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I’m now Catholic. (So are you.)

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I’m not Catholic. With an estimated 70 million Catholics living in the United States out of a population of 310 million, statistically speaking, there’s about a 78 percent chance that you’re not Catholic either. But as a result of the arrogance of an administration that believes that there is no aspect of American life into which it does not have the unlimited right to intrude, we are all Catholics now.

In case you missed it, the Department of Health & Human Services issued regulations under Obamacare late in January that require virtually all private health insurance plans to include coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacients, the so-called “morning after” pill. Employers from across the spectrum are upset with the ruling, but none more so than Roman Catholic churches, dioceses, hospitals and charities.

Observant Catholics believe that the sexual union between a man and a woman is laden with the potential for creating  human life and that life is a divine gift of God. Thus they believe that anything that willfully strips the sexual act of its life-creating potential is sinful.

You are free to disagree. If you are an atheist, on the pill and willing to have an abortion if you somehow get pregnant anyway, the same first amendment that gives you the right to reject the teachings of the Catholic church on these matters gives the Catholic church the right to live by and be governed by its own beliefs.

Which means that using the force of government to make Catholic institutions provide contraceptives and abortifacients as a condition of hiring employees is a gross abuse of power and a clear and present threat to liberty.

The argument is not about theology. It’s not about abortion. It’s not pro-life versus pro-choice. It’s not about birth control.

It’s about freedom.

Aside from this direct assault on the faith of practicing Catholics, the fact that a cabinet secretary can, of his or her own volition, without an act of Congress and with no practical avenue of redress, issue regulations mandating that someone must do something that he or she as a matter of personal ethics or faith would otherwise never do, is an assault on the country’s very foundation.

Predictably, some (but not all) prominent Democrats are circling the wagons around the administration. “The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” said New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand. True, senator. But the power to decide to hire the woman in the first place lies with the boss. There is no right to employment and there is no right – Obamacare notwithstanding – to employer-paid health care.

All of this is further evidence, as if evidence is needed, of government that has slipped its constitutional bonds. If you, like me, are not Catholic and have no opposition to the use of contraceptives, and thus think that you’re not affected, think again.

If a practicing Catholic or a Catholic institution in the United States can be compelled by the government to act against religious faith, it’s only a matter of time before some equally offensive compulsion is brought down upon you by the same heavy hand of a government that refuses to respect its limits.

That’s why we’re all Catholics now.

  1. C M Solomon says:

    In the final negotiations with Speaker Nancy Pelosi the US Conference of Catholic Bishops delivered a critical endorsement of Obamacare as long as the anti-abortion amendment by Rep. Bart Stupak, a Catholic Democrat, passed, which it did. There was NO philosophical opposition to the idea of Socialized Medicine and a Federal takeover of the private health care insurance system.

    The Catholic Church operates 600 Catholic Hospitals, many of which serve legal and illegal immigrants. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying that illegal aliens should be included in any health care plan because health care is “a basic right”. The Bishops supported a national health care plan (Obamacare) in order to obtain Federal funding for these costs.

    When you dance with the “Devil” and support only a little bit of Socialism by accepting Federal dollars with just a tiny bit of Federal control, you can be absolutely sure that you will be a victim of the Devil’s spider web and devoured by the spider (bureaucracy) in the end. Spiders are hungry and don’t have a moral code.

    Why did the Bishops visit the spider’s web and try to negotiate with the Devil? Maybe they don’t REALLY believe in unalienable rights and the danger of big government central planning that ultimately suppresses and eliminates those rights. The Bishops were deceived. Why are they surprised?

  2. Thank your for your beautifully stated and clarion cry of support.

  3. Rick Armstrong says:

    I agree. This is an assault on all Americans of Faith and our Constitution. The Obama Administration has shown it’s Socialist goals to destroy the very fabric of this nation in an effort to join the New World Order. America rejected the Europeon method of doing business in 1776. It has prospered as a nation and a people ever since…until the Left decided that Cloward & Piven, Karl Marx and the USSR were the examples to follow. If we fail to stop them now, 1861 will look like a bar room fight by comparison.

