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This week I received my second Infinity. Normally this doesn’t happen. But I’ve never been happier. I was very impressed with the fit and finish and extreme luxury of the brand. This week nothing changes but the name. The Infinity EX35 is another winner in my book.

The size of the EX35 is perfect for a small family. Much like the Infinity M Hybrid, the EX35 has the looks and the performance to impress the most stringent critic. Some of the reviews I’ve read have come down hard on the size of the EX-35. Look, if you want a big SUV get one but, thankfully we all don’t need the big ride.
Ease of driving comes to mind first, followed closely by comfort. The ergonomics are spot on. The power, while not excessive offers plenty of go-mo.

Far and away the most impressive award must go to exterior design. The body flows like the pre-dam Colorado. The smooth front fascia gives way to rounded shoulders over all of the wheel wells and snaps back into uniformity before you get to the hatchback.

I’ve always been a fan of Nissan/Infinity. They make some of the most amazingly smooth power-plants in the industry today. The Infinity EX35 is no exception. The 3.5 liter makes 297HP thanks in part to an aluminum block and heads. Low friction molybdenum-coated pistons, and CVTCS.

Power gets you there but convenience makes the trip better also. With its dual-zone climate control and heated and cooled back seat center console vent the EX35 assures a happy tribe, although, the Indians in the back need to have short legs to ride in total comfort. The lack of legroom for the back seat passengers is one glaring weakness.

The Bose 11-speaker infotainment system offers more beautiful noise than a twenty song set by Fleetwood Mac. Of course there are USB ports for all of our “needed” world monitors. Man, I miss the days of un-connectivity.

If you have a family of four or less and you are the anti-sedan type, the Infinity EX35 is a perfect choice.

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  1. John Phillips

    I traded in a 2009 Nissan Maxima for a used 2012 Infinity. At first I found the cargo space small but quickly got used to it.
    We live on a private very hilly and snowy road. This car climbs the steepest hills that are so icy you can hardly climb up them.
    The power is incredible with its heavy motor up front. I will definitely buy another one.

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