2012 Focus SE

2012 focus

2012 focus

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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but sixteen thousand dollars is not a lot of money to pay for a cool little car. Thankfully, I take delivery of some pretty cool cars and trucks each week. And usually the sticker price has a bigger influence on coolness than any one component of the car itself. Cool cost money. Ask anyone who drives a Corvette or GT500, or an M series BMW. Oh, sure, there are slightly less expensive fun to drive cars, see the Subaru WRX but, very few as cool over all as the all new Ford Focus SE.

Ford redesigned almost everything on the Focus. The focus first appeared in 2000 as a well, price sensitive grocery getter. However, the last twelve years have seen the explosion of the X-Games and the increased popularity of Gymkhana. Gymkhana is an extremely entertaining motor sport that focuses on precision driving. You would have to ask Mulally if Gen Y actually affected their design team but, from first looks they had to.

The all-new Ford Focus has stockier body lines than the 90’s version of Mike Tyson. The little car is aggressive from the menacing front end, through the shoulder, and past the rear glass. I know, I know the Focus is not a menacing car but, if you can look better than you perform, well, you’d be Sara Evans. Yea, I said it. But, seriously, with the increased burden of student loans the entry car segment buyers will love all of the looks you get for the price of a new Ford Focus.

The great thing is, it’s not just about looks you get an abundance of features on the base Focus. For just a few bucks more, still south of twenty- grand, you can enjoy MYKey and MyFord. MYFord integrates entertainment, navigation and your phone all into a touch screen console.

2012 focus interior

2012 focus interior

The 2012 Ford Focus also comes standard with torque vectoring. Torque vectoring control increases the Focus’s stability by adding brake force to the wheels on one side of the car during turns.

The little 2.0 liter power-plant offers plenty of fun to drive moments. Those moments last longer also, considering I squeezed out well over 40MPG on the highway. The truth is I averaged almost 35MPG having a blast. As long as we don’t execute the speculators look for fuel prices to always be volatile. It sure makes the ever increasing fuel cost seem more bearable at 40-plus miles per gallon.

I’m Lonnie Johnson and this is this week’s review sponsored by Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive. Stop by and see Gary today. I’m very proud to have them sponsor these reviews and hope you will give them a chance to earn your business. At the corner of Donnybrook and Troup Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive offers what I think is the last full service station on the planet. You won’t find a more enhanced, enjoyable atmosphere anywhere in Tyler.

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