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Lunch Break ContestThe Fire Station Auto Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners have 30 days in which to go by Glenwood and Vine in Tyler to pick up their big 16 ounce coffee mug and some Fire Station Auto Coffee. After a person wins, they must wait 30 days before they can win again.

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Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 4/18
Name the 1992 presidential candidate whose running mate was former Rear Admiral James Stockdale.
ans..Ross Perot, a native of Texarkana, Texas
Winner…Stev Breeden, Whitehouse

Thursday 4/17
Name the starting pitcher who reached 500 career strikeouts in the fewest innings.
Ans..The Texas Ranger’s Yu Darvish did it earlier this month against Tampa Bay.
Winner…Van Jordan, Tyler

Wednesday 4/16
What was Archie Bunker’s favorite snack in his lunch box?
Winner…Marci Newsom, Tyler

Tuesday 4/15
Name the product that received patent number 27,615 when it’s inventor covered a gimlet screw with a “T” handle.
ans..The corkscrew was patented March 27th, 1860 by M.L. Bryan of New York City.
Winner…Eddie Moose, Tyler

Monday 4/14
What animals did Jesus cause to run into the sea and drown?
Ans.. Pigs (Matt 8:32)
Winner…Heather Jeillam, Tyler

Friday 4/11
Name the soft drink invented in Waco in 1885.
ans..Dr Pepper
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Thursday 4/10
What Grand Slam golf tournament has the most clubhousers sipping mint juleps?
Answer: The Masters.
Winner…Brian Tuttle, Tyler

Wednesday 4/9
What 1990 box-office flop was the first film to pair Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?
Ans..Joe Versus the Volcano
Winner…Ann Baldwin, Fort Worth

Tuesday 4/8
Name the first man in space.
ans..Russian Yuri Gagarin made a 108 minute flight, making a complete orbit around the earth on April 12th, 1961.
Winner..W.H Harbour

Monday 4/7
Which Jewish criminal did the people ask Pilate to release instead of Jesus?
Ans…Barabbas John 2:1-11
Winner…Annie Masenburge, Tyler

Friday 4/4
What is the official state dance of Texas?
ans..the square dance. In fact, 21 states have the square dance as their official state dance.
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Thursday 4/3
Name one of two states that have never had a school participate in the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament.
ans..Alaska and Maine
Winner…Shane Pyle, Bullard

Wednesday 4/2
Who was involved with Justin Timberlake in a famous “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl?
ans..Janet Jackson
Winner…Ken Poppelwell, Teaselville

Tuesday 4/1
What did George Bernard Shaw describe as, “a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire?”
Winner…Daniel Smith, Tyler

Monday 3/31
Who is the only woman in the bible whose age is mentioned?
ans..Sarah..Genesis 23:1 says she was 127 years old when she died.
Winner…Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Friday 3/28
The first movie to win the Academy Award for best picture, was filmed in what Texas city?
ans..San Antonio..The movie was Wings. It was a silent film shot at Kelly Field between September 7, 1926 and April 7, 1927. It stars Clara Bow, Charles “Buddy” Rogers and Richard Arlen and Gary Cooper appears in a role which helped launch his career in Hollywood.
Winner…no winner

Thursday 3/27
Which NFL team is the only one to win the Super Bowl back to back two different times?
ans..The Pittsburg Steelers..Super Bowls 9 and 10 and Super Bowls 13 and 14
Winner…Steve Thompson, Tyler

Wednesday 3/26
Name the actress who, because of a broken zipper, had to be sewn into the trousers she wears in the last carnival scene of “Grease.”
ans..Olivia Newton-John
Winner…Kenneth Medlin, Red Springs

Tuesday 3/25
Name one of the first two musical instruments played in outer space?
ans..The Smithsonian Institution says a harmonica and a handful of small bells played Jingle Bells aboard the Gemini 6 space craft in 1965
Winner…Tom Ward, Chapel Hill

Monday 3/24
Name the person in the Bible whose name means “Mother of all the living.”
ans..Eve..Genesis 3:20
Winner…John Scripsick, Whitehouse

Friday 3/21
Name the Texan who has had his major league baseball uniform number retired by three teams.
ans..Nolan Ryan..his uniform number has been retired by the Rangers, Astros and the Angels.
Winner…Brian Bell, Arp

Thursday 3/20
In which athletic event do runners jump four hurdles and a water obstacle while running 3,000 meters around an oval track?
ans..Steeplechase; the world record is less than 8 minutes
Winner…Van Jordan, Tyler