    Rick Armstrong
    Tyler, Texas

  4. Andrew Trauger says:

    I have been listening to KTBB for about 1.5 years, and enjoy most of all your on-air editorials. You speak with a clarity and pointedness rarely found on the airwaves (radio or TV…including most talk radio). Your comments are crisp, consice, and crystal-clear. And spot on. I inevitably respond with, “Wow, that was well put!”

    Well, this morning’s diatribe on the un-Constitutional dictates of the HHS (an un-Constitutional dept) finally drove me to the website to give you due kudos.

    Keep sounding the clarion call, Mr. Gleiser. Lord knows there are too few men who see clearly anymore.

    Andy Trauger

  5. Barack Obama: “I won, you lost.”
    Translation: “I have the RIGHT to implement my agenda, not yours. My supporters (the Left) are going to get their wishes, no matter what. It is time you follow or get out of the way. I have MY version of what the Constitution should be and I will obey it (positive rights). I intend to TRANSFORM this nation. Damn you that are bitter and cling to your guns and religion! We have to pass a bill to see what is in it. My Czars and I are running the Federal government, now”

  6. Most Catholics use birth control anyway. This is all so politically motivated. Stupid really when our economy is the problem.

  7. Linda E. Montrose says:

    This is really NOT about the safety and well being of women as the left is saying it is. It is a matter of CONTROL. This is putting a wedge between one and their religion and working just like they had planned. nancy pelosi has been hiding behind and using her so called Catholic faith to further this socialist agenda for years. This undermining of religion is what is tearing the very fabric of what this country was founded on. FREEDOM! It isn’t just that we are being forced provide controceptives to people, we are being forced to PAY for something that should be an INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBILITY. Healthcare is NOT a RIGHT!!!!

  8. J. L. F. Condi says:

    Thank you for this article. It’s what I’ve been saying for weeks now, but, since I really am a practicing Catholic, my credibility is considered suspect. Very well put.

  9. Brad Sherman says:

    Apparently, the writer doesn’t see the irony of being offended by the government getting involved in the individual lives of Catholics while the Catholic church has continually tried to impose its views of birth control and a woman’s right to choose on the rest of the World.

  10. Listening to the president’s accommodation speech now.
    If the government decides that you qualify as a religious institution, they will parse out technical waiver’s for you. You will, however, remain a subject of the regime. The exercise of your freedom will still need to be weighed on a case-by-case basis.

  11. @ C M Solomon

    Dear sir,

    The issue of healthcare for illegal immigrants has nothing to do with the fact that they are illegal. Ideally and preferably, no illegal immigrants would enter this country. But they do. This being the situation, the circumstance could occur that one of them become injured while in the States. Thus, as a human being, they have the right to life, and thus the right to “healthcare” (if it is received formally) or at least one might say “assistance” or “aid” or any other term that might do the job of saying, “Here is a man, and I must help him.” Certainly, illegals should not be here, but it us also certain that any and every human being deserves to be helped in distress.

    So I must disagree with you that the Most Reverend Bishops were “courting the Devil” or “visiting the spider’s web.” They were courting Christ, who is neither Democrat nor Republican.

    As for your comment about the Lord Bishops’ understanding of “inalienable rights,” I believe the above defense suffices.

    Pax tecum.


    Belmont, NC

  12. C M Solomon has a good point. As an “orthodox” Catholic, my view is that the Bishops lay down with dogs and now are surprised to find themselves infested with fleas. It appears they are repenting of it now. I pray they do, and especially pray that they aren’t fooled by this bogus “compromise/accommodation” the administration has proffered. Don’t judge the Church by the failures of her people anymore than you judge America by the Charles Mansons and Timothy McVeighs… Both are full of imperfect people.

  13. In case you missed it, the mandates have been in place since 2000 but the outrage didn’t come until Obama was president and the original bill didn’t include the exception for religious organizations.

    And most Catholics agree with the mandate:

  14. Well said. Thank you.

  15. Thank you!

    The church has been fighting a losing battle to show the world that this issue and (under nearly the exact same reasoning)the issue of legalizing homosexual marriage (by redefining what constitutes marriage) are not truly about civil liberties in ANY way. In truth, our government, Federal and in many cases State as well, is grossly outside the bounds of it’s power. The government has no right to make any institution providing PRIVATE healthcare include ANYTHING they don’t want to include. That care is not a right. In the same manner, regardless of our feelings toward homosexuality, the state has no right to REDEFINE our HUMAN relationships. Marriage is between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN,and has been since before recorded history and the Church even existed. If the state can redefine that relationship to suit the whims of an activist group, what relationship will they REDEFINE next? Doctor/Patient, Parent/Child, Lawyer/Client, Priest/Penatant?

