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2012 Toyota Yaris


2012 Toyota Yaris

If you’re the kind of commuter that could care less if you take the train, bus or any subcompact on the road, I’ve found the car for you. With as much edge as Sinbad set, the 2012 Toyota Yaris gets the job done. At forty-six years of age I’m starting to understand the benefit of proper tools.

Gas prices are going to continue to rise no matter what party you choose to be conned by in the fall elections. I for one do get tired of filling my truck up at 80-100 bucks a pop. Truth be told, I rarely use my truck for truck duty. It spends most of its life empty, with no dead weight dragging behind it. Sounds like Tom Cruise. So, what’s wrong with me seeing the sensibility of owning a high mileage subcompact for daily commutes around town? As far as style, style cost money, money that could be used on gas. That reason alone could justify throwing down the small amount of jack required to purchase a new Yaris. The Yaris pricing starts at $14,115.00. That seems very reasonable considering Toyota is happy to include their reliable reputation in the deal.

Just don’t expect an exhilarating driving experience. Not that it’s boring; let’s just say you have about as much sex appeal Andy Dick on a three week bender. But, automotive sex appeal can’t always take center stage. At some point we all have to realize it’s just a commuter car.

One of the things that really appeals to me is the radio. Instead of all these crazy teeny tiny little buttons to control everything but nuclear fusion, there is one giant button, one for volume and for scanning. Brilliant. Of course, you can still connect your iPod. The 2012 Yaris includes iPod connectivity plus AUX and USB ports.
There no optional NAV system but, that’s ok ,they still make maps, right?

Now, for the power numbers. I was going to make a joke here but, the power is actually ok. You get 100HP and 100 pounds of torque. Offering old school port fuel injection –vs- the more modern diret injection the Yaris still claims fuel mileage of 30/38. Did I mention it’s under $14,500.00?

If I was a gen-Y and wanted to make a break from my parent’s house before I was thirty I would strongly consider the 2012 Yaris.