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Re: Bob Dole on todays’ GOP.

Former senator Bob Dole (R-KS) said on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this past weekend that the Republican Party should put a sign on the door that says ‘closed for repairs.’ He said that the GOP of today would have no place for Ronald Reagan. I’m not sure I buy that. If Reagan had run in 2012, he would have won. In the same way that he ignored his advisers and challenged Gorbachev to “tear down this wall,” he would have avoided the paralysis of focus group-dominated campaign management and taken his case to the American people in an understandable way and with a smile on his face.

But, accepting Sen. Dole’s premise for the moment:

If you believe there’s no room for Reagan in today’s GOP, Senator, surely you would then agree that that there is no room in today’s Democratic Party for John Kennedy, a tax-cutter, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who spoke openly of the problem of fatherlessness among black children and Joe Lieberman, who supported the Bush administration’s war on terror.

If you want to close something for repairs, Senator, repair the newsrooms at the legacy networks, the New York Times and the Washington Post. If those guys would report rather than cheerlead, some real debate regarding real solutions to real problems might emerge.

And with all due respect, Senator, your criticism would carry more weight had you not you lost your presidential bid by the largest margin for a Republican since Barry Goldwater.