2012 Ram Tradesman

2012 Ram Tradesman

2012 Ram Tradesman

If you happen to have read my last review or heard it on the show, you know I was railing on the wussification of the American car buyer. I was testing the loaded out Nissan Armada and the amenities threw me for a loop. The interesting thing about that to me was the extremely harsh reaction I received from everyone. Men, women, and kids alike it seems are destined to enjoy the easy life of power doors, seats, and navigation.

Ok, I get it. I just don’t agree. Cars today have more options than one of Donald Trump’s grand kids. Amazingly the car gods sent me the automobile to prove my point.

The all new Ram Tradesman came with zero power options. Your hear that? No power windows, and not even power locks are included in the great package for the working man or woman.

Start with a beefy 5.7 liter Hemi that produces almost 400HP and over 400 lbft of torque. Continue with a very cool bed storage system that has more ability to change on the fly than either of our current political parties. There are storage boxes on the outside of the bed that are lighted and could comfortably fit tools, guns, fishing gear, whatever you want. Also the bed is designed to adjust to secure any type of load you may be carrying.

The cab of the 2012 Ram Tradesman is a single cab. When was the last time you rode in a single cab pickup? Let me tell you it’s a lot different from an extended or crew cab. First of all, there is obviously half the room, secondly, there are limited storage compartments. In fact the only one I found doubled as the middle of a bench seat. The bench seat was cool. Wanted to take the wife on a ride and stick her in the middle just for the fun of it. Interestingly enough she wasn’t interested. It turns out women are less attracted to work trucks than fish are to eagles.

Inside the singe cab you find zero extra knobs to twist and break. No seven-inch video screen to distract you and last of all, no carpet. Yes no carpet. Seems dirty boots don’t agree with the frail nature of carpet.
Here’s the cool part. The truck was easy to drive, quick and comfortable despite lacking all of the modern amenities. I can’t wait to show the truck to my stepfather this week. He is the man who said sunroofs don’t belong in trucks. If he gives his stamp of approval for the Ram Tradesman I say job well done

The mileage, as you would expect is not the greatest. Gearing and grunt usually don’t help you pass gas stations. Ha, I just said “pass gas”. Sorry, I digress.

If it’s a work truck you need you should visit your local Dodge house and have a look. Just tell them Lonnie said, “Show me the man truck”.

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