Today is Thursday March 22, 2018
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Only one (1) winner per household within any thirty (30) day period.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Thursday 3/22
What is the capital of Peru?
Answer: Lima
Winner: John Christian of Tyler

Wednesday 3/21
How many days left in 2018?
Answer: 285
Winner: Joe Stacer of Tyler

Tuesday 3/20
How many years in a score?
Answer: 20
Winner: Jeff Hamilton of Diana

Monday 3/19
What is the fastest fish in the ocean?
Answer: The sailfish
Winner: Glen Jeansonne of Tyler

Friday 3/16
What does IPA on a beer bottle stand for?
Answer: India Pale Ale
Winner: Brian Norwood of Hallsville

Thursday 3/15
Who was the lunar model pilot on Apollo 12?
Answer: Alan Bean
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Wednesday 3/14
Who is famous for Disco Duck?
Answer: Rick Dees
Winner: Joey Bondurant of Henderson

Tuesday 3/13
Who was the first billionaire in the US?
Answer: John D Rockefeller
Winner: Paul Ruark of Tyler

Monday 3/12
Who was the first female US Attorney General?
Answer: Janet Reno
Winner: Zach White of Big Sandy

Friday 3/9
What singer sang “On the Wings of Love”?
Answer: Jeffery Osborne
Winner: Charles Battee of Tyler

Thursday 3/8
Where is the Baseball Hall of Fame located?
Answer: Cooperstown New York
Winner: Michael Betts

Wednesday 3/7
Who was the original Ronald McDonald?
Answer: Willard Scott
Winner: David Doyle of Laird Hill

Tuesday 3/6
The art of paper folding is known as …?
Answer: Origami
Winner: Gene Merriman

Monday 3/5
Who played John Blutarsky in Animal House?
Answer: John Belushi
Winner: Tim Quinn of Whitehouse

Friday 3/2
What male tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles?
Answer: Roger Federer
Winner: Nancy Page of Bullard

Thursday 3/1
Whose band was the Tijuana Brass?
Answer: Herb Alpert
Winner: Herb Ellis of Bullard

Wednesday 2/28
What body of water separates the East African coast and the Saudi Arabian peninsula?
Answer: The Red Sea
Winner: Marcy Newsome of Tyler

Tuesday 2/27
As a protest to Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans in film, Marlon Brando declined an Academy Award for his performance in what film?
Answer: The Godfather in 1072
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Monday 2/26
Name one of the two presidents who died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1826.
Answer: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Winner: Skip Ogle of Tyler

Friday 2/23
A pint of milk is equal to how many cups?
Answer: 2
Winner: Delores Phillips of Lindale

Thursday 2/22
Who played Wimpy in the 1980 film Popeye?
Answer: Paul Dooley
Winner: Steve Nulf of Tyler

Wednesday 2/21
A flamboyance is a group of what animal?
Answer: Flamingos
Winner: Gayla Tronse of Lindale

Tuesday 2/20
Where was actress Sandy Duncan born?
Answer: Henderson
Winner: Chet Thomas of Whitehouse

Monday 2/19
Who was the only president to server 2 non consecutive terms?
Answer: Grover Cleveland
Winner: Steve Thompson of Tyler

Friday 2/16
What was John Candy’s name in the movie Planes, Train and Automobiles?
Answer: Del Griffith
Winner: Brent Little of Tyler

Thursday 2/15
Who was the first act to have 5 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 list?
Answer: The Beatles
Winner: Darryl Durio of Tyler

Wednesday 2/14
What is the smallest state in the union?
Answer: Rhode Island
Winner: Randal Jackson of Tyler

Tuesday 2/13
Who played Kit Marlowe on the series Falcon Crest?
Answer: Kin Novak
Winner: Chris Farham of Brownsboro

Monday 2/12
How many Super Bowls did Tom Landry lead cowboys to?
Answer: 5
Winner: CG Mata of Overton

Friday 2/9
What is the longest mountain range in North America?
Answer: The Rockies’
Winner: Joe Stacer

Thursday 2/8
What was the first planet to be discovered using a telescope?
Answer: Uranus
Winner: Stephen Seale of Cushing

Wednesday 2/7
What wrestler was known as the 8th wonder of the world?
Answer: Andre the Giant
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Tyler

Tuesday 2/6
Which president signed the bill changing the name of Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National?
Answer: Bill Clinton
Winner: Jason Bigbie of Tyler

Monday 2/5
What was Roger Stalbach’s number when he played for Navy?
Answer: 12
Winner: Glen Jeansonne of Tyler

