Today is Thursday May 26, 2022
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Questions, Answers and Winners

Monday May 23, 2022
Question: In the first Star Wars, what call sign did Luke Skywalker use in his X-Wing fighter?
Answer: Red Five
Winner: David Gano, Tyler

Friday May 20, 2022
Question: According to Billy Joel, who shuffles in at nine o’clock on a Saturday?
Answer: The regular crowd
Winner: Alma Spencer, Gladewater

Thursday May 19, 2022
Question: What is the name of the 19th century Texas woman who lived among the Comanche?
Answer: Ann Parker
Winner: Charles Richter, Tyler

Wednesday May 18, 2022
Question: What is the only US state with a monosyllabic name?
Answer: Maine
Winner: Tom Ward, Tyler

Tuesday May 17, 2022
Question: What is the official state dog of Texas?
Answer: Blue Lacy
Winner: Janice Lane, Holly Lake Ranch

Monday May 16, 2022
Question: Which 1980s movie paired Costner with Connery?
Answer: The Untouchables
Winner: Tim Manor, Whitehouse

Friday May 13, 2022
Question: According to the owl in the classic TV commercial, how many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
Answer: 3
Winner: Jeff Hamilton, Diana

Thursday May 12, 2022
Question: In the ’80s how would you share your favorite music playlist?
Answer: Mix Tape
Winner: Tim Peterson, Tyler

Wednesday May 11, 2022
Question: Which continent is Patagonia located on?
Answer: South America
Winner: Russell Sawyer, Jacksonville

Tuesday May 10, 2022
Question: Which Texas airport is larger than the island of Manhattan?
Answer: DFW
Winner: Van Jordan, Tyler

Monday May 9, 2022
Question: What is the number on the bus in the movie “Speed”?
Answer: 2525
Winner: David Williams, Tyler

Friday May 6, 2022
Question: The unicorn is the national animal of which country?
Answer: Scotland
Winner: Tony Murray, Mineola

Thursday May 5, 2022
Question: Who was the first American in space?
Answer: Alan Shepard
Winner: Stan Ward, Flint

Wednesday May 4, 2022
Question: Which city of the French Riviera is known as the gambling capital of Europe?
Answer: Monte Carlo
Winner: Nathaniel Moran, Tyler

Tuesday May 3, 2022
Question: Which Texas city has a radio station whose call letters spell out the city’s name?
Answer: Waco (WACO 99.9FM)
Winner: Thomas Gray, Whitehouse

Monday May 2, 2022
Question: What was first Harry Potter movie?
Answer: Sorcerer’s Stone
Winner: Jamie Jestler, Tyler

Friday April 29, 2022
Question: What was the name of the captain of the Bounty?
Answer: Fish Scales
Winner: Stumped! No Winner

Thursday April 28, 2022
Question: What was the name of the captain of the Bounty?
Answer: Captain William Bligh
Winner: Ken Zurn, Lindale

Wednesday April 27, 2022
Question: What is the name of the hiking trail t6hat runs from Georgia to Maine?
Answer: Appalachian Trail
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Tuesday April 26, 2022
Question: Which Texas organization, based in Dallas, preserves and flies vintage World War 2 aircraft?
Answer: Commemorative Air Force or Confederate Air Force
Winner: Stan Martin, Flint

Monday April 25, 2022
Question: Spencer Tracy did it first… which modern actor became the second to win back to back Best Actor Oscars?
Answer: Tom Hanks
Winner: John Allen, Tyler

Friday April 22, 2022
Question: What is the only letter of the alphabet not to appear in the name of any US state?
Answer: Q
Winner: Ken Popplewell, Bullard

Thursday April 21, 2022
Question: Which 70s toy would you consult for advice?
Answer: Magic 8 Ball
Winner: Darrell Durio, Tyler

Wednesday April 20, 2022
Question: Which European country is know for its mountains, it neutrality and the knife its soldiers carry?
Answer: Switzerland
Winner: Jay Butler, Tyler

Tuesday April 19, 2022
Question: In which East Texas city is David Koresh buried?
Answer: Tyler
Winner: Samantha Powe, Chandler

Monday April 18, 2022
Question: In Shawshank Redemption, who was on the first poster Andy used to cover the escape hole?
Answer: Rita Hayworth
Winner: Matt Wicks, Longview

Friday April 15, 2022
Question: What is the main ingredient in pencil lead?
Answer: graphite
Winner: Howard Galletly, Flint

Thursday April 14, 2022
Question: What is the slang term for a battle between fighter planes?
Answer: Dogfight
Winner: Jacob Sustaire, HideAway

Wednesday April 13, 2022
Question: What the only 2 landlocked South American countries?
Answer: Bolivia & Paraguay
Winner: Stumped! No Winner

Tuesday April 12, 2022
Question: Which Texas governor refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Confederacy after Texas seceded?
Answer: Sam Houston
Winner: Tub Taylor, Gladewater

