2013 GMC Sierra Denali

2013 GMC Sierra Denali

It’s really difficult to choose the best truck, especially in Texas. We are, after all, in serious truck country. If you ever have any question as to how important Texan’s trucks are to them just attend the State Fair of Texas. Of course there will be no more appearances of Big Tex as he did his best Richard Pryor impression a few weeks ago. Thank God for cell phones.

The unique thing about the State Fair of Texas is that Big Tex is not the biggest attraction, trucks are.
Each manufacturer spends tons of cash to try and convince you their truck is the biggest, baddest, most fuel efficient model ever produced.

Truth is they are all impressive. So, if they all are good, what do you look for in a truck? Well that’s up to you. Me, I look for a sunroof and leather.

But, for the rest of you out there I know you tow boats and R.V.’s. And, if you listen to the Car Show on Saturday’s you probably also occasionally fill your truck bed with ice, and tailgate for all the Aggie home games.
The Denali has always been the exclusive brand for GMC. At first I wasn’t sure this would work for them but, years later it seems obvious they knew more about truck buyers than we knew about ourselves.

You see there’s no shame in admitting that you like to pull your hay trailer in absolute comfort or get out of the cold deer blind and enter an extremely well appointed cabin with heated seats. Of course if its summer and you are outside building fence in the Texas heat, you can jump in and cool your ass down with the air conditioned seats.
Yes, heated and air conditioned seats seem a little soft for a “truck man” but, you saw the elections we are evolving.

2013 denali interior

2013 denali interior

Let me assure you however the GMC Denali is not soft in any way. With the 6.2 liter with variable valve timing (E85 capable); and a Hyra-matic6L80 six-speed automatic transmission the 2013 Denali delivers 403HP and 417lb.-ft of torque. That is all you need to tow over 9,400 lbs.

The brakes were very impressive. The Denali offers standard powertrain grade braking through automatic downshifting. This feature will be extremely helpful when towing up and down hills.

Of course safety is not forgotten. The Denali has more air bags than the legislative branch, too many to list. Lets’ just say if you’re traveling down the newest Texas toll road between Austin and San Antonio and you have an accident, prepare to see lots pillows and powder. Ha, sounds like an early Rolling Stones album.

Mileage for the Denali could be better. Listed as 12/18, I was lucky to get that. I know it’s a big heavy truck but, GMC should deliver more on this front.

The best thing about the 2013 Denali is driving it. If you’ve never driven one expect to be blown away with the absence of road noise and the quality sound produced by the Bose sound system.

The pricing for the Denali starts at $48,635.00 but with Nav, sunroof and integrated trailer brake controller expect that number to increase to $53,694.00. I know, it’s a lot of cash but the 2013 denali is a lot of truck.

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