Today is Monday November 12, 2018
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Trivia Quiz

The Triva Quiz is heard Monday through Friday morning at 7:42. Only one (1) winner per household within any sixty (60) day period.

Questions, Answers and Winners!

Friday 11/9/18
Who was on the first cover of Rolling Stone magazine?
Answer: John Lennon
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Tyler

Thursday 11/8/18
In pool, what is the standard color of the 1 ball?
Answer: Yellow
Winner: Kerry Nix of Tyler

Wednesday 11/7/18
He was born John Henry Ramistella. Who did he grow up to be?
Answer: Johnny Rivers
Winner: Clifton Norwood of Flint

Tuesday 11/6/18
A pluot is a hybrid of what two fruits?
Answer: Plum and apricot
Winner: Josh Smith of Mineola

Monday 11/5/18
In what year did Parker Brothers begin marketing Monopoly?
Answer: 1935
Winner: Jerry Wherry of Tyler

Friday 11/2/18
What two colors are the cat’s hat in “The Cat in the Hat”?
Answer: Red and white
Winner: Lance Moore of Frankston

Thursday 11/1/18
What John Irving novel with an armadillo on the cover tells the story of an extremely short boy?
Answer: A Prayer For Owen Meany
Winner: Melanie Berry of Longview

Wednesday 10/31/18
Who is Rob Van Winkle better known as?
Answer: Vanilla Ice
Winner: Bobby Oglesby of Tyler

Tuesday 10/30/18
What number is at the 12 o’clock position on a dartboard?
Answer: 20
Winner: Tony Cushman of Bullard

Monday 10/29/18
What novel portrays the Joad family during the Great Depresion?
Answer: The Grapes of Wrath
Winner: Bart Haley of Lindale

Friday 10//26/18
What is the capital of Massachusetts?
Answer: Boston
Winner: Sara Maynard of Lindale

Thursday 10/25/18
Who is the voice of Bart Simpson?
Answer: Nancy Cartwright
Winner: Ronnie Davis of Tyler

Wednesday 10/24/18
What is the name of the theme song from the TV show “Friends”?
Answer: “I’ll Be There For You”
Winner: Joey Bondurant of Henderson

Tuesday 10/23/18
Who wrote and directed the film American Graffiti?
Answer: George Lucas
Winner: Blythe Maynard of Tyler

Monday 10/22/18
What is isolophobia the fear of?
Answer: Being alone
Winner: Charles Ritchter of Tyler

Friday 10/19/18
Who sang the song, “Harper Valley PTA”?
Answer: Jeannie C. Riley

Thursday 10/18/18
What are you if you are myopic?
Answer: Near-sighted
Winner: Glen Johnson of Gilmer

Wednesday 10/17/18
What is the name of the raven in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”?
Answer: Moses
Winner: Angie Gordon of Lindale

Tuesday 10/16/18
Who directed the movie Apocalypse Now?
Answer: Francis Ford Coppola
Winner: Eugene West of Troup

Monday 10/15/18
Who or what was Rosanna Arquette desperately seeking in 1985?
Answer: Susan
Winner: Gayla Trouse of Lindale

Friday 10/12/18
What game show host took his stage name from the college in his West Virginia hometown?
Answer: Peter Marshall
No winner!

Thursday 10/11/18
Who replaced Barbara Walters on the “Today” show?
Answer: Jane Pauley
Winner: Mark Lumpkin of Tyler

Wednesday 10/10/18
What vegetable takes its name from the capital of Belgium?
Answer: Brussels Sprouts
Winner: Chris Chappa of Hawkins

Tuesday 10/9/18
Who was the star of TV’s Quantum Leap?
Answer: Scott Bakula
Winner: Brandon Ponder of Longview

Monday 10/8/18
What was The Elephant Man’s name?
Answer: Joseph Merrick
Winner: Ron Ellis of Tyler

Friday 10/5/18
What TV show’s announcer was Hank “Hey Now!” Kingsley?
Answer: The Larry Sanders Show
Winner: Melanie Whitton of Longview

Thursday 10/4/18
Where was Janis Joplin born?
Answer: Port Arthur, TX
Winner: Jack Springer of Tyler

Wednesday 10/3/18
What is gymnophobia a fear of?
Answer: Nudity
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Tuesday 10/2/18
Who is the leader of the band Mike & The Mechanics?
Answer: Mike Rutherford
Winner: Kevin Braly of Tyler

