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A glimpse of our health care future courtesy of the VA.

What started as a story of bureaucratic malfeasance at the Veterans Administration hospital in Phoenix, Arizona is quickly turning into a national scandal.

In Arizona, it came to light that VA Hospital administrators were cooking the books to make it look like eligible veterans seeking appointments for medical care were being seen in a timely manner. In fact, there was an ‘off-the-books’ waiting list containing the names of hundreds of veterans who were waiting for months or even years to be seen. According to reports, as many as 40 died while waiting for the medical attention they were promised in return for serving their country.

Since that revelation, we are hearing similar stories from all over the country on an almost daily basis. The Veterans Administration is being revealed as a lumbering, bureaucratic and sclerotic government agency that cannot carry out its mission and goes to great lengths to hide that fact.

The VA is charged with many duties attendant to serving America’s military veterans but by far the highest of those duties is attending to their medical care. In that regard, the VA is a perfect example of a single-payer health care system. Given what we are now seeing from the VA, charged with providing health care to approximately nine million veterans, how does anyone imagine that the same federal government can successfully provide health care to 300 million of us?

How many will die if the Department of Health & Human Services becomes to the U.S. general population what the Veterans Administration is to our military veterans?