Firestation Auto Trivia Quiz

Lunch Break ContestThe Fire Station Auto Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Winners have 30 days in which to go by Glenwood and Vine in Tyler to pick up their big 16 ounce coffee mug and some Fire Station Auto Coffee. After a person wins, they must wait 30 days before they can win again.

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Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 5/22
Name the Arp, Texas born coach who led the University of Houston Cougars to five appearances in the NCAA final four.
Ans.. Guy Lewis, 93. He was inducted into National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013. He still lives near the University of Houston campus.
Winner…Rick Boone, Flint

Thursday 5/21
Four teams won all of the NBA championships in the 1980s. Name one of them.
Ans…Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Los Angles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers.
Winner…Curt Nelson, Tyler

Wednesday 5/20
What European nation would you be in if you were visiting the headquarters of NATO?
Ans..Belgium…It is located at Boulevard Leopold III, 1110 Brussels, Belgium
Winner…Joe Staicer, Red Springs

Tuesday 5/19
Name the U.S. President who was the first to advise, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”?
Ans..Harry S. Truman
Winner…Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Monday 5/18
According to the King James Bible, what is the 6th book of the Old Testament?
Scott Newsom, Tyler

Friday 5/15
In what Texas town would you be in if you were in the Jersey Lily Saloon?
Ans..Langtry, Texas where Judge Roy Bean served liquor and dispensed justice.
Winner…Ann Baldwin, Fort Worth

Thursday 5/14
Name the sports figure who said he would “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”
ans…boxer Muhammad Ali..The full comment is “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The hand can’t hit what the eye can’t see.
Winner…Curtis Thompson, Flint

Wednesday 5/13
What birds, standing nearly five feet tall, are the tallest in North America?
Ans..Whooping Crane
Winner…Barry Bingham, Jacksonville

Tuesday 5/12
What word from “Lost Horizon” did James Hilton introduce to the English language in 1933?
Winner…Tom Deppy, Lindale

Monday 5/11
Name the person in the Bible whose iron point of his spear weighed around 15 pounds.
ans..Goliath..1 Samuel 17:7 says it weighed six hundred shekels which is 6,600 grams or about 14.55 pounds.
Winner…Ben Wade, Tyler

Friday 5/8
‘San Antonio Rose’ is the biography written by Charles R. Townsend about what Texas born entertainer?
Ans..Bob Wills, a native of Kosse, Texas in Limestone County
Winner…Tom Ward, Chapel Hill

Thursday 5/7
Five players were the first to be named to baseball’s Hall of Fame. Name two of them.
Ans.. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson in were named to the Hall of Fame in 1936.
Winner…Kenneth Medlin, Red Springs

Wednesday 5/6
Name one of the four U.S. states that have a double “n” in their name.
Ans..Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Tennessee
Winner…Marci Newsom, Tyler

Tuesday 5/5
What TV show’s star subsisted on a diet of mullet and butterfish?
Ans..Flipper which aired from 1964 to 1967
Winner…Laura Crow, Hallsville

Monday 5/4
According the book of 1 Samuel, man looks at the outward appearance bu God is looking at what?
ans..the heart…1 Samuel 16:7
Winner…Jacob Evick, Tyler

Friday 5/1
What structure, standing on the grounds of the Depot Museum in Henderson was the first of its kind to receive a historical marker?
ans..”Arnold Outhouse,” an ornate 3-holer
Winner…Kevin Hill, Tyler

Thursday 4/30
Name the Texas Ranger pitcher who pitched a perfect game in 1994.
ans..Kenny Rogers
Winner…John Jones, Bullard

Wednesday 4/29
On the TV series M*A*S*H*, what was Radar’s favorite drink?
ans..Grape Nehi
Winner…Gene Strickland, Tyler

Tuesday 4/28
Who was president when health warnings were put on cigarette packages?
Ans..Lyndon Johnson
Winner…Kevin Braly, Tyler

Monday 4/27
What is the name of the river in which John the Baptist baptized people?
Winner…C.G Mata, Overton

Friday 4/24
What is the only National Preserve in the state of Texas?
Ans..The Big Thicket National Preserve in southeast Texas
Winner…No Winner

