2013 Kia Rio SX

2013 Kia Rio SX

I’m noticing as I age I begin to seek out good deals more and more. Whether it’s finding fresh produce at the local Hispanic supermarket or sorting through ten high school kids to mow the lawn, now more than ever value is the most important thing to me. Ok, other than the never ending quest to get rid of March Madness.

After attending this year’s DFW Auto Show I left with the impression that the automakers must be aging too because, if there was a theme to this year’s show it had to be value. No one has done more with less than Kia.
Last year the Kia Optima Turbo was my car of the year. There is simply something about the total package of this car that left me wanting for nothing. Well, other than the demise of the Tea Party.

The newest offering from the Korean’s impresses me even more. I’m talking about the all-new 2013 Kia Rio SX. As I write this review I’m trying to recall a better value than the Kia Rio and truthfully, right now I can’t.
For under $20,000.00, you’re telling me I can purchase a car with more options Mila Kunis? The 2013 Kia Rio was delivered with leather, a sunroof and cool wheels for less than what it probably cost our commander and chief to play a round of golf.

Don’t get me started on the mileage. I can tell you the numbers are 28mpg city/36mpg highway with a combined average of 31mpg. That’s impressive but, I usually gauge the mileage on how many times I have to fill up during the week I have the car. I never filled the Rio up. As a matter of fact I drove all week on three quarters of a tank of gas. Considering the modest cost of filling up the Rio that is extremely easy on the wallet.

Although frugality is admired, it is hardly ever enjoyed, but, frugality in my opinion is not what resonates with me about the Rio. What stuck with me was the enjoyable driving experience offered by the Rio.

At a time when several small cars are approaching 200hp the Rio boast only 138hp. Who cares? If you would’ve asked me about the power I would have told you that it was fun to drive. The four-cylinder is direct-injected and very spirited.
The interior fit and finish was better than expected at this price point and the only real criticism that I could find was the road noise level. But, certainly you can’t expect $50,000.00 peace and quiet for under $20,000.00.
As far as the on-board infotainment systems go I found the touch screens very driver friendly. The Sound system was very acceptable, especially when equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio. You’re welcome Howard Stern.



I always get asked, what is the best car to purchase for my child who is going off to school? Well, if the Kia Rio doesn’t fit all of the criteria, I don’t know what does. With a low sticker price and fantastic mileage it is a perfect car to send your son or daughter of to college in. But, don’t just let the kids have all the fun, Buy two Kia Rio’s for the price of one crossover or SUV.

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