Today is Friday April 29, 2016
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners must wait 30 days before they can win again.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Thursday 4/28
Who buried the treasure on Treasure Island?
Answer: Captain Flint
Winner: Eugene West of Troup

Wednesday 4/27
How many feet in a fathom?
Answer: 6
Winner: Brian Sterling

Tuesday 4/26
What TV “Barney” had a show with 160+ episodes?
Answer: Barney Miller
Winner: Joe Staicer

Monday 4/25
What is the largest island in the world?
Answer: Greenland
Winner: Jonathan Ernest

Friday 4/22
What was popular nickname for Model T Ford?
Answer: Tin Lizzie
Winner: Bridgette Evick of Flint

Thursday 4/21
What is an angle more than 90 but less than 180 degrees called?
Answer: Obtuse
Winner: Nathan Jones

Wednesday 4/20
How many Declaration of Independence signers went on to be President of the US?
Answer: 2
Winner: Kenneth Medlin of Red Springs

Tuesday 4/19
What was the nurse selling in Penny Lane by the Beatles?
Answer: Poppies
Winner: Duffy Malone of Tyler

Monday 4/18
Who was President and Chief Justice for US?
Answer: William Taft
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Whitehouse

Friday 4/15
What was Thomas Edison’s phobia?
Answer: Afraid of the dark
Winner: Mason Fredrick

Thursday 4/14
What was playing at the Ford Theater the night Lincoln was shot?
Answer: Our American Cousin
Winner: Brian Tuttle of Tyler

Wednesday 4/13
What planet was 1st to be discovered by telescope?
Answer: Uranus
Winner: Michael Wilson of Big Sandy

Tuesday 4/12
What 2013 movie starred Bullock and Clooney?
Answer: Gravity
Winner: Holly Carroll Tyler

Monday 4/11
What Muppet was created to parody Donald Trump?
Answer: Donald Grump
Winner: Roy Thomlin of Troup