Today is Monday January 30, 2023
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Only one (1) winner per household within any sixty (60) day period. Official Contest Rules

Questions, Answers and Winners

Friday January 30, 2023
Question: The latest thing is often referred to as the greatest thing since what?
Answer: Sliced Bread
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Thursday January 26, 2023
Question: Which of the seven continents is roughly the same size as the continental US?
Answer: Australia
Winner: Chris Chappa, Hawkins

Wednesday January 25, 2023
Question: What is the most remote inhabited island in the world?
Answer: Tristan de Cunha
Winner: Ken Poppelwell, Bullard

Tuesday January 24, 2023
Question: Which Texas city includes a replica of the Eiffel Tower?
Answer: Paris
Winner: Tub Taylor, Rusk

Monday January 23, 2023
Question: Which English actor played Severus Snape in the Potter films?
Answer: Alan Rickman
Winner: Richie Rich, Tyler

Friday January 20, 2023
Question: What 1979 song features the name of a tropical drink?
Answer: Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
Winner: Nathaniel Moran, Tyler

Thursday January 19, 2023
Question: Which American author wrote about “the thousand injuries of Forunato”?
Answer: Edgar Allan Poe
Winner: Matt Wicks, Longview

Wednesday January 18, 2023
Question: The people known as Danes are from what country?
Answer: Denmark
Winner: Joe Rogers, Hideaway

Tuesday January 17, 2023
Question: What is the steepest bridge in Texas?
Answer: Rainbow Bridge
Winner: Jeff Hamilton, Diana

Monday January 16, 2023
Question: What movie character won Oscars for 2 different actors playing the role?
Answer: Vito Corleone/The Joker
Winner: Frank Guerra, Chandler

Friday January 13, 2023
Question: What caliber is most associated with the 1911 pistol?
Answer: .45 ACP
Winner: Will Roberts, Bullard

Thursday January 12, 2023
Question: Which super Bowl was the only appearance in the big game by the New York Jets?
Answer: Super Bowl III
Winner: Jesse Davis, Gladewater

Wednesday January 11, 2023
Question: What city is the capital of Malta?
Answer: Valletta
Winner: Tony Murray, Mineola

Tuesday January 10, 2023
Question: In which West Texas town near Odessa would you have trouble finding shade?
Answer: Notrees, Texas
Winner: Josh Patterson, Whitehouse

Monday January 9, 2023
Question: What nation is the birthplace of Pinocchio?
Answer: Italy
Winner: Kendall Krittenden, Gilmer

Friday January 6, 2023
Question: What sanitary product became the symbol of shortages during the Covid pandemic?
Answer: Toilet Paper
Winner: Tony Cline, Rusk

Thursday January 5, 2023
Question: What is the official name of the paint color on the Golden Gate Bridge?
Answer: International Orange
Winner: Dash Williams, White Oak

Wednesday January 4, 2023
Question: The people that celebrate the new year first live along this line?
Answer: International Date Line
Winner: Kevin Johnston, Henderson

Tuesday January 3, 2023
Question: What highway takes you from dallas to Waco?
Answer: I35E
Winner: Alan Adams, Gilmer

Friday December 30, 2022
Question: What is the most used type of writing pen in the world today?
Answer: The ballpoint
Winner: Rhett Pilcher, Gladewater

Thursday December 29, 2022
Question: What is the common name used for the German bombing of England in WW2?
Answer: The Blitz
Winner: Betty Atchley, Bullard

Wednesday December 28, 2022
Question: What group of islands north of the UK is know for miniature horses?
Answer: Shetland Islands
Winner: Melanie Whitton, Longview

Tuesday December 27, 2022
Question: Which street in Austin is famous for its music venues?
Answer: 6th Street
Winner: Jason McCreary, Tyler

Monday December 26, 2022
Question: Which Back to the Future film was set in the old west?
Answer: Back to the Future Part 3
Winner: Ron Ayres, Tyler

Friday December 23, 2022
Question: What was Mulder’s nickname at the FBI academy?
Answer: Spooky
Winner: No winner

Thursday December 22, 2022
Question: What magazine had a red haired, gap-tooth mascot?
Answer: Mad Magazine
Winner: Dave Hamm, Winona

Wednesday December 21, 2022
Question: What US president said “walk softly and carry a big stick?
Answer: Teddy Roosevelt
Winner: Gene Merriman, Tyler

