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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners must wait 30 days before they can win again.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 11/27
The Rio Grande is the longest river in Texas. What river is the second longest river in Texas?
Ans..The Red River. The total length of the river is 1,360 miles.
Winner…No Winner

Thursday 11/26
No Quiz..Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday 11/25
In which war was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?
Ans.. American War of Independence, The American Revolutionary War which ran from 1775 to 1783 and ended with the Treaty of Paris
Winner…Eugene West, Troup

Tuesday 11/24
Name the group that made the albums Bare Trees and Penguin?
Ans..Fleetwood Mack (Bare trees was released in 1972 and Penguin was released in 1973)
Winner…Joe Staicer, Red Springs

Monday 11/23
How many days did Joshua’s troops march around Jericho before the walls fell?
Ans..seven days. And on the seventh day they had marched around the walls seven times and the walls fell. Joshua 6:3-5 and Numbers 11:3)
Ans…Ray Terry, Whitehouse