2011 Boss Mustang

2011 Boss Mustang

2011 Boss Mustang

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Every year one or two cars stand head and shoulders above all the others. Most of the time, it is the visceral reaction to the car that sets it apart. For 2011 that car for me has to be the new Boss Mustang.

Growing up (I’m forty-five) I got to see the original Boss running around the streets. At my high school there was a dark green Boss that some lucky kid got to drive. I just remember it looked fast just sitting in the parking lot.
Fast forward almost thirty years and the newest version of the Boss has the same effect on me as the original did. Sitting in the parking lot dressed in white with black Boss striping and black wheels this car draws more attention than Dolly Parton at a retirement home. When in motion the Boss just dares people not to stare. The sound of this car is absolutely musical. I even enjoy listening to the noises emanating from the six speed gearbox.

To me the Boss is a much better example of a driver’s car than the GT500. The GT500 feels much heavier which it is, but, only by 200 or so pounds. However, it fells 500lbs lighter behind the wheel. The Boss tips the scales at 3,600lbs. Ford achieved this in old school fashion. The Boss is by most standards, bare bones. I mean you have to giggle a little when you find out there isn’t even a USB port in the car. Oh yea, there is also only space for one CD in the player. I love it! Enough already with all the devices that vie for your attention behind the wheel. This car is not for you, twenty-something web surfer guy. This car is the entertainment system. It reminds you at every light and turn what driving is all about. Driving.

The horsepower is rated at 440. My rear-end will tell you a different story. The horsepower on this car is more underrated than the benefits of a tropical vacation for a Canadian. It feels just as strong as the GT500 while the paper work claims a 120HP disadvantage. Keep in mind the Boss has the iconic 302. Not the 5.4 liter beast in the GT500. I’ve always been in love with the way the 302 sounds even though I’m a Chevy guy. I can remember going to dirk track races as a kid and you could blind fold me and I could still tell you when a 302 came whizzing by. This Boss sings all the way up to 7500 rpm. That’s over 1200 rpm more than the GT500.

Very few of us will get to experience the joy of this however. Ford is keeping the production very limited by modern standards. That’s just one more thing that makes the Boss so desirable. You won’t see one at every stoplight in town. The price tag is $43,000.00 but somehow this even makes sense.

I supposed to be critical so, here goes. Sometimes you have to stop driving to add fuel. There, that’s my only criticism. Sorry, I just couldn’t think of anything else negative. The 2011 Boss Mustang will go down as one of my favorite cars of all time. Even without the USB port.

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