Thursday 4/23
Who in baseball was known as “The Flying Dutchman”?
Ans..Honus Wagner got the nickname because of his great speed and his German heritage (“Dutch” in this instance being an alteration of “Deutsch”).
Winner…Ray Hall, Henderson

Wednesday 4/22
What U.S. government outfit are you working for if you’re dubbed a “Feebie”?
Ans..The F.B.I
Winner…Brian Tuttle, Tyler

Tuesday 4/21
What are you shopping for if you are sized up by a Brannock Device? first prototype was patented in 1926
Winner…Ken Popplewell, Teaselville

Monday 4/20
What did the Apostle Luke do for a living?
ans..He was a physician
Winner…Ray Terry, Whitehouse

Friday 4/17
Name the Houston physician and surgeon who pioneered the pacemaker and developed many unique and innovative cardiovascular surgical techniques.
Ans..Dr. Michael DeBakey
Winner…Larry Jowell, Tyler

Thursday 4/16
Name the soviet gymnast who performed the first back summersault on the balance beam?
Ans..Olga Korbut
Winner…Renee Rice, Longview

Wednesday 4/15
Name the two seas that touch Germany’s northern shoreline.
Ans..The Baltic Sea and the North Sea
Winner…Marylin Stasila, Tyler

Tuesday 4/14
Name the comic strip hero who was served with divorce papers by his wife of 45 years in 1994.
Ans..Dick Tracy
Winner…Mark Hansen, Athens

Monday 4/13
Name the Bible character who preached in a valley full of dead men’s bones.
Ans..Ezekiel..Ezekiel 37:1-14
Winner…Teresa Byers, Tyler

Friday 4/10
Name the movie and television star who was known as Queen of the West on her TV series.
Ans..Dale Evans, who was born in Uvalde Texas
Winner…Kevin Braly, Tyler

Thursday 4/9
Name the former New York Yankee player who holds the record for the most career world series home runs.
Ans..Mickey Mantle
Winner…Tim Quinn, Whitehouse

Wednesday 4/8
What two directions do you typically travel on interstate highways with odd numbers?
Ans..north or south
Marci Newsom, Tyler

Tuesday 4/7
Name the only person to be elected twice as vice president and twice as president.
Ans..Richard Nixon
Winner…Kate Curtis, Henderson

Monday 4/6
How many stories or levels were there in the ark?
ans..three..Genesis 6:16
Winner…Jerome Howard, Tyler

Friday 4/3
The last battle of the Civil War was fought near what Texas city?
ans…Palmito Ranch just east of Brownsville on May 12 and 13, 1865. This is more than a month after Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia.
Winner…Kenneth Medlin, Red Springs

Thursday 4/2
Name the jockey, born near El Paso, who won the Kentucky Derby in 1986 on a horse named Ferdinand.
Ans…Willie Shoemaker, who was born in Fabens, Texas
Winner…Steven Stanford, Lindale

Wednesday 4/1
Name the South American city that has a name meaning “January River.”
Ans..Rio de Janeiro
Winner…Jack Clephas, Tyler

Tuesday 3/31
Name the only two U.S. presidents to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
ans…John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft
Winner…Ann Baldwin, Fort Worth

Monday 3/30
Name the first person in the Bible who was put in prison.
Ans..Joseph:Genesis 39:20
Winner…Duffie Monroe, Tyler

Friday 3/27
Name the Texas billionaire who established the radio program “Life Line” in 1958 so he could voice his political views.
Ans..H.L. Hunt
Winner…John Byers, Tyler

Thursday 3/26
What basketball team was the first in major league sports to be named for an insect?
ans..Charlotte Hornets
Winner…C.G. Mata, Overton

Wednesday 3/25
Name the company with the slogan “nothing say lovin’ like something from the oven.”
Winner…Steve Rainwater, Tyler

Tuesday 3/24
What was Rhett Butler’s hometown?
ans..Charleston, South Carolina
Winner…Dick Johns, Tyler

Monday 3/23
Finish this phrase from the book of Matthew…”Blessed are the pure in heart________________________.”
ans..For they shall see God. Matthew 5:8
Winner…Dick Berkhouse, Whitehouse

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