Today is Thursday May 26, 2016
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners must wait 30 days before they can win again.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Thursday 5/26
What athlete was on SI cover 50 times?
Answer: Michael Jordan
Winner: CG Mata

Wednesday 5/25
What is Wednesday’s child full of?
Answer: Woe
Winner: Tim Thompson

Tuesday 5/24
How many episodes of Fawlty Towers?
Answer: 12
Winner: Glen Jeansonne of Tyler

Monday 5/23
What historical character is said to have inspired the saying “Great Scott!”
Answer: Gen. Winfield Scott
Winner: No winner

Friday 5/20
Who wrote “Wishful Drinking”?
Answer: Carrie Fisher
Winner: Nancy Page of Emerald Bay

Thursday 5/19
What is the state bird of Indiana?
Answer: Cardinal
Winner: Gary Stewart of Tyler

Wednesday 5/18
What was Beethoven’s only opera?
Answer: Fidelio
Winner: Cameron Furr

Tuesday 5/17
What was Eddie Money’s birth name?
Answer: Mahoney
Winner: Jacob Evick

Monday 5/16
What was the character Sylvester Sneekly’s also known as in the Penelope Pitstop Series?
Answer: The Hooded Claw
Winner: Jack Gauntt of Lindale

Friday 5/13
What group’s only beardless memeber is Frank Beard?
Answer: ZZ Top
Winner: Eric Dahlen