Tuesday December 20, 2022
Question: What Texas city was Dr Pepper invented?
Answer: Waco
Winner: Bruce Morris, Tyler

Monday December 19, 2022
Question: What sport is referred to as the King of Sports and The Beautiful Game?
Answer: Soccer
Winner: Joey Bonduranc, Henderson

Friday December 16, 2022
Question: In a Christmas Carol how many ghosts visited Scrooge?
Answer: 4
Winner: Will Christian, Tyler

Thursday December 15, 2022
Question: What 4 sided device lit up photography?
Answer: Flash Cube
Winner: Ken Zurn, Lindale

Wednesday December 14, 2022
Question: The story of Saint Nicholas originates in what country?
Answer: Turkey
Winner: Kirt Hart, Whitehouse

Tuesday December 13, 2022
Question: What east Texas bakery is know for fruitcakes?
Answer: Colin Street Bakery
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Monday December 12, 2022
Question: How long of a pole would you not touch the Grinch with?
Answer: 39 1/2 feet
Winner: Matt Wicks, Longview

Friday December 9, 2022
Question: What color Christmas was Elvis singing about?
Answer: Blue
Winner: Penny Orr, Arp

Thursday December 8, 2022
Question: What was the largest margin of victory ever in the NFL?
Answer: 73-0 Bears over Redskins
Winner: Tim Estridge, Flint

Wednesday December 7, 2022
Question: Where in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor located?
Answer: Oahu
Winner: Robby Albright, Gilmer

Tuesday December 6, 2022
Question: What Mexican food has become a Texas Christmas staple?
Answer: Tamales
Winner: Thomas Moore, Whitehouse

Monday December 5, 2022
Question: What dance were they doing at the high school dance in It’s a Wonderful Life?
Answer: The Charleston
Winner: Jeff Williams, Ben Wheeler

Friday December 2, 2022
Question: What is the most popular brand of stapler?
Answer: Swingline
Winner: Kim West, Ben Wheeler

Thursday December 1, 2022
Question: What route allows train travel from Britain to Europe?
Answer: Channel Tunnel or Chunnel
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Wednesday November 30, 2022
Question: What country is often cited as the origin of the Christmas tree?
Answer: Germany
Winner: Richie Rich, Tyler

Tuesday November 29, 2022
Question: Where in Texas will you find ten Cadillacs sticking out of the ground?
Answer: Cadillac Ranch Amarillo
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Monday November 28, 2022
Question: What is the term for animation using modeling clay?
Answer: Claymation
Winner: Howard Galletly, Flint

Friday November 25, 2022
Question: What clothing catalog did Elaine work for on Seinfeld?
Answer: J Peterman Company
Winner: No Winner, Stumped!

Wednesday November 23, 2022
Question: What city is the capital of the Czech Replublic?
Answer: Prague
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Tuesday November 22, 2022
Question: What political party has had the most governors of Texas?
Answer: Democrats
Winner: Joe Staicer, Lindale

Monday November 21, 2022
Question: What was first Disney PG movie?
Answer: The Black Hole
Winner: No Winner

Friday November 18, 2022
Question: What was the most popular hairspray in the 80s?
Answer: Aqua Net
Winner: Susan Berkhouse, Whitehouse

Thursday November 17, 2022
Question: Who was the US president at the start of the 20th century?
Answer: William McKinley
Winner: Lane McCLung, White Oak

Wednesday November 16, 2022
Question: Which country shares land borders with the most nations?
Answer: China or Russia
Winner: Randall Jackson, Tyler

Tuesday November 15, 2022
Question: What magazine is often called “The Bible of Texas Football”?
Answer: Dave Campbell Texas Football
Winner: Jessie Taylor, Gladewater

Monday November 14, 2022
Question: Which movie had Cary Grant commanding a WW2 pink submarine?
Answer: Operation Petticoat
Winner: Kevin Brawley, Tyler

Friday November 11, 2022
Question: What caliber was the M1 Garand rifle?
Answer: .30-06 (thirty0aught-six)
Winner: No winner

Thursday November 10, 2022
Question: What 2 teams were involved int he largest comeback in NFL history?
Answer: Bills/Oilers
Winner: Mike Wilson, Big Sandy

