old, replaced with a blockier looking stance. Almost aggressive but, again, stopping just short.

When you drive the 2012 Jaguar XJL you will notice that there is no more road noise at eighty miles an hour than there is looking for a parking place. This will probably result in a few traffic tickets as most of us use road noise to gauge our speed.

I’m telling you it’s hard to care about anything when you’re behind the wheel. I couldn’t even muster up my usual micro road rage. I just smiled the whole time the air conditioned seat was massaging my backside. Want to pull out in front of me? Fine, that will slow me down enough to get another five minutes of seat time. Of course if I want to, all I really need to do is stomp on the gas, because with almost 400 horsepower and weighing in at just over 4,000lbs, thanks to the spaceship like aluminum and magnesium frame I will be hard to catch.

Okay, so it cost $90,000.00 dollars. If you are looking in this price range, price is obviously not in the equation. So, treat yourself to the automotive version of utopia and purchase the 2012 Jaguar XJL. Your senses will never be the same.

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