2012 Nissan Juke SV

2012 Nissan Juke

2012 Nissan Juke

I’ve stated for some time that I am mostly impressed with the Crossover market. Just like Neil Diamond music, the crossover as a segment is as pop-bland as you can be. Justin Bieber surely must possess somewhere in his collection a highly (read overly modified), pitch black Crossover.

Each manufacturer has put its best foot forward in this segment. The Ford Edge, the Hyundai Tucson, G.M’s Terrain and Equinox, and even BMW with its X3, are all great sellers. Yet, it’s getting more difficult every day to tell them apart. Basically, just give me the one I can afford and gets good mpg.

So what’s the next logical step for Nissan? Ah, let’s make the Dr. Seuss collection, I guess. First, with the Nissan Cube, and yes it is, and then with the Juke that looks to me kind of like a Nissan Cube that The Jolly Green Giant tried to pry apart.

However, it was in the driver’s seat that it all went temporarily south for me. Sitting there on top of the gauge cluster was a rear spoiler from a nineteen seventy-six Trans-AM. I’m not kidding. Serving as an eyelid connecting the two large humps of the gauge cluster was this…spoiler! Single worst automotive design I’ve seen yet. Just unbelievable.

If you can get past that, and I couldn’t, the 2012 Nissan Juke delivers everything buyers want in this segment. It’s peppy; really, the 1.6 liter power-plant manages 188HP and great mileage, 27/32 actually.

Wait, from here on out everything under 1.7 liters will be referred to as a power plant and not a motor.
The six-speed gear box is un-impressive but, I don’t think this buyer minds. Plus, if you don’t want to row your Juke, opt for the CVT transmission. The Juke is Fun and easy to drive. What I think is odd about the design is that I think it would look better as an off-roader with a higher ride height and larger wheels and tires, it already has an option for all-wheel-drive. Or, as Nissan has done, slam one on the ground and shoe-horn a GTR motor in it. Now you’re talking. You can visit our face book page at thecarshowktbb.com and see the entire Juke GTR build.

Finally, I love the pricing on the Juke. It starts at $19,000.00. I spent fifteen minutes of the boss’s time clicking on every option Nissan offers except a car cover and I couldn’t break $29,000.00. That’s value. One funny thing though. They offer an optional rear-spoiler for $390.00. I didn’t click on that; I’d just tear the one off the dashboard.

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