Monday 10/1/18
In what year did the motto “In God We Trust” appear on U.S. paper money?
Answer: 1957
Winner: David Williams of Tyler

Friday 9/28/18
Singer John Denver offered the Soviet Union $10 Million to do what?
Answer: Put him on their space shuttle
Winner: Jeff Hamilton of Diana

Thursday 9/27/18
Which star of “Cheers” also starred in the TV show “Veronica’s Closet”?
Answer: Kirstie Alley
Winner: Tom Ward of Tyler

Wednesday 9/26/18
What was the first host of “The Tonight Show”?
Answer: Steve Allen
Winner: Bill Singer of Big Sandy

Tuesday 9/25/18
Whose sidekick was named Woozy Winks?
Answer: Plastic Man
Winner: Steve Nulf

Monday 9/24/18
What is the capital of Kansas?
Answer: Topeka
Winner: Curt Nelson of Tyler

Friday 9/21
Who wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe?
Answer: Fannie Flagg
Winner: Angie Gordon of Hideaway Lake

Thursday 9/20
Who was the second man to walk on the Moon?
Answer: Buzz Aldrin
Winner: James Savage of Lindale

Wednesday 9/19
Who is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series?
Answer: Tim Allen
Winner: Wayne Alred of Hallsville

Tuesday 9/18
Whose tombstone, in Siler City, NC, bears the inscription “Aunt Bee”?
Answer: Frances Bavier
Winner: Billy Trichel of Overton

Monday 9/17
What song by Van McCoy spawned a dance craze of the same name?
Answer: The Hustle
Winner: Dash Williams of Gladewater

Friday 9/14
A skulk is a group of what animals?
Answer: Foxes
Winner: Linda Bullard of Mineola

Thursday 9/13
Who played Bela Lugosi in the 1994 film Ed Wood?
Answer: Marin Landau
Winner: Joe Stacer of Tyler

Wednesday 9/12
What is Nitrouls Oxide more commonly known as?
Answer: Laughing Gas
Winner: Clayton Pecot of Longview

Tuesday 9/11
Who was the first US secretary of the Treasury?
Answer: Alexander Hamilton
Winner: Bobby Long of Tyler

Monday 9/10
Who starred in the role of Ben on Bonanza?
Answer: Lorne Green
Winner: Roger Nixon

Friday 9/7
What was the sequel to Little Women?
Answer: Good Wives
Winner: Jack Clephas of Tyler

Thursday 9/6
Who appeared on the first cover of TV Guide?
Answer: Lucille Ball
Winner” Marcy Newsome of Tyler

Wednesday 9/5
What film featured the fictitious band the Soggy Bottom Boys?
Answer: Oh Brother Where Art Tho
Winner: John Christian of Tyler

Tuesday 9/4
Who wrote the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?
Answer: Tennessee Williams
Winner: Ricky Yielding of Bullard

Friday 8/31
How would you write 99 in Roman Numerals?
Answer: XCIX
Winner: Melanie Berry of Longview

Thursday 8/30
Which continent is also a country?
Answer: Australia
Winner: Lance Smith of Flint

Wednesday 8/29
Where was Michael Jackson born?
Answer: Gary, Indiana
Winner: Trey Casper of Tyler

Tuesday 8/28
Who is known for his role as Hutch on Starsky & Hutch?
Answer: David Soul
Winner: David Doyle of Laird Hill

Monday 8/27
Washington DC is located on the shore of what river?
Answer: Potomac River
Winner: Jeff Wherry of Tyler

Friday 8/24
Who wrote “The Tropic of Cancer”?
Answer: Henry Miller
Winner: Timothy Peterson of Flint

Thursday 8/23
What character did Rick Springfield play on General Hospital?
Answer: Noah Drake
Winner: Tony Murray of Mineola

Wednesday 8/22
The Canadian flag features a leaf from what tree?
Answer: Maple
Winner: James Savage of Lindale

Tuesday 8/21
What president signed the executive order making Hawaii a state?
Answer: Dwight Eisnehower
Winner: Rebecca Sanders of Tyler

Monday 8/20
Who was the first person to break the sound barrier?
Answer: Chuck Yeager
Winner: Richard Townsend of Arp

Friday 8/17
What was Aretha Franklin’s middle name?
Answer: Louise
Winner: Charles Richter of Tyler

