2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland edition feels like they wrapped a Jeep Rubicon over a Mercedes. While its toughness can’t be denied, the JGC is more luxurious than a Congressional meet and greet.

The all-new JGC first hit the design board when Jeep was still involved with Mercedes and it shows. The deep rich leather and wood accent trim make you feel more like cruising around town slowly than blasting up the side of Barnwell Mountain. But, that doesn’t mean the JGC can’t blast up the side of a mountain, far from it. The JGC is extremely trail capable. With the adjustable ride height you can lower the JGC to street friendly six-inches of travel to get in and out of, then, hit the trail and from the cabin raise the ride height to over ten-inches of travel. More than enough to traverse many off-road obstacles

There are actually four different trim levels offered for the JGC. You can choose from the Limited, starting at $36,795.00 to the feared and revered JGC SRT8. The SRT8 back after a short lay-off offers 470HP to assist you in embarrassing Camaro and Mustang owners. For that thrill you can expect the price to jump to $54,470.00. Don’t forget the most important component with power is traction and the JGC makes sure that is taken care of with four-wheel drive.
I think what I liked most about the JGC was…everything. The size for starters is just perfect. Easy to park, easy to drive and comfortable to navigate.

The one complaint I did have with the JGC was the very difficult to adjust seating and steering. With a telescoping wheel and power adjustable seats you would think there would be more of a sweet spot. But, no matter how I tried I could not convince the jeep to allow me to feel 100 percent comfortable behind the wheel. Note to manufacturers, bring back the old school tilt wheel, please. All of this telescoping and controlled tilting is just too much. Just give me a lever and a wheel. I’ll figure it out.

Mileage, although better than last year’s, is still fair. The 3.6 and 5.7 liter you can expect 17cty/23hwy mpg and with the SRT8 you’ll only manage 12 cty/18 hwy. Not great.

The looks and amenities make the sale on this jeep. There is a HUGE panoramic sun roof that I found works well as a solar heating panel on a cold winter day and really gives you the “open air” jeep feel.

I’m Lonnie Johnson and this is this week’s review sponsored by Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive. Stop by and see Gary today. I’m very proud to have them sponsor these reviews and hope you will give them a chance to earn your business. At the corner of Donnybrook and Troup Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive offers what I think is the last full service station on the planet. You won’t find a more enhanced, enjoyable atmosphere anywhere in Tyler.

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