    Thanks for the great article, it’s good to know that as Catholics we’re not alone in recognizing the dangers of this path.

    Pax Christi


  16. Greg, I’m Catholic, and I haven’t heard one Catholic who said they’re okay with this bill. In fact, most of the Catholics I know are not only “not okay” with this bill, they’re appalled and vehemently disagree with this bill. I’d be suspicious of any poll that “proves” what the government wants it to prove; especially when there are people in this country who will tell you they’ve personally seen the exact opposite.

  17. Thank you for your piece. A few corrections. Catholics are allowed to space children and avoid pregnancy when using methods which teach the couple about fertility. No we do not teach rythm any more. The difference between contraceptive devices and pill is that the couple with certainty (95% user effectiveness)know when the woman is fertile and they do not enter into that time which purpose is to conceive. The Catholic church does not support the idea that the cycle is “fraught with potential fertility” Billings and CrM research determines an 8 day window.

    Outside of that you are correct it is not really about contraception, sterilization or abortion. It is about religious liberty and beyond.

  18. Greg, the coverage rules that have existed since 2000 have much broader exemptions for religious organizations. Obamacare does not.

    I quibble with the survey that claims that most Catholics support the mandate. There are many people who are only culturally Catholic (i.e., they self-identify as Catholic but do not practice the faith). The surveys aren’t designed to suss out those distinctions, thus they are misleading.

    But it’s really irrelevant. In Catholicism, truth is not determined by majority vote. “By appealing to the behavior (not belief) of a particular religious group, the Administration (and others) are trying to indict the validity of an actual well-formed Catholic conscience. The claim might as well be: No one really holds that religious view so why should we respect it? This is how a government begins to form a litmus test for who’s conscientious objection is worth respecting.” – Fr. Andrew Strobl

    Brad Sherman – The Church proposes, not imposes.

  19. Mary, you said that this is “stupid because most Catholics use birth control anyway.”
    Unfortunately you are correct that most Catholics use birth control; but that doesn’t actually matter in this case. Church teaching is not determined by popular vote. Even though the majority of Catholics disobey church teaching on that issue (usually due to ignorance of *why* that’s the teaching, or apathy, or lack of confidence in the truths of the Church….) that doesn’t affect that contraception is considered sinful by the Church. As a young Catholic woman in 100% full agreement with all the Church’s teachings (including the immorality of contraception), I ache for my fellow Catholics who have not yet discovered the beauty of the Church’s teaching in this area. Books by Christopher West (especially “Good News About Sex and Marriage” and “At the Heart of the Gospel”) are some of the best resources available for explaining Church teaching.

    However, that’s not the point.
    The point is that a government has no right to tell a religious organization how to operate, nor to compel religious people to comply with things they find against their beliefs.

  20. I am Catholic and thank you for your thoughts. While we are not the majority in the United States, we are a large (if not the largest) single denomination of any religious group and once the “firewall” of the Catholic Church in the United States is breached, all of the other religious groups will simply be a “mopping up” exercise. The political left has been battling the church for decades. The last major battle loss for the left was when Pope John Paul II visited Poland in 1979 and a million people filled the square, not to protest or be violent, but to participate in Mass and pray. The Politburo knew they lost Poland. We do need to stick together, not for this church or that church, but for the freedom of church. Note I didn’t write from church.

    To Greg’s post that most Catholics agree…., two thoughts.
    1. Just because a person claims to be Catholic while answering a survey does speak for all. Unfortunately there are many Name Only Catholics ie, Nancy Peloci, HHS Secretary – Kathleen Sebelius, VP Joe Biden.
    2. Being a Catholic gives a person the freedom to turn his’ or her’s back from the teachings of God, but when they do turn their back, they have the knowledge of the impact their actions in this life will have in their next life, unless they are willing to repent and reconcile with God through the church.

