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Questions, Answers and Winners

Friday September 30, 2022
Question: What emergency water access point on a sidewalk is often painted red?
Answer: Fire Hydrant
Winner: Ken Zurn, Whitehouse

Thursday September 29, 2022
Question: Which Hollywood personality was known as the Singing Cowboy?
Answer: Gene Autry
Winner: John Moore, Whitehouse

Wednesday September 28, 2022
Question: Which US state is home to a famous leper colony?
Answer: Hawaii
Winner: Ritchie Rich, Tyler

Tuesday September 27, 2022
Question: Which Texas town is home to the Big Tree?
Answer: Rockport
Winner: Matt Hardin, Athens

Monday September 26, 2022
Question: Which 1985 western starred Scott Glenn, Danny Glover and a young Kevin Costner?
Answer: Silverado
Winner: Jim Cannon, Big Sandy

Friday September 23, 2022
Question: Who was the first woman inducted in to the rock and roll hall of fame?
Answer: Aretha Franklin
Winner: James Low, Jacksonville

Thursday September 22, 2022
Question: Who was the only Eagle Scout to become President of the US?
Answer: Gerald Ford
Winner: Scott Leiberman, Tyler

Wednesday September 21, 2022
Question: What is the highest mountain in Greece and home to the gods?
Answer: Mt Olympus
Winner: Joe Rogers, Hideaway

Tuesday September 20, 2022
Question: Which California city was the original home of the Houston Rockets?
Answer: San Diego
Winner: ML Carlton, Kilgore

Monday September 19, 2022
Question: In the movie Cujo, what model car did Cujo attack?
Answer: Ford Pinto
Winner: Stumped! No Winner

Friday September 16, 2022
Question: What flavor or type of donut is the most popular in the US?
Answer: Creme Filled
Winner: Melanie Whitton, Longview

Thursday September 15, 2022
Question: Which cast member of MASH also appeared in the 1970 movie?
Answer: Gary Burghoff/Radar O’Reilly
Winner: Kevin Johnston, Henderson

Wednesday September 14, 2022
Question: Which country is also known as Holland?
Answer: The Netherlands
Winner: Zach White, Hawkins

Tuesday September 13, 2022
Question: Which US First Lady worked to draw attention to the Texas wildflowers?
Answer: Lady Bird Johnson
Winner: Cathy McCabe, Tyler

Monday September 12, 2022
Question: What is one of the 3 movies that won the big 5 awards at the Oscars?
Answer: It Happened One Night, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Silence of the Lambs
Winner: Betty Atchley, Bullard

Friday September 9, 2022
Question: What is the family name of the late Queen Elizabeth?
Answer: Windsor
Winner: Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Thursday September 8, 2022
Question: Which space shuttle’s name was inspired by a TV show?
Answer: Enterprise
Winner: Tony Black, Tyler

Wednesday September 7, 2022
Question: Which European countries have coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Mediteranean?
Answer: Spain & France
Winner: Stumped! No winner

Tuesday September 6, 2022
Question: What is the name for the major highway interchange connecting interstates 35 & 30 in Dallas?
Answer: Mix Master
Winner: Darrell Durio, Tyler

Friday September 2, 2022
Question: Which US currency bill is colloquially known as a C-note?
Answer: $100
Winner: Jessie David, Gladewater

Thursday September 1, 2022
Question: What type of 20th century family car often had rear facing seats in the back?
Answer: Station Wagon
Winner: Marshall Hill, Tyler

Wednesday August 31, 2022
Question: What is the capital of Thailand?
Answer: Bangkok
Winner: Charles Richter, Tyler

Monday August 29, 2022
Question: What is the only film co-starring Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell?
Answer: Tango and Cash
Winner: Dash Williams, Gladewater

Friday August 26, 2022
Question: According to the song, who played the fiddle better than the devil in Georgia?
Answer: Johnny
Winner: Tub Taylor, Rusk

Thursday August 25, 2022
Question: Which Scottish actor played a Russian defector, an English secret agent and a Chicago cop?
Answer: Sean Connery
Winner: Chris Felton, Tyler

Wednesday August 24, 2022
Question: How many countries have a name in “-stan”?
Answer: 7
Winner: Randall Jackson, Tyler

Tuesday August 23, 2022
Question: Which country singer and songwriter was born in Abbott, Texas?
Answer: Willie Nelson
Winner: Michael Sturrock, Tyler

Monday August 22, 2022
Question: What caliber handgun was used by Dirty Harry?
Answer: .44 Magnum
Winner: Stan Ward, Flint

Friday August 19, 2022
Question: When a person is envious, they are said to be what color?
Answer: Green
Winner: Matt Wicks, Longview

Thursday August 18, 2022
Question: Which Soviet leader was known for his policy of Glasnost?
Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev
Winner: Jason Pointer, Lindale

Wednesday August 17, 2022
Question: Which Canadian province produces 70% of the world’s maple syrup?
Answer: Quebec
Winner: Roger Peirce, Tyler

