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2012 Infinity G37 ipl

Infinity ipl [1]

Infinity ipl

Every so often a car comes along that feels like the manufacturer took a mold of my body and cast a car around it. For me to say that is a huge statement. You see, I’m 5’10’’ 180. I am the quintessential, average U.S. male. I think the average is now six feet but, close enough. The stores are always out of my size and I can’t climb into the back of a new pickup and look cool doing it.

When the Infinity G37 G lpl was delivered I was underwhelmed to say the least. The styling is rather bland. The color, gray, didn’t do much to make the car stand out. The wheels were also understated. Don’t get me wrong they look great. They just look like they have two days worth of brake dust on them.

Then I opened the door, sat down, hit the start button, stuck the G37 in 1st and I still haven’t lost the smile on my face, it was unrelenting driving excitement.

One of the things that I love about the Corvettes and Vipers is their power. But, truth be told, when I stand on the throttle in these cars I rarely get out of second gear. There is just almost too much….can’t say it…can’t say it… Damn it, can’t say it. Look, I understand you can never have enough horse power or torque.

Most drivers of performance cars have no idea of their cars potential. The manufactures know it. Do you really think Nissan expects its customers drive over 150 more than once? No, they don’t. So why not build a rear-wheel drive 350hp coupe that you can actually air out a little.

The G37’s best attribute is that it handles like it’s on a rail. Thanks in part to an upgraded suspension. The steering has just the perfect amount of feedback and the car is able to stay straight under hard acceleration.
The seats are just firm enough to give the needed bolster but, soft enough to enjoy a long road trip.

The Infinity G37 G ipl will set you back about half a hundred thousand. Well worth the cost if you consider the competition. The mileage will vary. Infinity states 19/27. I did a little better thanks in part to the silky smooth, six speed gear box which has more options than Katy Perry.

Thank you, Infinity for nailing it.

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