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2013 Mustang GT

2013 Mustang GT [1]

2013 Mustang GT

Got some bad news last week, I found out I would have to keep the 2013 Mustang GT an extra day. Instead of the usual Tuesday delivery, Ford wanted to deliver the Mustang on Monday because of the Fourth of July holiday.

I don’t know if a color can make a car faster but, if it could Grabber Blue would be it. I know Ford has done the Grabber Blue before but, not like this. I’ll do my best to describe how this color looks, so blue and so light and so tuff at the same time. It’s like a twenty-two year old at a party for middle aged folks. It stands out. You know how Steve Martin had that line about never being able to sing a sad song to a banjo. Well, it’s just as hard to be sad driving a light blue muscle car. I mean its BLUUUUUE.

When you open the door you can’t help but notice how the dark blue, accented black leather seats call your name. Slide in and grab the billet cue ball shift knob. OUCH! My God, That thing was hot. Ford, right now, you need to put leather on all of the shift knobs on cars destined for the Southwest. Seriously, I’ve never touched anything that hot in a car before. I had to use a napkin to put over it. But, man it looked great.

The Hot Stick [2]

The Hot Stick

As far as appearance goes, they’ve done more tweaking than Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgeon. If you put a 2006 Mustang next to a 2013 you will be shocked at the subtle changes. For one, the rear fascia is now far more understated, especially with the spoiler delete. All of the changes give the Mustang a much more refined appearance. Even the “mood lighting” was tolerable.

Slide around to the front of the car and open the hood and you’ll see one of the most attractive engine compartments in the industry. Yea, it’s all plastic on top of the Coyote motor but, at least they made it look great.

Oh yea, the Coyote motor. Ford says it puts out 402 on regular gas and 420 on Premium. Save your money. My guess is they’re lying and it’s actually about 420 on regular. This motor is strong. It’s giving the Camaro lovers fits. Four hundred pounds of torque at 4205RPM gets you under way faster than MTV’s Teen Moms get arrested.

Acceleration Test [3]

Acceleration Test

I know the Mustang is up for a huge design change, and there have been rumors of distancing from the retro styling. I’m whole heartedly on board. I think the newest version of the Mustang GT looks far less retro than the 2005 model.

That shift knob heating up is a problem. So is the fact that you now pay forty thousand dollars for a Mustang GT. But, it’s ok. Order one in Hugger Blue and you’ll be way too happy to care about the price.