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Questions, Answers and Winners

Wednesday October 04, 2023
Question: What 2 countries surround the Sea of Azov?
Answer: Ukraine and Russia
Winner: Tony Baker, Troup

Tuesday October 03, 2023
Question: What Texas City is known as the helium capital of the world?
Answer: Amarillo
Winner: Russell Better, Tyler

Monday October 02, 2023
Question: What is the only film Cary Grant and Doris Day made together?
Answer: A Touch of Mink
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Friday September 29, 2023
Question: Named for the noise it makes, what is the most common clothing fastener in use today?
Answer: Zipper
Winner: Matt Hardin, Athens

Thursday September 28, 2023
Question: Which baseball legend was the first manager of the Texas Rangers?
Answer: Ted Williams
Winner: Betty Atchley, Bullard

Wednesday September 27, 2023
Question: What is the longest river in the US?
Answer: Missouri
Winner: Ty Ford, Winnsboro

Tuesday September 26, 2023
Question: What world famous festival is held yearly in Austin?
Answer: South by Southwest
Winner: Zachary Isaacks, Arp

Monday September 25, 2023
Question: What 1969 movie is the most famous film starring Peter Fonda?
Answer: Easy Rider
Winner: Melonie Whitton, Longview

Friday September 22, 2023
Question: On the TV show Happy Dadys what was Ritchie’s older brother’s name?
Answer: Chuck
Winner: Larry Jowell, Tyler

Thursday September 21, 2023
Question: What was the nickname of the World War 2 B-29 bomber?
Answer: Superfortress
Winner: Stumper

Wednesday September 20, 2023
Question: The people of what nation are referred to as “Emiratis”?
Answer: UAE United Arab Emirates
Winner: Perry Troiano, Kilgore

Tuesday September 19, 2023
Question: What do natives say you should do if you don’t like the weather in Texas?
Answer: Wait a minute
Winner: Tom Moore, Whitehouse

Monday September 18, 2023
Question: What 80s movie saw Rodney Daingerfield attend college with his on-screen son?
Answer: Back to School
Winner: Jessie Davis, Gladewater

Friday September 15, 2023
Question: Before the microwave, pre-packaged frozen meals were called what?
Answer: TV Dinners
Winner: Ken Popplewell, Bullard

Thursday September 14, 2023
Question: Who was the 3rd US president to be assassinated?
Answer: William McKinley
Winner: Joe David Bowers, Longview

Wednesday September 13, 2023
Question: Tegucigalpa is the capital of which Spanish-speaking country?
Answer: Hondauras
Winner: Juan Garcia, Longview

Tuesday September 12, 2023
Question: What popular Tex-Mex food is served on a sizzling iron plate?
Answer: Fajitas
Winner: Robert Hamilton, Longview

Monday September 11, 2023
Question: “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” is the opening song of what Broadway musical turned movie?
Answer: Oklahoma
Winner: Chris Chappa, Hawkins

Friday September 8, 2023
Question: Which NFL team is the most valuable sports franchise in the world?
Answer: Dallas Cowboys
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Thursday September 7, 2023
Question: What NFL team has the most wins since the 1970 merger?
Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers
Winner: Ronnie Davis, Tyler

Wednesday September 6, 2023
Question: Which NFL team plays nearest the geographic center of the contiguous United States?
Answer: Kansas City Chiefs
Winner: Randal Jackson, Tyler

Tuesday September 5, 2023
Question: What Texas born football player was known as “The Minister of Defense”?
Answer: Mike Singletary
Winner: No Winner!

Friday September 1, 2023
Question: The phrase “supplemental restraint system” refers to what automotive safety device?
Answer: Airbags
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Thursday August 31, 2023
Question: Which famous cartoon character is this? (Sound fx was played on air)
Answer: Foghorn Leghorn
Winner: Dash Williams, Gladewater

Wednesday August 30, 2023
Question: Which island is the westernmost US territory?
Answer: Guam
Winner: Tubb Taylor, Rusk

Tuesday August 29, 2023
Question: What Gulf Coast city is home to the oldest newspaper in Texas?
Answer: Galveston
Winner: Dr. Lieberman, Tyler

Monday August 28, 2023
Question: How many mules did Clint Eastwood need for Sister Sara?
Answer: Two
Winner: David Lebkins, Hawkins