Thursday 8/16
Who is the movie Walking Tall based on?
Answer: Buford Pusser
Winner: Andrew Smith of Henderson

Wednesday 8/15
Who was the opening act at Woodstock?
Answer: Richie Valens
Winner: Ben Swain of Flint

Tuesday 8/14
What do the letters CPU stand for?
Answer: Central Processing Unit
Winner: Steve Rainwater of Tyler

Monday 8/13
Who was the founder of modern nursing?
Answer: Clara Barton
Winner: Manuel Rivera of Tyler

Friday 8/10
What artificial waterway connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea?
Answer: The Suez Canal
Winner: Will Apple of Longview

Thursday 8/9
Who was VIce President under Gerald Ford?
Answer: Nelson Rockefeller
Winner: Brian Norwood of Hallsville

Wednesday 8/8
What is the name of Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Graduate?
Answer: Benjamin Braddock
Winner: Sonya Moore of Longview

Tuesday 8/7
Who was first woman to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Answer: Aretha Franklin
Winner: Olan Devine of Chandler

Monday 8/6
What is the largest rodent found in North America?
Answer: Beaver
Winner: Scott Schaffer of Gilmer

Friday 8/3
He was born Anthony Dominick Bennedetto…
Answer: Tony Bennett
Winner: Jason McCrary of Tyler

Thursday 8/2
Who played Eddie Munster on The Munsters?
Answer: Butch Patrick
Winner: Charles Kroscher

Wednesday 8/1
The Aardvark is native to what country?
Answer: Africa
Winner: Bobby Oglesbee of Tyler

Tuesday 7/31
Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?
Answer: The Shadow Knows
Winner: Cindy Moore of Lindale

Monday 7/3
Where were the 1932 Olympics held?
Answer: Los Angeles
Winner: Kevin Braly of Tyler

Friday 7/27
Who was first choice to play Gilligan?
Answer: Jerry Van Dyke
Winner: Billy Brown of Quitman

Thursday 7/26
In the Roman religion who is the god of the sea?
Answer: Neptune
Winner: PG Mada of Overton

Wednesday 7/25
The southern most part of the US is located in what state?
Answer: Hawaii
Winner: Kent Popperwell of Teaselville

Tuesday 7/24
Who played the frumpy spinster Gladys Ormphby on Laugh In?
Answer: Ruth Buzzi
Winner: Lola Lang of Lindale

Monday 7/23
Who was the 18th president of the US?
Answer: Ulysses S Grant
Winner: Nathaniel Moran of Tyler

Friday 7/20
What was the first stop in Emerald City for Dorothy and rest of the crew?
Answer: Wash & Brush Up Company
Winner: No Winner

Thursday 7/19
If liquor is 100 proof how much alcohol is present?
Answer: 50%
Winner: John Christian of Tyler

Wednesday 7/18
What is the name for the upper arm bone?
Answer: Humerous
Winner: Bill Liebbe of Lindale

Tuesday 7/17
What monster lives in the The Matterhorn at Disney Land?
Answer: The Abominable Snowman
Winner: Melanie Whitten of Longview

Monday 7/16
Where was the first parking meter installed in the US?
Answer: Oklahoma City
No Winner

Friday 7/13
What movie was Eye of the Tiger the theme song of?
Answer: Rocky 3
Winner: James Byrd of Troup

Thursday 7/12
Who is Milton Teagle Simmons?
Answer: Richard Simmons
Winner: Tim Peterson of Flint

Wednesday 7/11
What is the name of the longest side of a right triangle?
Answer: hypotenuse
Winner: Doyle Stenger of Big Sandy

Tuesday 7/10
Who composed the music for the Broadway musical Hello Dolly?
Answer: Jerry Herman
Winner: Eugene West of Troup

Monday 7/9
Who succeeded Zachary Taylor?
Answer: Millard Fillmore
Winner: John Dyers

Friday 7/6
What is the secret identity of Batman’s sidekick Robin?
Answer: Dick Grayson
No Winner

Thursday 7/5
The Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion are varieties of what?
Answer: Chili Peppers
Winner: Darrell Durio

Tuesday 7/3
What city is the UN Headquarters located in?
Answer: New York City
Winner: Carter Goth of Murchison

Monday 7/2
What is the English translation for Volkswagen?
Answer: People’s Car
Winner: John Wethmow of Longview

Friday 6/29
What country is named for its location on the equator?
Answer: Ecuador
Winner: Joe Stacer of Tyler