Wednesday November 9, 2022
Question: What flower is associated with the marking on a compass?
Answer: Rose
Winner: Angie Gordon, Hideaway

Tuesday November 8, 2022
Question: What famous building sits at the corner of Houston and Elm in Dallas?
Answer: Texas School Book Depository
Winner: Mike Terry, Jacksonville

Monday November 7, 2022
Question: Who played Schwarzeneggar’s twin in the 1998 movie “Twins”?
Answer: Danny Devito
Winner: Tub Taylor, Gladewater

Friday November 4, 2022
Question: Which famous toy used a light bulb to bake goods?
Answer: Easy-Bake Oven
Winner: Dylan Williams, Gladewater

Thursday November 3, 2022
Question: What is the tallest building in the US?
Answer: One World Trade Center
Winner: Steve Anderson, Winona

Wednesday November 2, 2022
Question: What does a cartographer do?
Answer: produces maps
Winner: Jessee Davis, Gladewater

Tuesday November 1, 2022
Question: What component of modern electronics was invented in Texas in the 50s?
Answer: microchip
Winner: Marshall Hill, Tyler

Monday October 31, 2022
Question: What was the first horror film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar?
Answer: The Exorcist
Winner: Annabel Johnson, Lindale

Friday October 28, 2022
Question: What were the very first “fun-sized” candy bars?
Answer: Snickers & Milky Way
Winner: Tony Kline, Rusk

Thursday October 27, 2022
Question: Which public transit system is NYC famous for?
Answer: Subway
Winner: Keith Miller, Lindale

Wednesday October 26, 2022
Question: The Matterhorn is on the border of which 2 European countries?
Answer: Switzerland and Italy
Winner: No Winner

Tuesday October 25, 2022
Question: Texas is home to the 2nd largest canyon system – name it?
Answer: Palo Duro
Winner: Alan Adams, Gilmer

Monday October 24, 2022
Question: Which Bond film had a theme song by Paul McCartney?
Answer: Live and Let Die
Winner: Ron Hill, Tyler

Friday October 21, 2022
Question: What is the official name for the division sign we use math?
Answer: Obelus
Winner: Ken Popplewell, Bullard

Thursday October 20, 2022
Question: Which land acquisition nearly doubled the size of the US in 1803?
Answer: Lousiana Purchase
Winner: Zach White, Hawkins

Wednesday October 19, 2022
Question: Panama connects to South America via which country?
Answer: Colombia
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Tuesday October 18, 2022
Question: Which Nation has a flag very similar to the Texas state flag?
Answer: Chile
Winner: No Winner

Monday October 17, 2022
Question: Which 1939 blockbuster film made its premiere in Altanta, Ga?
Answer: Gone with the Wind
Winner: Mat Wicks, Longview

Friday October 14, 2022
Question: What is the Bell X-1 aircraft famous for?
Answer: Breaking the sound barrier
Winner: Dave Hamm, Winona

Thursday October 13, 2022
Question: What building has been home to every US president except the first?
Answer: The White House
Winner: Russell Popp, Flint

Wednesday October 12, 2022
Question: What is the large island off the southeastern coast of Australia?
Answer: Tasmania
Winner: Jeffery Clark, Jacksonville

Tuesday October 11, 2022
Question: Lamesa, Texas claims to be the birthplace of which gravy covered food?
Answer: Chicken Fried Steak
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Monday October 10, 2022
Question: Which Godfather film tells the backstory of Don Vito Corleone?
Answer: Godfather Part 2
Winner: Rick Boone, Flint

Friday October 7, 2022
Question: Name the actor that played Andy Travis on WKRP in Cincinnati?
Answer: Gary Sandy
Winner: Kendal Crittenden, Gilmer

Thursday October 6, 2022
Question: What sport’s hall of fame enshrined Abe Lincoln for having just one loss?
Answer: Wrestling Hall of Fame
Winner: Jeff Hamilton, Diana

Wednesday October 5, 2022
Question: What state is called the Evergreen State?
Answer: Washington
Winner: Harrold Graig, Tyler

Tuesday October 4, 2022
Question: What is the largest ranch in Texas?
Answer: King Ranch
Winner: Troy Wayne, Lindale

Monday October 3, 2022
Question: What 2019 Clint Eastwood movie is based on an real Olympic event?
Answer: Richard Jewel
Winner: Samantha Copus, Diana

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