Friday August 25, 2023
Question: What MLB player is associated with the “Pine Tar Bat” incident?
Answer: George Brett
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Thursday August 24, 2023
Question: What was the name of the coffee shop that the gang from Friends hung out in?
Answer: Central Perk
Winner: Kirk Gautier, Tyler

Wednesday August 23, 2023
Question: What’s the river that runs through the Grand Canyon?
Answer: Colorado River
Winner: Tony Kline, Rusk

Tuesday August 22, 2023
Question: What breed of cattle is associated with the University of Texas in Austin?
Answer: Longhorns
Winner: James Lowe, Jacksonville

Monday August 21, 2023
Question: What movie is the line “Here’s looking at you kid”?
Answer: Casablanca
Winner: Nathaniel Moran, Tyler

Friday August 18, 2023
Question: Which NBS legend has an avian name?
Answer: Larry Bird
Winner: Jeff Williams, Ben Wheeler

Thursday August 17, 2023
Question: What famous event took place at max Yasfur’s dairy farm in New York?
Answer: Woodstock
Winner: Jared Johnson, Hideaway

Wednesday August 16, 2023
Question: Which US state has no documented venomous snakes?
Answer: Alaska
Winner: Jody Garner, Longview

Tuesday August 15, 2023
Question: What was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Texas?
Answer: -23
Winner: Donny Stroman, Kilgore

Monday August 14, 2023
Question: What college did Forrest Gump graduate from?
Answer: University of Alabama
Winner: Ron Hill, Tyler

Friday August 11, 2023
Question: Which country did President Reagan joke about outlawing and bombing?
Answer: Soviet Union
Winner: Zack White, Hawkins

Thursday August 10, 2023
Question: By what name was serial killer David Berkowitz known in the media?
Answer: Son of Sam
Winner: Kathy Green, Tyler

Wednesday August 9, 2023
Question: What English tower shares nickname with a Steelers quarterback?
Answer: Big Ben
Winner: David Hamm, Winona

Tuesday August 8, 2023
Question: Which US congressional district includes Smith and Gregg counties?
Answer: District 1
Winner: Bob Sullivan, Liberty City

Monday August 7, 2023
Question: Which John Wayne movie had the Duke traveling to Seattle?
Answer: North to Alaska
Winner: No Winner – stumper!

Friday August 4, 2023
Question: What machine readable marking appears on nearly every retail product for sale in the US?
Answer: Barcode
Winner: Ken Zurn, Lindale

Thursday August 3, 2023
Question: What dance craze in the 90s even infected Al Gore?
Answer: The Macarena
Winner: Alma Spencer, Gladewater

Wednesday August 2, 2023
Question: Which of the Great Lakes’ name is not Native American?
Answer: Lake Superior
Winner: Elliot Wicks, Longview

Tuesday August 1, 2023
Question: Which obelisk in Texas is taller than the famous one in Washington DC?
Answer: San Jacinto Monument
Winner: Rick Boone, Flint

Monday July 31, 2023
Question: Which actor played Jimmy Hoffa in the 1992 film about the labor leader?
Answer: Jack Nicholson
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Friday July 28, 2023
Question: Why are the Dodgers so named, what were they dodging?
Answer: Trolley cars
Winner: John Moore, Whitehouse

Thursday July 27, 2023
Question: What is the other half of the 80s TV debate that began with the words “tastes great”?
Answer: Less filling
Winner: Randy Chatfield, Longview

Wednesday July 26, 2023
Question: What ocean is home to a nation known as the Maldives?
Answer: Indian Ocean
Winner: Royce Smidgley, Longview

Tuesday July 25, 2023
Question: The UT Austin campus in home to the presidential library of which US president?
Answer: Lyndon B Johnson
Winner: Ty Ford, Winnsboro

Monday July 24, 2023
Question: Which Burt Reynolds movie included the first film role for Terry Brashsaw?
Answer: Hooper
Winner: Richard Adams, Rusk

Friday July 21, 2023
Question: According to a great American song, what road would you take to get your kicks?
Answer: Route 66
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Thursday July 20, 2023
Question: Which US president reinstated a peacetime draft after WWII?
Answer: Harry S Truman
Winner: Ben Swain, Flint

Wednesday July 19, 2023
Question: What European country has a capital city named Zagreb?
Answer: Croatia
Winner: Jason McCrary, Tyler

