Today is Saturday March 25, 2017
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners must wait 30 days before they can win again.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 3/24
What hospital does the show Grey’s Anatomy take place in?
Answer: Seattle Grace Hospital
Winner: Jason Sebring of Tyler

Thursday 3/23
Who was the last man to walk on the moon?
Capt. Eugene Cernan
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Wednesday 3/22
How many elevators does the Empire State Building have?
Answer: 73
Winner: David Williams of Tyler

Tuesday 3/21
How many days left in 2017?
Answer: 285
Winner: Scott Newsome of Tyler

Monday 3/20
What was the last year the $2 bill was printed?
Answer: 2003
Winner: No winner

Friday 3/17
Who played the young jungle boy on Gilligan’s Island?
Answer: Kurt Russell
Winner: Ron Van Ness of Jacksonville

Thursday 3/16
What’s so special about the sentence: “The Quick Brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog?”
Answer: it uses all the letters in the alpabet
Winner: Ken Popplewell of Bullard

Wednesday 3/15
Who wrote the 1896 novel “the Island of Dr. Moreau?”
Answer: HG Wells
Winner: Gary Tucker of Longview

Tuesday 3/14
What collection of lakes in New York State are named after parts of the human body?
Answer: Finger Lakes
Winner: Tom Ward of Tyler

Monday 3/13
What planet is closest in size to our moon?
Answer: Mercury
Winner: Darin Prissom of Tyler

Friday 3/10
Who was the first actor cast as the tin man in the film The Wizard of Oz?
Answer: Bubby Epsen
Winner: Bobby Long of Tyler

Thursday 3/9
Which country pop star was born Eilleen Regina Edwards?
Answer: Shania Twain
Winner: Charles Richter of Tyler

Wednesday 3/8
Which sea creature has 3 hearts?
Answer: Octopus
Winner: Darrell Durio of Golden

Tuesday 3/7
Who said “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love”
Answer: Albert Einstein
Winner: James Casey of Gladewater

Monday 3/6
In what year did Walter Cronkite begin anchoring the CBS Evening News?
Answer: 1962
No Winner

Friday 3/3
What is the highest point in Texas?
at 8,751 feet, it is Guadalupe Peak, about 90 miles east of El Paso

Thursday 3/2
Who did Ali fight in “The Thrilla in Manilla?”
Answer: Joe Frazier
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Tyler

Wednesday 3/1
What was John Lennon’s middle name?
Answer: Winston
Winner: Roger Ramsey of Flint

Tuesday 2/28
What is the official dance of Texas?
Answer: The Square Dance
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Monday 2/27
Who said “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Pleay is really the work of childhood?”
Answer: Mr. Rogers
Winner: No winner

Friday 2/24
The king of hearts is the only king in the deck without what?
Answer: Mustache
Winner: Tony Cushman of Bullard

Thursday 2/23
Who won 5 Grammys, one for every category in which nominated, in 2003?
Answer: Norah Jones
Winner: David Williams

Wednesday 2/22
What movie won best picture Oscar in 2015?
Answer: Birdman
Winner: James Lowe of Starville

Tuesday 2/21
Who was 1st African-American head coach in the NFL?
Answer: Fritz Pollard
Winner: Chase Ashby of Troup

Monday 2/20
What was Clint Eastwoods first film as a director?
Answer: Play Misty for Me
Winner: WH Harber of Tyler