Friday 2/2
Who played guitar with John Lennon on Give Peace a Chance?
Answer: Tom Smothers
Winner: Kevin Braly of Tyler

Thursday 2/1
Who created the 1st motion picture studio?
Answer: Thomas Edison
Winner: Bobby Long of Tyler

Wednesday 1/31
Which of the Beatles is barefoot on the Abbey Road cover?
Answer: Paul McCartney
Winner: Jeremy Farr of Gilmer

Tuesday 1/30
What was Tonto’s horse’s name?
Answer: Scout
Winner: R Jarvis of Tyler

Monday 1/29
Joanne Woodward married what actor on this date in 1958?
Answer: Paul Newman
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Friday 1/26
What is the name of Donald Ducks girlfriend?
Answer: Daisy
Winner: Will Christian of Tyler

Thursday 1/25
Where were the 1st Winter Olympics held?
Answer: Chamonix France
Winner: Tim Peterson of Flint

Wednesday 1/24
Who was the first secretary of the Department of Homeland Security?
Answer: Tom Ridge
Winner: Tom Ward of Chapel Hill

Tuesday 1/23
In what year was the Pledge of Allegiance written?
Answer: 1892
Winner: Teresa Byers of Tyler

Monday 1/22
The World According to Garp was written by who?
Answer: John Irving
Winner: Clay Kinsner of Jacksonville

Friday 1/19
Who was the 2nd actor to play Darren Stephens on Bewitched?
Answer: Dick Sargent
Winner: Scott Newsome of Tyler

Thursday 1/18
What year was Facebook founded?
Answer: 2004
Winner: James Aldridge of Bullard

Wednesday 1/17
Bruce Banner turns into what super hero?
Answer: The Hulk
Winner: Marcy Newsome of Tyler

Tuesday 1/16
Who sang the song Lost in the 50s Tonight?
Answer: Ronnie Milsap
Winner: David Doyle of Laird Hill

Monday 1/15
Where was the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. born?
Answer: Atlanta Georgia
Winner: Buzz Barnett of Tyler

Friday 1/12
What color do you get when you mix yellow and blue?
Answer: Green
Winner: Sara Maynard

Thursday 1/11
Which president declared the Grand Canyon a National Monument?
Answer: Teddy Roosevelt
Winner: Blythe Maynard of Tyler

Wednesday 1/10
What does a Panda’s diet consist mostly of?
Answer: Bamboo
Winner: Jack Clephas of Tyler

Tuesday 1/9
Who is Brenda Gail Webb?
Answer: Chrystal Gail
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Monday 1/8
How old would Elvis be today?
Answer: 83
Winner: Randy Stewart of Bullard

Friday 1/5
Who was the 30th president of the United States?
Answer: Calvin Coolidge
Winner: John Byers of Tyler

Thursday 1/4
Who played James Bond in the ’69 film “On Her Majesty’s Service?”
Answer: George Lazenby
Winner: Kevin Brady of Tyler

Wednesday 1/3
In what year did Alaska become a state?
Answer: 1959
Winner: Joe McNamara of Longview

Tuesday 1/2
In what year was the Chevy Chevelle first produced?
Answer: 1964
Winner: William Johnson of Hide Away Lake

Friday 12/29
Richard Augustus Wagstaff is better known as?
Answer: Dick Clark
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Tyler

Thursday 12/28
Which Stevie Wonder song starts ” no new years day to celebrate?”
Answer: I Just Called to Say I Love You
Winner: Patty Long of Tyler

Wednesday 12/27
What does Auld Lang Syne mean?
Answer: Time Goes By
Winner: John Moore of Whitehouse

Tuesday 12/26
Who was the 33rd president of the United States?
Answer: Harry Truman
Winner: Annabel Johnson of Hide Away Lake

Friday 12/22
What Christmas song contains the lyrics “In the lane, snow is glistening”?
Answer: Winter Wonderland
Winner: Tim Quinn of Tyler

Thursday 12/21
What was Walt Disney’s first animated feature film?
Answer: Snow White
Winner: Max McGee of Henderson

Wednesday 12/20
What actor was the voice of Darth Vader in the original Star War films?
Answer: James Earl Jones
Winner: Will Christian of Tyler

Tuesday 12/19
Who is Luke Skywalker’s dad?
Answer:Anakin Skywalker who becomes Darth Vader
Winner: Randall Jackson of Winona

Monday 12/18
Who killed Jabba The Hutt?
Answer:Princess Leia
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Friday 12/15
In a Christmas Carol, what is the name of Scrooge’s partner?
Answer: Jacob Marley
Winner: Steven Hall of Arp

