Today is Thursday July 09, 2020
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Only one (1) winner per household within any sixty (60) day period.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday, 6/26/20
What is the only good that never spoils?
Answer: Honey
Winner: Cindy Moore of Lindale

Thursday, 6/25/20
What was Forrest Gump’s hometown in the 1994 movie?
Answer: Greenbow, Alabama
Winner: Charles Richter of Tyler

Wednesday, 6/24/20
What is the smallest independent state in the world?
Answer: Vatican City
Winner: Jason Small of Longview

Tuesday, 6/23/20
Moses How many US presidents have died in office?
Answer: Eight
Winner: Jack Clephas of Tyler

Monday, 6/22/20
Which American sports car did not offer a 1983 model?
Answer: the Corvette
Winner: David Gano of Lindale

Friday, 6/19/20
Moses Harry Horwitz was better known by what name?
Answer: Moe Howard
Winner: Sharon Martin of Tyler

Thursday, 6/18/20
How many colors were there in the first boxes of Crayola crayons sold in 1903?
Answer: Eight
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Wednesday, 6/17/20
Who played Bub on My Three Sons?
Answer: William Frawley
Winner: Donnie Stroman of Kilgore