TMF Journey

Sister, have you heard about eBay?


by Paul L. Gleiser

(ROME) Less than a minute before I was to do a live shot on the air from St. Peter’s Square in Rome, this Italian nun walked up to me to show me a postcard. She had a sweet smile and I resisted the urge to run her off because of my pending live shot. I smiled back and let her show me what he was holding.

Look very carefully in the lower right hand corner, starting in the lower corner of the marble covering John Paul II’s grave, and you will see that the card has been written upon. The writing, in what appears to be a shaky hand, is an inscription to her in Italian and the signature of Pope Benedict XVI.

Pretty cool, actually. Almost cool enough to be worth missing the live shot on the air for.

It was sprinkling, then raining, then stopping, then sprinkling again. So in my best pigdin Italian, I urged her to protect her treasure from the rain.

Pride is a sin according to Catholic teaching. One suspects that the pride she takes in owning this post card signed by the Holy Father is the only sin this kindly sister has to offer come time for confession.