    God Bless You

  21. Join in sending a message to the Administration. Sign the petition on the White House website demanding that the Administration rescind the HHS Mandate.

  22. Brad Sherman says:
    February 10, 2012 at 12:24 pm
    “Apparently, the writer doesn’t see the irony of being offended by the government getting involved in the individual lives of Catholics while the Catholic church has continually tried to impose its views of birth control and a woman’s right to choose on the rest of the World.”

    Brad, It is optional to join the Church. If you have joined you are declaring yourself to believe everthing the Church teaches. Also, the Church doesn’t try to make you miserable for leaving.

  23. Nice input from a non-religious view, you made some good points. I don’t think the Bishops said they would endorse this bill if the contraceptive part was included, I think it was they wouldn’t ‘oppose it.’ there’s a difference. Also since the beginning all Judeo/Christian churches were against contraception/abortion until the 1900’s or so when many Christian churches fell away or caved in and decided it was ok. Which is sad. I’m glad the Catholic church has stayed strong about these issues, though many individual ‘Catholics’ and other Christians have not

  24. Dana Willige says:

    I find it offensive that illegal aliens recieve free medical care provided through Catholic hospitals while my tax dollars go to pay for said free treatment. If the catholics want to pay for that care out of the collection plates, that is fine but not with my money.You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I am all for revoking the religous status of Catholic hospitals and stripping them of there tax free status. They are a money making business and should be taxed as such. Yet the Catholic church will not provide the insurance for their non-catholic employees. It is religous discrimination against anyone that is not catholic.

  25. Greg, did you really just cite the Daily Kos as a source?!?

  26. Really unfortunate use of the word fraught.

  27. You write about freedom choice. If you have this perscription plan, you can choose simply choose not to get the birth control. This isn’t Russia, you have a choice. They aren’t going to hand you plan B as you enter the door of your workplace.

  28. proud baptist says:

    I’m not going to let some perverts tell me my wife can’t get the pill through our health insurance. What’s next muslim businesses forcing women who work there to wear burkas. Catholics need to keep their views in their churches, and keep their hands off little boys.

  29. I am a practicing Catholic and I’m not sure that Catholics were actually polled. I know for a fact that over 90 percent of my Catholic friends do NOT believe birth control is ok. This whole issue is about religious freedom, period! Brad Sherman, I wouldn’t think about forcing my beliefs on you. By stating what we believe in is not an effort to coerce you to do the same.

  30. C M Solomon says:

    If I claim that “health care” is a “right” to be provided by the government (not an unalienable right that comes from our Creator), then who or what is obligated by force of law to provide the health care services to me. A government guaranteed “right” means that the government MUST give it to me no matter what, and without charge. Is the Doctor or Hospital and its employees down the street (my fellow Americans) therefore required to provide the government enforced “right of health care” to me? If so, then have they not become indentured servants or serfs/slaves whose services are owned, controlled, and ordered by the government to benefit me? How ignorant, stupid, calloused, selfish, covetous, and dictatorial would I be, if I held such a view. In fact, I would be a retarded adult, suffering from an infantile disease complex, by acting like an unhappy, crying baby that never grew up and didn’t understand personal responsibility.

    As we have seen today, the term “health care” can mean almost anything including a woman’s normal reproductive functions if the Dictator-in-Chief deems it to be a health issue. How about food? How about a government approved proper diet? How about clothing and shelter from exposure to the elements? How about the mental stress of losing your job? How about anything that could cause mental or physical health issues? The fact is that ANYTHING can be a “health care” issue, even parents that don’t follow the proper rules of raising their own children. Is the child’s education expected to include the proper respect towards our government rulers and proper political thought on the environment, social justice, fairness, and collective responsibilities in order to avoid the stress of bad behavior based on false beliefs? There is no end once you go down this road.

    I have a suggestion. For those people who demand the “right of health care” let the entire health care industry be nationalized and paid for by the government. All health care personnel would be employees of the government and there would be a “medical draft” to guarantee sufficient number of Doctors, Nurses, Hospital facilities and their non-medical staff. There would be a minimum of 20 years of obligated services to those lucky enough to be “drafted”. The government would pay for all medical school expenses. It would also provide transportation and medication as necessary to facilitate access to all Americans. Home health care would also be provided. All health care employees would be unionized with the “right to collective bargaining” and strikes, if necessary.