Tuesday July 18, 2023
Question: Which organization in Texas is associated with the phrase “failure is not an option”?
Answer: NASA
Winner: James Moran, Whitehouse

Monday July 17, 2023
Question: Which 1940s classic is routinely listed as the greatest movie ever made?
Answer: Citizen Kane
Winner: No Winner

Friday July 14, 2023
Question: What 1980s device made this sound (sound played on air)?
Answer: Dot Matrix Printer
Winner: No Winner

Thursday July 13, 2023
Question: Which fairly recent election established the red state/blue state paradigm in American politics?
Answer: 2000 election (Busy vs Gore)
Winner: Tom Shaffer, LaRue

Wednesday July 12, 2023
Question: Approximately how many billion people make up the current global population?
Answer: 8 Billion
Winner: Timothy Breen, Flint

Tuesday July 11, 2023
Question: What metro area is the northern corner of the Texas Triangle?
Answer: DFW
Winner: Van Jordan, Tyler

Monday July 10, 2023
Question: What is the only movie that stars Sly Stallone and Henry Winkler
Answer: Lords of the Flatbush (1974)
Winner: Kendal Crittenden, Gilmer

Friday July 7, 2023
Question: Which nation is the origin of the fortune cookie
Answer: United States
Winner: Mason Lee, Tyler

Thursday July 6, 2023
Question: What sports event is known as the Midsummer Classic
Answer: MLB All Star Game
Winner: Jim Donovan, Brownsboro

Wednesday July 5, 2023
Question: Which west Asian country shares its name with a southern US state?
Answer: Georgia
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Monday July 3, 2023
Question: Which Indiana Jones movie’s opening scene has the earliest date?
Answer: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Winner: Tony Black, Whitehouse

Friday June 30, 2023
Question: What law do we invoke to describe the likelihood things going wrong?
Answer: Murphy’s Law
Winner: Ken Poppelwell, Bullard

Thursday June 29, 2023
Question: Which NASA Space Shuttle shared its name with a fictional submerged city?
Answer: Atlantis
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Wednesday June 28, 2023
Question: What is the largest and oldest current US territory?
Answer: Puerto Rico
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Tuesday June 27, 2023
Question: What does the M stand for in Texas A&M?
Answer: Mechanical
Winner: Eddie Moose, Tyler

Monday June 26, 2023
Question: What 1988 film is the only on-screen pairing of Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe?
Answer: Mississppi Burning
Winner: Brad Richards, Hideaway

Friday June 23, 2023
Question: If you want to get in on the action, where do you throw your hat?
Answer: The ring
Winner: Larry Jowell, Tyler

Thursday June 22, 2023
Question: What federal benefit helped thousands of World War II veterans got to college?
Answer: GI Bill
Winner: Zach White, Hawkins

Wednesday June 21, 2023
Question: What state contains the only county in the US that borders four other states?
Answer: Oklahoma
Winner: Steve Weith, Chandler

Tuesday June 20, 2023
Question: Which discount store with a yellow sign will you likely visit if you live in a rural Texas?
Answer: Dollar General
Winner: Howard Galletly, Flint

Monday June 19, 2023
Question: Which James Bond movie featured a young Jane Seymour?
Answer: Live and Let Die
Winner: Melanie Whitton, Longview

Friday June 16, 2023
Question: What east coast location in the US is said to be the origin of both the roller coaster and the hot dog?
Answer: Coney Island
Winner: Michael McDonald, Jacksonville

Thursday June 15, 2023
Question: Along with Ford, GM and Chrysler what was the 4th big US carmaker in the 70s?
Answer: American Motors Corp. (AMC)
Winner: Becky Brawley, Tyler

Wednesday June 14, 2023
Question: What geographic feature does the word “riparian” refer to?
Answer: Rivers
Winner: William Johnson, Hideaway

Tuesday June 13, 2023
Question: What is the northernmost town in Texas?
Answer: Texhoma
Winner: Ronnie Davis, Tyler

Monday June 12, 2023
Question: Which Nick Sparks romantic-drama was one of the last roles for James Garner?
Answer: The Notebook
Winner: Linda Crump, Tyler

Friday June 9, 2023
Question: In the 70s who told you to let your fingers do the walking?
Answer: The Yellow Pages
Winner: Harry Troyano, Kilgore

Thursday June 8, 2023
Question: What dystopian novel is oftern referenced as predicting modern society?
Answer: 1984
Winner: Kevin Brawley, Tyler

