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What the next pope faces: Father Thomas J. Reese

by Paul L. Gleiser

(ROME) Father Thomas J. Reese is a Jesuit scholar and one of the “go to” experts on the Vatican. His 1996 book “Inside the Vatican” is an indispensable reference for anyone studying or covering the internal workings of the Catholic Church.

Father Reese is very candid in his assessments of the state of the Roman Catholic Church and the considerable challenges that will be faced by the man the Cardinal Electors here in Rome choose to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

Father Reese was kind enough to give us some time over the weekend in advance of Tuesday’s beginning of the conclave to select the next pope.

Note: Apologies from the interviewer. Logistics dictated the use of only one microphone. Questions are shown on the screen in text to aid the viewer.