    It gets better. Everyone will have a right to vital organ transplants or sex change operations. The organs can be harvested from criminals on death row, or the mentally disabled that are too expensive to take care of and have no useful life, anyway. Unwanted babies that would otherwise be aborted can be saved for future harvesting of vital organs.

    In order to keep costs under control, there would be an arbitration panel that would dispense the health care services in accordance with the good-health behavior and track record of each individual citizen and their useful lifespan given their genetic (family) history as recorded by the government.

    Please don’t cry foul with this proposal. Remember that “rights” from government are ultimately devoid of any moral or religious conviction since NO CREATOR is involved.

  31. This was very well written and I am glad to see someone saying what alot of us are thinking. To the person who stated most Catholics use Birth control… I am Catholic and I know Alot of other Catholics and 99.9 % of them do Not take Birth control(they use NFP which is safer and more effective then any chemical contraceptive). Other than the fact that it is against our faith but also that it can cause alot of health issues(one of the warnings just for Yaz: Heart attack, seizers, stroke, Kidney failure, Pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis). Most people I have known to be on the pill(non of them being Catholic)…have gotten pregnant while being on it(yeah it works sooo great doesn’t it). The Catholic Church or any other church for that matter should not have to pay for and distribute something it finds morally wrong period.

  32. Those “Catholics” who agree with the mandate, with birth control, and with abortion, are not Catholic at all. You accept the teaching of the Church, or you do not, and in that you are Catholic, or you are not. Picking and choosing what to believe, like walking through the grocery store and picking certain foods over others because you may have a bad taste for some, is exactly the divisive factor separating professed Catholics from practiced ones. Saying and doing are two very different things, just like “actions speak louder than words.” I feel very sorry for our government, because in creating this mandate it has alienated a large group of people that would otherwise like to try to work with the government to promote positive, bipartisan change.

  33. MAry,
    “most Catholics use birth control”? The recent stats show that 98% have, at one point in their lives, used birth control. That’s a very different thing than MOST Catholics USE birth control. How many Catholics do you know?

  34. I agree completely with Ross, throw all political ideologies out the window. This is about the Freedom of Religion here, which is being crossed out by the Obama Administration. Catholic Hospitals and Organizations are, essentially, branches of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and thus should be treated as such.

    The Catholic Church supports quality healthcare for all (and thus Obamacare), but certainly not the commercialization of the murdering of humans in their earliest stages.

    @Greg, I dunno what those polls are asking, but I can tell you that the results are about as skewed as it gets. That “research” that showed 98% of Catholic women using Birth Control is utter BS, I know plenty of women (Catholic and non-Catholic alike) who are completely against Birth Control. It may have been “in place”, but it has not been enforced until Obama came into office.

  35. This is article is well written but weak. Just more Libertarian brio playing on Orwellian fears. And so here are the facts:

    1) This social issue is about freedom — women’s freedom.

    2) The Catholic Church is the wealthiest political lobby group in the world.

    3) This issue suddenly swells after 10 years of silence because Rick Santorum is a surging Catholic candidate who mysteriously raises $2M dollars from Catholic lobbyists.

    4) 98% of all 70 million self-identified Catholics use birth control and these services in question.

    5) Obama’s mandate does not affect churches but only for-profit business entities that should make these services available in their insurance plans. That’s equitable social policy.

    6) Numerous economic studies have shown these services actually reduce the cost on society. Denial of these services would simply mean we would all take part in subsidizing the damage.

    7) Everyone subsidizes everything. As tax payers, we all subsidize services that we may personally have no use for or personally find offensive. Religious institutions with political agendas are no exception and deserve no exception.

    8) The Catholic Church is a tax-exempt entity that has no problem with government interventions when they are the benefactor.

    9) The Catholic Church is guilty of the worst subsidizing of all time, using tax-payers’ tithe money to harbor, relocate, and protect known child rapists (watch the documentary “Deliver Us From Evil” for the full impact of this Catholic, criminal pandemic).

    10) The Catholic Church considers a healthcare option an invasion while they simultaneously perpetuate the great assault on personal liberty in American history, their intention to ban contraception of all kinds and force women by law to have their rapist’s or brother’s baby.