Thursday 12/14
Which river did George Washington cross on Christmas night in 1776?
Answer: The Delaware
Winner: Laurel Maynard of Red Springs

Wednesday 12/13
Who wrote the songs for the 1954 film “White Christmas”?
Answer: Irving Berlin
Winner: Bobby Long of Tyler

Tuesday 12/12
Who ended each of his shows with a “pet population control” message?
Answer: Bob Barker
Winner: Larry Jowell of Tyler

Monday 12/11
Name the Christmas song containg the lyrics “We’re gliding along with a song of a wintery fairyland”
Answer: Sleigh Ride
Winner: Brent Little of Tyler

Friday 12/8
Who played Scrooge in the Muppet Movie?
Answer: Michael Caine
Winner: Tom Wilson of Tyler

Thursday 12/7
Who lived at 221B Baker Street?
Answer: Sherlock Holmes
Winner: Patrick Nichols of Jacksonville

Wednesday 12/6
2 of Santa’s reindeer are named after weather phenomenon – which 2?
Answer: Donner & Blitzen
Winner: Paul Ruark of Tyler

Tuesday 12/5
What rock star was born Richard Wayne Penniman?
Answer: Little Richard
Winner: Bill Stenger of Big Sandy

Monday 12/4
Who played the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz?
Answer: Bert Lahr
Winner: Melanie Whitton of Longview

Friday 12/1
Who was the Long Island Lolita?
Answer: Amy Fisher
Winner: Kevin Braly of Tyler

Thursday 11/30
Who said “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”?
Answer: Mark Twain
Winner: Tim Peterson of Flint

Wednesday 11/29
What was the first coin operated video arcade game?
Answer: Pong
Winner: Sarah Maynard of Red Springs

Tuesday 11/28
Which Disney film does the song “The Bare Necessities” come from?
Answer: The Jungle Book
Winner: Susan McFarland of Tyler

Monday 11/27
Who played Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters?
Answer: Jaleen White
Winner: Herb Ellis of Bullard

Friday 11/23
Who was the 12th president of the United States?
Answer: Zachary Taylor
Winner: Kevin Johnston of Henderson

Wednesday 11/22
Which president was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal holiday?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln
Winner: Glen Jeanson of Tyler

Tuesday 11/21
Who shot JR?
Answer: Kristin Shephard
Winner: Curt Nelson of Tyler

Monday 11/20
Who sang the song “Spirit in the Sky?”
Answer: Norman Greenbaum
Winner: Jack Clephas of Tyler

Friday 11/17
Who played Jonathan Forbes in the film Pillow Talk?
Answer: Tony Randall
Winner: Patty Long of Tyler

Thursday 11/16
In what movie does Steve Martin play Navin Johnson?
Answer: The Jerk
Winner: Clay Lassam of Tatum

Wednesday 11/15
What year was the Commodore 64 home computer released?
Answer: 1982
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Tuesday 11/14
Who is Gweneth Paltrow’s mother?
Answer: Blythe Danner
Winner: David Doyle of Laird Hill

Monday 11/13
What is the name of the famous big clock in London?
Answer: Big Ben
Winner: Al Mariani of Chandler

Friday 11/10
What character did McKenzie Phillips play on the show “one Day at a Time”?
Answer: Julie Romano
Winner: David Curry of Lindale

Thursday 11/9
What country gave Florida to the USA in 1891?
Answer: Spain
Winner: James Byrd of Troup

Wednesday 11/8
What is Tiger Wood’s first name?
Answer: Eldrick
Winner: Dayton Rothlubber of Longview

Tuesday 11/7
What singer was known as Little Miss Dynamite?
Answer: Brenda Lee
Winner: Gene Merriman of Tyler

Monday 11/6
How many strings does a cello have?
Answer: 4
Winner: Blyge Maynard of Tyler

Friday 11/3
What is the name of the phobia for someone with fear of dogs?
Answer: Cynophobia
Winner: Randall Jackson of Winona

Thursday 11/2
How many planets in the solar system?
Answer: 8
Winner: James Barnett of Union Grove

Wednesday 11/1
What does the B stand for in Lyndon B Johnson?
Answer: Baines
Winner: Art Riley of Tyler

Tuesday 10/31
Who was the director of the film Platoon?
Answer: Oliver Stone
Winner: Joe Staicer

Monday 10/30
What is the best poker hand?
Answer: Royal Flush
Winner: Steve Thompson of Tyler

Thursday 10/26
Audio cue to Rosanne cash song this morning.
Answer: 7 Year Itch
Winner: Jeff Hammilton of Diana