2013 Hyundai Veloster

2013 Hyundai Veloster

2013 Hyundai Veloster

If you don’t want a Hyundai Veloster turbo of your very own after you drive one, you have no sporting automotive soul. The 2013 veloster turbo is the Aaron Neville of cars. Fun, light, and fulfilling, I got lost in myself while driving the Veloster this past week.

I drove the Hyundai Genesis not long ago and was unimpressed with the 2.0 turbo. Granted the Genesis with the six cylinder is quite fun, but, the 2.0 turbo was just no fun to drive at all. In fact the Genesis 2.0 lowered my expectations for the 2013 Veloster.

One of the guys I do the radio show with has been making more noise than a broken rod about this car for over a year. He’s a euro dude, if not geographically, then mentally. He drives a BWM and covets small fun to drive cars. He also wears low top Chuck Taylors with no socks. See, told you so.

When I came down stairs to pick up the Veloster every expectation I had of the car changed. First off, I love the styling. The front end is blunt, like very blunt, like blunt like me. The wheels fit perfectly in the oversized wheel wheels. Then, there are the huge fenders, square back and a great stance, the Hyundai Veloster had everything I covet in a rally inspired car.

Granted, it’s one door short. Well, no, actually if you count the hatch back there’s four. The Veloster actual has one back door on the passenger side it’s just the right ingress opportunity for a young adult. It’s not the door I would choose to enter the car. It’s much more fun to enter through the driver’s door

Jump in and you will find a comfortable cockpit with extremely functional, sensible easy to use gauges and controls. The seats are firm and very supportive. The interior lay out is very sporty with sport accents on the front seats of the turbo. One of the best ideas Hyundai had was putting the start/fire it up button, in the center of the dash. It feels great to reach up and slightly to the right to bring anything to life.

veloster interior

veloster interior

Once fired up and on the tarmac the Veloster turbo shines more than Lil’ Wayne’s grill. The turbo version of the 1.6 liter offers 201 HP and 195 pounds of torque. That’s more than enough to propel the 3700 pound car. What also surprised me was the stiffness of the chassis. Where the Genesis felt like it couldn’t handle anymore boost, the Veloster almost screams, “give me more”. The six-speed manual was smooth and tight. And the clutch engages at just the right point.

I know I should point out a weak point. That could have been the mileage but, it wasn’t. The Veloster turbo gets 26 city and 38 Hwy. I’m beginning to wonder if the manufacturers are understating their mileage, as Ford has done for years under estimating their horsepower on the Mustang GT’s. I was able to easily coax 40mpg out of the Veloster turbo on the highway.

Hyundai manages to place all of this fun in an affordable package. The MSRP on the 2013 Veloster is 21,950. It feels like it could sell for up to eight grand more than that before you would start to hear complaints.

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