    These are the facts.

  36. Reason Should Prevail says:

    The abortion ‘issue’ was LEGALLY resolved in 1973 with Roe v. Wade. While I do not advocate or support abortion, I am of the belief that the Consitituion was meant and intended to assure personal liberty and ensure the expansion of freedom for all citizens. Certainly, we would all agree that our country’s record in this regard is ‘spotty’ at best and, at worst, unthinkable.

    Now, we are confronted with the invetitable consequences of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society, and the countlesss yet un-branded platforms that have ensued. We are further confronted by the politicalization of our judicial branch, corrupted by its two counterparts. We are, in fact, living with the realities of our own complacency — our own and repeated election of exactly what we do not want. We have been rewarded with what should be expected: laws, procedures, regulations, policies, infrastructures and myriad other mechanisms put into place to ensure the retention of the elected, regardless of the will of the people.

    As I write this, I must note that CNN, Fox and many other networks and media outlets — let alone the internet — have cut into all normal programming to announce, review, consider, talk about and otherwise rant on about the death of Whitney Houston.

    No doubt, her death is sad, tragic.

    But does it truly affect anyone, in any real sense? I believe the issues of OUR day, in THIS period of US history, do not center upon the death of a singer. Rather, let us ask ourselves the relative importance if not absolute priority of our core values of freedom and liberty, and how these might be lost before our eyes through lack of care, absense of Constitutional understanding, diversion to a celebrity-driven culture, and ending up in a pile of dissatisfaction with the state of our economy, the lowest minimal standards for the least amongst us, the wars we enter, the messages we send to the world and so much more.

    So, on to abortion. I personally believe it is wrong. I also think it falls into a very gray moral area, and one best left to eadh individual with me respecting my neighbor’s own judgment and conscience. I think science will coninue to grow and evolve and shed further light on this subject, and likely give all of us answers as to whether abortion is or is not “murder.”

    In the meantime, let freedom reign! Let us not mandate or hold funds hostage or use politics and other means to impose one morality over another, and respect our fellow citizens. Let us not drive the Mormans west, drive the Quakers away, burn non-believers at the stake, endorse slavery, support Jim Crow and on and on.

    Instead, let us be a more reasoned and respectful populace. Perhaps we might each consider the practice of voting for the satus quo and then wondering why we we have no change.

    As long as we allow ourselves to become less educated, we will inevitably enlarge ourselves as a poppulation of sheep, willing to be lead to our own slaughter.

  37. If Mr. Obama gets away with his insurance mandated “women’s health care” (bogus issue) associated with free “morning after” abortion pills (AKA: conception without consequences), how long will it be until he mandates free, on demand, abortions to be provided by all insurance policies?

    Everyone should know that this man as State Senator in 2003 did not oppose the monstrous disposal of live birth newborns (botched abortions left to die) that some were trying to outlaw in Illinois abortion clinics (state version of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act). Also, he has never opposed partial birth abortion (sucking the brains out of the baby’s head as it is being born).

    Obama: “But if they (his daughters) make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” A woman’s “right to choose” simply means that an unwanted baby is the PROPERTY of the mother, i.e., unfortunate tissue that can be trashed without conscience and with State approval. Doesn’t everyone know that the woman is the VICTIM of her own reproductive functions and doesn’t bear any responsibility for her conduct, particularly if consensual sex is involved?

    This is why the LEFT has no conception of what we mean by “unalienable rights” as endowed by our Creator. Without a Creator and His eternal laws of proper human conduct, we are left with the Rule of Man, no matter how wicked (Godless) he may be.

  38. @Greg

    Interesting. I read the poll. Nowhere did they ask the subject if they were Catholic.

    So how exactly did they come to the conclusion about Catholics?


    PLEASE sign this petition about the HHS mandate. An earlier one has been pulled, with the WH saying a compromise was reached. IT ain’t over.

  40. C M Solomon says:

    Warning – FREE advice! Please don’t take the bait from radical Left provocateurs that have commented here. If you were to look at their web pages (not recommended) you would see a hopeless victim of 90 years of the Progressive agenda that is anti-God, anti-church, anti-Creator, anti-Constitution, and hates the Judeo-Christian Heritage that built the greatest nation in the history of mankind. They have the freedom to say and believe whatever they want to, but I believe it is a waste of electrons, synapses and neuron signals to respond to the hopeless. I prefer not to soil my britches, brain, and beliefs with such garbage.