Wednesday 3/19
Who was Jimmy Carter’s Vice President?
ans..Walter (Fritz) Mondale
Winner…John Wetzel, Flint

Tuesday 3/18
In the movie “Toy Story” what is the name of the only human that knows the toys are alive?
ans..Sid Phillips, Andy’s 10 year old neighbor
Winner…Brandon Bell, Arp

Monday 3/17
What was the second plague that God sent to Egypt because Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go?
ans..Frogs…Exodus 8:1-14
Winner…William Johnson, Lindale

Friday 3/14
Which hero of the Alamo was accused of murder in South Carolina?
ans..William B. Travis. According to the Texas State Historical Association…”The story has been told that Travis suspected his wife of infidelity, doubted his parenthood of her unborn child, and killed a man because of it. The story is probably correct, given its persistence, but hard evidence of it is lacking.”
Winner…Trey Casper, Tyler

Thursday 3/13
Name the last major league baseball player to win batting’s triple crown.
ans..Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera in 2012
Winner…Jack Brown, Tyler

Wednesday 3/12
In which state did the Woodstock music festival take place in 1969?
ans..New York..It was on a 600 acre dairy farm at Bethel, New York. The first of the 32 acts was Richie Havens.
Winner…Teresa Byers, Tyler

Tuesday 3/11
What famous actress once said, “The less I behave like Whistler’s mother the night before, the more I look like her the morning after”?
ans..Tallulah Bankhead
Winner…no winner

Monday 3/10
When Jesus was in the wilderness, how many days did he fast before Satan started testing him?
ans..40 days..Matthew 4:2
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Friday 3/7
Name the Texas city where it is illegal to have a camel run loose on the beach.
Winner…Jerry Satterwhite, Chandler

Thursday 3/6
What New York sports team originated in Maryland in 1902?
Ans..the New York Yankees. The club was founded in Baltimore, Maryland as the Baltimore Orioles. The team moved to New York City in 1903 and became the New York Highlanders, before taking the “Yankees” as their official name in 1913.
Winner…Jonathan Kidd, Longview

Wednesday 3/5
In the movie “Speed,” what was the minimum speed the bus must be going so it would not blow up?
ans..The speedometer must not go below 50mph
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Tuesday 3/4
1. The extinct Elephant Bird was native to which island?
Winner…Duffie Monroe, Tyler

Monday 3/3
1.In the old testament, who was Zipporah’s husband?
Ans…Moses..Exodus 2:21
Winner…Mike Giles, Lindale

Friday 2/28
What is the first line in the state song of Texas?
Ans..”Texas our Texas! All hail the mighty State” It was written in 1924 by William J Marsh and Gladys Yoakhum Wright. It was named the Texas State Song by the legislature in 1929.
Winner…Nancy Lynn, Tyler

Thursday 2/27
Name the professional basketball player who was voted the National Basketball Association’s most valuable player 1984-86, as well as coach of the year in 1998.
ans..Larry Bird who played with the Boston Celtics and coached the Indiana Pacers
Winner…Dennis Miller, Chandler

Wednesday 2/26
Name the only President to serve who was not elected by U.S. voters either as President or Vice President.
ans..Gerald Ford..In 1973 then-President Richard Nixon (1969-74) appointed Ford Vice President after former Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned. When Nixon resigned from the White House on August 9, 1974 (the only President to do so), Ford became President.
Winner…Jack Gaunt, Lindale

Tuesday 2/25
Name the shortest U.S. President.
ans..James Madison…The fourth President, Madison stood 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighed less than 100 pounds
Winner..Brian Norwood, Longview

Monday 2/24
What did Luke do for a living?
ans..He was a medical doctor…Colossions 4:14
Winner…Ronnie Jones, Tyler

Friday 2/21 The first Texas Governor to be born in Texas was born in what East Texas county?
Answer: Cherokee County. Governor Stephen Hogg was born near Rusk.
No Winner!

Thursday 2/20
Record setting defensive back Dick Lane was known by what nickname?
Answer: Night Train
Winner: Matt McClellan of Tyler

Wednesday 2/19
Which of our Presidents weighed the most?
Answer: William Howard Taft
Winner: James Savage of Lindale.

Tuesday 2/18
Name the first President born as a United States citizen.
Answer: Martin Van Buren
Winner: Janet Tracey of Tyler

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