Monday April 11, 2022
Question: Which actor won an Oscar for his portrayal of President Lincoln?
Answer: Daniel Day Lewis
Winner: Michael Sturrok, Tyler

Friday April 8, 2022
Question: How many stitches does a major league baseball have?
Answer: 108
Winner: Randall Jackson, Tyler

Thursday April 7, 2022
Question: Which Dodgers slugger stood on two bad legs and hit a famous home run in the ’88 series?
Answer: Kirk Gibson
Winner: Russell Popp, Flint

Wednesday April 6, 2022
Question: What is the eastern-most ballpark in the MLB?
Answer: Fenway Park
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Tuesday April 5, 2022
Question: What was the original name of baseball’s Texas Rangers?
Answer: Washington Senators
Winner: Robby Albright, Gilmer

Monday April 4, 2022
Question: In the classic baseball film Bull Durham, who did Nuke Laloosh intentionally hit with a pitch?
Answer: The bull mascot
Winner: Michael Wilson, Big Sandy

Friday April 1, 2022
Question: One of the two most common screwdrivers is the flathead – what is the other called?
Answer: Phillips Head
Winner: Cathy Green, Tyler

Thursday Mar. 31, 2022
Question: Which Paris landmark was the world’s tallest man made structure for 40 years?
Answer: Eiffel Tower
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Wednesday Mar. 30, 2022
Question: Which country currently in the news includes a region called Yakutia?
Answer: Russia
Winner: Tom Ward, Tyler

Tuesday Mar. 29, 2022
Question: Which world-famous pianist had roots here in East Texas?
Answer: Van Cliburn
Winner: Ken Smith, Tyler

Monday Mar. 28, 2022
Question: Which modern action comedy trilogy pairs a Hong Kong detective with an LAPD cop taking on global gangs?
Answer: Rush Hour
Winner: Zak White, Hawkins

Friday Mar. 25, 2022
Question: Who was the first to “jump the shark”?
Answer: Fonzy (Happy Days)
Winner: Laurel Maynard, Lindale

Thursday Mar. 24, 2022
Question: What branch of the service did Elvis server?
Answer: US Army
Winner: Tony Cline, Rusk

Wednesday Mar. 23, 2022
Question: In which European country is the city of Dresden?
Answer: Germany
Winner: Annabel Johnson, Hide-Away

Tuesday Mar. 22, 2022
Question: Texas is the home to the fastest highway in the US … what is the posted speed limit there?
Answer: 85mph
Winner: David Williams, Tyler

Monday Mar. 21, 2022
Question: Which actor and future director starred in the 1979 prison film Escape From Alcatraz?
Answer: Clint Eastwood
Winner: Chris Chappa, Hawkins

Friday Mar. 18, 2022
Question: What best selling toy in the 70s was a substance that came in an egg?
Answer: Silly Putty
Winner: Tim Quinn, Whitehouse

Thursday Mar. 17, 2022
Question: St Patrick is the patron saint of which country?
Answer: Ireland
Winner: Keith Miller, Lindale

Wednesday Mar. 16, 2022
Question: Other than Russia, name a country that borders Ukraine?
Answer: Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Romainia, Moldova
Winner: Linda Crump, Tyler

Tuesday Mar. 15, 2022
Question: Who was the first US president to be born in Texas?
Answer: Dwight D Eisenhower
Winner: John Allen, Tyler

Monday Mar. 14, 2022
Question: What 60s TV show inspired a series of films starring Tom Cruise?
Answer: Mission Impossible
Winner: Bruce Adams, Hallsville

Friday Mar. 11, 2022
Question: On a standard drumset, which drum is set up horizontally?
Answer: Bass Drum
Winner: Will Apple, Longview

Thursday Mar. 10, 2022
Question: What music group of three brothers defined the age of disco?
Answer: BeeGees
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Wednesday Mar. 9, 2022
Question: What famous peninsula extends south of Ukraine?
Answer: Crimean Peninsula
Winner: Richard Adams, Rusk

Tuesday Mar. 8, 2022
Question: Which chain of extra large travel centers is based in Texas?
Answer: Buc-ee’s
Winner: Matt Lawson, Tyler

Monday Mar. 7, 2022
Question: Which Mario Puzo novel was adapted into a classic film in 1972?
Answer: The Godfather
Winner: Brandon Ponder, Longview

Friday Mar. 4, 2022
Question: According to Kenny Rogers what should you never do at the table?
Answer: Count your money
Winner: Eric Rozell, Tyler

Thursday Mar. 3, 2022
Question: Who was the 19th president of the US?
Answer: Rutherford B Hayes
Winner: Heath Knox, Tyler

Wednesday Mar. 2, 2022
Question: What is the name of the town where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed?
Answer: Washington-on-the-Brazos
Winner: Tony Black, Tyler

Tuesday Mar. 1, 2022
Question: What is the oldest university in Texas?
Answer: Baylor
Winner: Shane Pyle, Bullard

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