    Is it too much to ask the question: Where would we be today if it weren’t for the MIRACULOUS role that the USA played in saving the world from a thousand years of murder and mayhem if we hadn’t won WWII? How many Socialists know that 20 to 70 million non-combatants were deliberately murdered by three Communist regimes in Asia in the last century? It is our LOVE for our Republic: “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” that rises above the dictatorships of the world and celebrates the individual freedom and responsibilities that make a great nation.

    Thank God for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that protects us from tyranny (the natural state of the history of mankind)! This is what this debate is all about. Are we willing to save this country from the unlawful actions of a rogue regime that doesn’t respect the Constitution?

  41. cheryl weaver says:

    When you use the word “Mandate” you reveal your OWN agenda. No one, NO ONE, is required to HAVE birth control, just to be able to receive it when requested. There are FAR more women who use birth control than don’t. The Catholic Church is the one with mandates.

  42. Ray McCracken says:

    Jesus on health care plans:
    “But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two denarii[c] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’”

  43. Paul Welsh says:

    This was an outright show of power by the administration. We can make you do this so we’re going to. You really can’t do anything about it. We’re in power.

    Now suppose the Catholic Church got into this game of power play. If we have to do this we will close all of our schools and hospitals, laying off all of our employees, Catholic and non-Catholic. We will not longer serve patients or students. Then we won’t have to provide anybody health insurance that tramples our beliefs.

    The results would be staggering unemployment beyond anything we are seeing now. All the Catholic school students from kindergarten to high school senior would be pushed into the public schools who would have to fund thousands of new schools.

    This is not likely to happen, but the government that thinks they can do whatever they choose needs to think through this because push hard enough and others with power will push back.

  44. Funny how Catholics want it both ways. Want the government to legislate for their religious beliefs against homosexual marriage, but then when the government asks institutions, which employee non-Catholics, they are upset when the government legislates into it. My advice, if you don’t want the government to legislate what your healthcare covers, stop taking the handouts of tax breaks.

  45. @L Miles, your suggestions are not only preposterious, but flat out lies. I take by your right wing stance you don’t care about facts, like most right wingers. Enjoy your world of delusion

  46. In reply to Mary’s comment above: “Most Catholics use birth control anyway. This is all so politically motivated. Stupid really when our economy is the problem.”

    My reply to Mary: This may be true but you are missing the point entirely. This isn’t about who does or who does not use birth control in the Catholic religion. It’s about: power and a clear and present threat to liberty.

    The argument is not about theology. It’s not about abortion. It’s not pro-life versus pro-choice. It’s not about birth control.

    It’s about freedom.

  47. Don’t include me in your we’re all Catholic statement, I can’t stay with an institution that condones and covers up child abuse and pedofilia the way that church and the pope has.

  48. Interesting how so many people keep saying “most Catholics use birth control anyway”. I am Catholic and I have never seen this poll offered outside a church after mass. If we are not judging “most Catholics” on those that actually practice their faith, then we are not relying on Catholics who actually believe their faith. Anyone can check the box “Catholic” on a survey. That does not make it so. One who does not follow his faith will not feel religious oppression for going against what he does not believe in.

  49. Jeff Blazer: Well stated. Those are indeed the facts. Refreshing to see someone with logical insight among the other rants. The contraceptive controversy is completely politically motivated. The economy is improving and so the GOP, as they always do,manufactures social controversy to rile up the base. The free contraceptive initiative is designed to reduce unintended pregnancies by providing contraceptives to those who cannot afford them, hence reducing abortions and healthcare costs. The GOP is anti abortion AND anti contraceptives AND anti safety nets AND anti everybody not in the 1%. This is moronic and hypocritical. NOBODY is forcing ANYBODY to take contraceptives. The largest Catholic hospital in the nation already provides contraception in their healthcare plan and it has not been an issue until now! Not until this election campaign. It is the GOP that is infringing on everyone’s rights but people are too damn stupid or blinded by their racism to see it!

  50. Thank you for your article. It reminds me of Kennedy in front of the Brandenburg Gate saying “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

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