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June 2015 - Report and Summary

The month of June 2015 was warmer and drier than normal. The thirty-day outlook had called for below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. When revised on May 31, it called for below normal temperatures and near normal precipitation. Though over most of North and East Texas, the month was very wet. The Tyler City NWS station was the exception. Longview Gregg County Airport received 133 percent of normal rainfall, and Tyler Pounds Field 108 percent of normal.

Year-to-date rainfall totals were much closer at the three stations. Tyler City was 163 percent of normal, Tyler Pounds 162 percent of normal, and Longview Gregg 168 percent of normal. June 2015 was 1.0 deg. Warmer than June 2014. Precipitation comparisons were sharper: June 2015 was 3.43 inches drier than June 2014. Year-to-date rainfall was 18.04 inches more in 2015 than in 2014. A mild air mass early in the month gave way to an upper air high pressure ridge. This warmed temperatures through the 12th. A sea-breeze front brought showers on the 9th.

A series of upper air disturbances began crossing on the afternoon of the 12th. This brought afternoon showers through the 15th. Tropical Storm Bill formed off the Texas Coast on the 15th, and moved inland through the state on the 16th and 17th. This brought rains of over twelve inches to locations along the Middle Texas Coast and the Red River Valley. The heaviest rains in East Texas came over Shelby County on the morning of the 18th, with over six inches.

Clouds and showers lowered temperatures to below normal levels until skies cleared on the 19th. Temperatures then warmed to near to slightly above normal levels, and showers were only isolated in the afternoons. Bill's total rainfall in the Tyler/Longview area was between one inch and two and one-half inches.

Upper air high pressure controlled the area's weather between the 19th and 26th, with slightly above normal temperatures and no rainfall.

On the 27th, an upper air disturbance and cold front crossed. This lowered temperatures slightly, and brought widespread and locally heavy rainfall on the 27th. The heaviest amounts were along a Longview-Tyler-Canton line, with between one and two and a half inches. The diffuse front and additional disturbances brought scattered showers and thunderstorms on the 29th and 30th.

The reporting period for temperatures and phenomenon on each day is for the twenty-four hours ending at midnight hours GMT--6 p.m. CST and 7 p.m. CDT. The reporting period for precipitation is for the twenty-four hours ending at noon GMT--6 a.m. CST and 7 a.m. CDT. All times are given using the twenty-four hour clock, and are expressed in Greenwich Mean Time.

Observations are from NWS Station 41/9207/4 in Tyler, Texas. The term "normal" refers to averages from the standard climatic period 1971-2000.

June 2015



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