2013 Honda CRV

2013 Honda CRV

2013 Honda CRV

When you chose your wife/girlfriend or your husband/boyfriend did you go safe or go wild? If you went wild, good luck. You’re in for a hell of a ride for a few months, a few years, or eternity. If you chose safe then be sure to buy the 2013 Honda CRV for all of your transportation needs.

I know, safety is important to us all. It’s just that I crave a bit of a challenge in my life, some excitement if you will. It’s why I chose my wife and why I remind myself everyday that, that choice was made for fun and not safety so, I chose an eternity of cooking and cleaning. Hey, there is always the ever present opportunity cost.
The opportunity cost of safe is usually excitement. That’s my overall impression of the 2013 Honda CRV. I can’t find one thing to knock about it except that it’s boring. I’m talking Bill Cates/code writer boring.

It’s quiet, efficient and comfortable but, so are Hush Puppies. With so many crossovers with angled bodies and peppy power-plants the CRV is forgettable in a crowd, but hasn’t that always been the case with Honda. I know, there are exceptions, the early CRX, the NSX and, whoops, that’s it.

The 2013 CRV gets respectable mileage, 22/30 and it doing this it achieves the highest fuel rating in its class. To get these impressive numbers in fuel economy Honda chose to put taller gears in the CRV which didn’t do much for the performance. However, if you buy the CRV you aren’t someone who’s into performance. You probably measure performance in longevity. I know it sounds sad but there are those out there among us that think like that.
Even though the CRV comes in available Four-wheel drive I wouldn’t take it past the closest State Park.

Here’s the deal, even though the Honda CRV is about as exciting as Betty White it’s also amazingly effortless to operate. There is something to be said for stability and reliability. Each time you drop behind the wheel and into the ten-way adjustable driver’s seat, turn on the 328 watt audio system and venture out into the world you feel a sense of comfort and adulthood.

There comes a time when we all grow up and realize that there is value in modesty. Honda has always driven this point home and nothing has changed with this year’s CRV.

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