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2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i

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As I look through my older post I cannot find one bad review of a Subaru. I’m not saying this will be the one. The point is I have great respect for the “other” boxer motor cars.
I’ve got too many friends who live and die by the next WRX, who equate Subaru more with boost and all-wheel drive than reliability. I get it; the Subaru brand to me has always stood for Rally.
Imagine my surprise when the 2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i was delivered. The shell made it, and it looked great but, they forgot the power. Yes, the all-new Legacy looks great but the 2.5 four-banger offers up only 175 HP, only enough to get the Legacy from zero to sixty in 9 seconds. By today’s standards that’s slower than one of Madonna’s high Kicks. By the way Madonna, Skeletor called he wants his body back. Wow, one day you’re like a virgin the next you’re like a fossil.
The interior of the 2012 Subaru Legacy is surprisingly supple. With wood grained accents and leather throughout you can’t help but enjoy your time in the cockpit. The instrument cluster is very sporty with black face gauges and white highlights that make keeping track of your speed and fuel a breeze.
I also liked the way the driver fits in the car. The driver’s seat offers a full range of bolster and the fact that the seats are heated makes them just that much better. There is one question I have and it’s for all automakers. Why not get Sirius and XM? They are a combined entity now. Why should I not be able to enjoy Howard if I have Satellite?
Now back to the driving experience. The 2.5H four’s miniscule power output is only farther diminished by the highly touted CVT transmission. This is another baffling thing to me. I like to feel a car change gears. It’s just more of that seat of the pants feel I use when I’m driving. If you want flawless, emotionless, mind numbing boredom out of a car put a CVT transmission in it.
Subaru, however, will also forever be known as one of the most reliable automotive brands. This should give you comfort, as now anything more than an econo-box will run you thirty large. For the record the Subaru Legacy offers extremely good reliability.
If it were me making the purchase I would recommend the four-cylinder turbo. That will deliver almost another hundred horsepower. There is always the 3.6 liter six that is naturally aspirated as a second choice.
Overall, I would say go visit your Subaru dealer and check out the Legacy if you’re in the market for a mid size sedan. They look great, run forever, and unlike the material girl age gracefully.
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