A welcome break at the DNC courtesy of James Taylor.

President Obama is going to give his acceptance speech and much of the talk today has been speculation as to how it will compare to Bill Clinton’s stem-winder of last night.

Here in the Time Warner Cable Arena the vendors were getting ready and the sound checks were getting done. I have a highly-refined Sound Check Tune-out Filter but as I was working today suddenly I became aware of the fact that what I was hearing was not just another sound check.

James Taylor is in the house.

Several of us on Radio Row, all pretty much up to here with politics, ran into the arena and just took a break. James Taylor sounds as good today as he ever did.

When President Obama finishes his speech tonight and the sun rises tomorrow, we will face 61 days of the most negative, divisive, spirit-crushing politics most of us have ever seen. But here in North Carolina, on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, convention organizers showed a little mercy.


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