Tuesday August 16, 2022
Question: Aside from English and Spanish, which other European language has always been prevalent in Texas?
Answer: German
Winner: Jason McCrary, Tyler

Monday August 15, 2022
Question: Which famous music festival was held on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York?
Answer: Woodstock
Winner: Clayton Pecot, Longview

Friday August 12, 2022
Question: Which 70s coming-of-age movie is also considered a classic car flick?
Answer: American Graffiti
Winner: John Christian, Tyler

Thursday August 11, 2022
Question: Where in your day-to-day life are you likely to see the name Gilbarco?
Answer: Pumping gas/gas station
Winner: Stumped! No winner

Wednesday August 10, 2022
Question: What African nation is entirely surrounded by South Africa?
Answer: Lesotho
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Tuesday August 9, 2022
Question: What oversized feature is the most famous symbol of the State Fair oF Texas?
Answer: Big Tex
Winner: Wayne Walton, Whitehouse

Monday August 8, 2022
Question: Which John Wayne movie was the last of his “cavalry trilogy”?
Answer: Rio Grande
Winner: Stumped! No winner

Friday August 5, 2022
Question: What city was home to the very first pro football team?
Answer: Canton, Ohio
Winner: Tony Cline, Rusk

Thursday August 4, 2022
Question: Which Holocaust victim is famous for the diary she left behind?
Answer: Anne Frank
Winner: Bobby Long, Tyler

Wednesday August 3, 2022
Question: Which nation sits between Estonia and Lithuania?
Answer: Latvia
Winner: Zach White, Hawkins

Tuesday August 2, 2022
Question: What year was the current Texas Constitution adopted?
Answer: 1876
Winner: Mark McDonough, Tyler

Monday August 1, 2022
Question: What fictional brand of cigarettes appears in Quentin Tarantino’s movies?
Answer: Red Apple
Winner: Stumper! No winner

Friday July 29, 2022
Question: Who were the couple married in the what was known as the “Wedding of the century”?
Answer: Prince Charles and Diana
Winner: Ron Ayres, Tyler

Thursday July 28, 2022
Question: Which Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law?
Answer: 14
Winner: Jason Waller, Tyler

Wednesday July 27, 2022
Question: What is the 2nd largest country on the Iberian Peninsula?
Answer: Portugal
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Tuesday July 26, 2022
Question: The namesake of the Heisman Trophy coached football at which Texas university?
Answer: Rice
Winner: Scott Leiberman, Tyler

Monday July 25, 2022
Question: Which 1964 musical promote the ideal of speaking proper English to climb the social ladder?
Answer: My Fair Lady
Winner: Howard Galletly, Flint

Friday July 22, 2022
Question: What is the Cookie Monster’s real name?
Answer: Sidney
Winner: Sunny Whitaker

Thursday July 21, 2022
Question: In poker, what card combination is known as the “dead man’s hand”?
Answer: Aces and eights
Winner: Richard Adams, Rusk

Wednesday July 20, 2022
Question: How many US states have coasts on the Gulf of Mexico?
Answer: 5
Winner: James Moran, Whitehouse

Tuesday July 19, 2022
Question: How many European countries are larger in area than Texas?
Answer: None
Winner: Stumped! No Winner

Monday July 18, 2022
Question: What was the final film role for Carroll O’Connor of Archie Bunker fame?
Answer: Return to Me
Winner: Preston Kestler, Tyler

Friday July 15, 2022
Question: According to his classic song, how did Johnny Cash get a new Cadillac?
Answer: One Piece at a Time
Winner: Jeff Hamilton, Diana

Thursday July 14, 2022
Question: There were three US presidents in a row with a double “o” in their last names … who were they?
Answer: Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt
Winner: Samantha Powe, Chandler

Wednesday July 13, 2022
Question: How many countries are there in Africa?
Answer: 54
Winner: Ken Poppelwell, Bullard

Tuesday July 12, 2022
Question: What type of fruit is a Texas Ruby Red?
Answer: Grapefruit
Winner: Erin Riley, Tyler

Monday July 11, 2022
Question: Who played the local minister in the 1984 film “Footloose”?
Answer: John Lithgow
Winner: Kendall Crittenden, Gilmer

Friday July 8, 2022
Question: What is the name of the defensive position #6 in baseball?
Answer: Shortstop
Winner: Cody Kestler, Flint

Thursday July 7, 2022
Question: What giant structure create Lake Mead in Nevada and Arizona?
Answer: Hoover Dam
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Wednesday July 6, 2022
Question: There are five oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific, Artic and Indian … what is the 5th?
Answer: Southern Ocean
Winner: Stumped! No Winner

Tuesday July 5, 2022
Question: The last battle of the Civil War occurred in Texas … who won?
Answer: Confederacy
Winner: Bob Sullivan, Liberty City

Friday July 1, 2022
Question: What is the demonym of someone from Texas?
Answer: Texan
Winner: Alan Adams, Gilmer

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