Wednesday June 7, 2023
Question: What is the approximate number of islands in the world?
Answer: 900,000
Winner: Tim Quinn, Whitehouse

Tuesday June 6, 2023
Question: What East Texas army base trained soldiers in World War II?
Answer: Camp Fannin
Winner: Jeff Hamilton, Diana

Monday June 5, 2023
Question: Which movie franchise is often blamed for street racing deaths amount young people?
Answer: Fast & Furious
Winner: Jared Wayne, Lindale

Friday June 2, 2023
Question: What bubble gum featured a comic strip on the wrapper for each piece?
Answer: Bazooka
Winner: Ron Ayres, Tyler

Thursday June 1, 2023
Question: Which TV news network promised to be around until the world ends?
Answer: CNN
Winner: Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Wednesday May 31, 2023
Question: Which country forms the coastline of the Horn of Africa?
Answer: Somalia
Winner: Bailey Deaton, Whitehouse

Tuesday May 30, 2023
Question: What is the name of the ghost town in Presidio County Texas?
Answer: Shafter
Winner: Ben Swain, Flint

Friday May 26, 2023
Question: What physical arcade game became a metaphor for new problems popping up when old ones are solved?
Answer: Whac-a-Mole
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Thursday May 25, 2023
Question: Which two Star Wars characters inspired the “Han shot first” controversy?
Answer: Han Solo and Greedo
Winner: Thomas Harrison, Tyler

Wednesday May 24, 2023
Question: Which country includes the city of Casablanca?
Answer: Morocco
Winner: Joe David Bowers, Longview

Tuesday May 23, 2023
Question: Which brand of picante sauce poked fun at New York in their advertising?
Answer: Pace
Winner: Matt Wicks

Monday May 22, 2023
Question: Who is the only person named Oscar to ever win an Oscar?
Answer: Oscar Hammerstein II
Winner: Josh Patterson, Whitehouse

Friday May 19, 2023
Question: In the 90s, if you didn’t want to listen to someone, you told them to talk to this?
Answer: The hand
Winner: Ron Hill, Tyler

Thursday May 18, 2023
Question: Largest volcanic eruption in US history?
Answer: Mount St. Helens
Winner: Tony Cline, Rusk

Wednesday May 17, 2023
Question: Which nation includees the state of Gujarat?
Answer: India
Winner: Jesse Davis

Tuesday May 16, 2023
Question: What is the term for a Texas nightclub or bar that features country music and dancing?
Answer: Honky Tonk
Winner: Marshall Hill, Tyler

Monday May 15, 2023
Question: Before his turn as Obi Wan Kenobi, Alec Guinness famously died at the end of what movie?
Answer: Bridge on the River Kwai
Winner: Ken Zurn, Lindale

Friday May 12, 2023
Question: What variety show was the first TV appearance of the Beatles in the US?
Answer: Ed Sullivan Show
Winner: Susan Berkhouse, Whitehouse

Thursday May 11, 2023
Question: Which American car company produced the Toronado?
Answer: Oldsmobile
Winner: Kathy Green, Tyler

Wednesday May 10, 2023
Question: What is the capital of Iceland?
Answer: Reykjavik
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Tuesday May 9, 2023
Question: Where is the only nude beach in Texas?
Answer: Hippie Hollow Park
Winner: Marcy Newsome, Tyler

Monday May 8, 2023
Question: Which classic Hollywood comedy includes a character named CK Dexter Haven?
Answer: The Philadelphia Story
Winner: Randy Wilson, Arp

Friday May 5, 2023
Question: Which is the only state flag with a non-rectangular flag ?
Answer: Ohio
Winner: James Lowes, Jacksonville

Thursday May 4, 2023
Question: If you wanted to call Jenny in the 80’s what was her number?
Answer: 867-5309
Winner: Ben Fair, Longview

Wednesday May 3, 2023
Question: Which US city is the western corner of the Bermuda Triangle?
Answer: Miami
Winner: Chris Chappa, Hawkins

Tuesday May 2, 2023
Question: Which Texas sports venue suffered an unlikely rainout in 1976?
Answer: Astrodome
Winner: Steven Melton, Longview

Monday May 1, 2023
Question: What movie brought Denzel Washington his first Oscar?
Answer: Glory
Winner: Kendall Crittenden, Gilmer

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