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Questions, Answers and Winners

Friday April 19, 2024
Question: What brand name has been a generic term for insulated bottles that keep drinks hot or cold?
Answer: Thermos
Winner: Boogie Wynne, Chandler

Thursday April 18, 2024
Question: What American bomber mission was a daring response the Pearl Harbor attack?
Answer: Doolittle Raid
Winner: Johnny Utah, Longview

Wednesday April 17, 2024
Question: What country has the most lakes?
Answer: Canada
Winner: Howard Galletly, Flint

Tuesday April 16, 2024
Question: Which Texas city was named for its sugar cane production?
Answer: Sugar Land
Winner: Jason McCrary, Tyler

Monday April 15, 2024
Question: Which Shakespeare play starred Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie adaptation?
Answer: Romeo and Julliette
Winner: Courtney Estridge, Flint

Friday April 12, 2024
Question: What are the 3 primary colors?
Answer: Red, Blue and Yellow
Winner: Ron Hill, Tyler

Thursday April 11, 2024
Question: Which Nasa missiion was call a “successfull failure”?
Answer: Apollo 13
Winner: Bobby Oglesby, Tyler

Wednesday April 10, 2024
Question: What landlocked country is on the South Africa’s northern border?
Answer: Botswana
Winner: Aaron Partlow, Longview

Tuesday April 9, 2024
Question: What is the term for Texas governor?
Answer: 4 years
Winner: Gerry Giles, Hideaway

Monday April 8, 2024
Question: Which 70’s disaster movie featured Jack Lemmon as a 747 pilot?
Answer: Airport 77
Winner: Ricky Todd, White Oak

Friday April 5, 2024
Question: What company made all the Road Runner’s gadgets?
Answer: ACME Corporation
Winner: Harrold Craig, Tyler

Thursday April 4, 2024
Question: What two cities were home to Hank Aaron’s entire career?
Answer: Milwaukee and Atlanta
Winner: Judy Crow, Gladewater

Wednesday April 3, 2024
Question: Which country is known as the Land of Ice and Fire?
Answer: Iceland
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Tuesday April 2, 2024
Question: Which West Texas city is named for the historic cavalry fort located there?
Answer: Fort Davis
Winner: Ryan Cobb, Diana

Monday April 1, 2024
Question: Who starred in the original “Death Wish” movies?
Answer: Charles Bronson
Winner: David Ledkins, Hawkins

Friday March 29, 2024
Question: Who was the sports announcer who gave us “march Madness”?
Answer: Brent Musberger
Winner: No Winner

Thursday March 28, 2024
Question: What state is Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in?
Answer: Pennsylvania
Winner: Quincey Mullins, Longview

Wednesday March 27, 2024
Question: What Russian city was formerly known as Leningrad?
Answer: St. Petersburg
Winner: Stan Martin, Flint

Tuesday March 26, 2024
Question: How many former Texas Rangers are in the Hall of Fame?
Answer: 9 players or 10 counting Ted Williams as Mgr
Winner: Matt Wicks, Longview

Monday March 25, 2024
Question: What 1988 movie included a character who wasn’t bad, but was “just drawn that way”?
Answer: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Winner: James Lowe, Jacksonville

Friday March 22, 2024
Question: What late 20th century US military vehicle became a popular SUV?
Answer: HumVee or Hummer
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Thursday March 21, 2024
Question: What type of music was popularized by Alan Freed in the 50s?
Answer: Rock and Roll
Winner: Mike Oglesby, Tyler

Wednesday March 20, 2024
Question: What island is the world’s second largest by area?
Answer: New Guinea
Winner: Zach White, Hawkins

Tuesday March 19, 2024
Question: Texas state vegetable?
Answer: Texas Sweet Onion
Winner: Joshua Shaw, Gilmer

Monday March 18, 2024
Question: What 1989 film is the only on screen pairing of Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington?
Answer: Glory
Winner: No Winner!

Friday March 15, 2024
Question: What American city holds the oldest and longest St Patrick Day parade in the World?
Answer: New York City
Winner: Bob Sullivan, Liberty City

Thursday March 14, 2024
Question: JFK is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, what other president is also buried there?
Answer: William H Taft
Winner: Richard Adams, Rusk

Wednesday March 13, 2024
Question: We’re familiar with their retrievers, but what country contains a region called Labrador?
Answer: Canada
Winner: Robert Hamilton, College Station

Tuesday March 12, 2024
Question: What farm raised fish is the most consumed in Texas?
Answer: Catfish
Winner: Chuck Brawner, Tyler

Monday March 11, 2024
Question: What movie starred Bogart in the original and Harrison Ford in the remake?
Answer: Sabrina
Winner: Zachary Isaacs, Arp

Friday March 8, 2024
Question: What multi-passenger vehicle came to symbolize the 60s counterculture?
Answer: VW Bus
Winner: Wesley Vance, Tyler

Thursday March 7, 2024
Question: What heartburn product used the Dragnet theme?
Answer: Tums
Winner: Steven Melton, Longview

Wednesday March 6, 2024
Question: The term is used in geography but is a toponym?
Answer: Place name
Winner: Jared Johnson, Hideaway

Tuesday March 5, 2024
Question: What large reservoir forms part of the Texas-Lousiana border?
Answer: Toledo Bend
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Monday March 4, 2024
Question: Which 1996 animated movie featured a live action Michael Jordan?
Answer: Space Jam
Winner: Larry Jowell, Tyler

Friday March 1, 2024
Question: What packaged food item has become a metaphor to represent?
Answer: Sardines
Winner: Melanie Whitton, Longview

Thursday February 29, 2024
Question: What external safety device became the standard on cars in the 1986?
Answer: 3rd brake light
Winner: Michael Heueroz, White Oak

Wednesday February 28, 2024
Question: Which major river joins the Tigris River before flowing in t the Persian Gulf?
Answer: Eupharates
Winner: Joseph Garner, Longview

Tuesday February 27, 2024
Question: Who threw the only perfect game in Texas Rangers history?
Answer: Kenny Rogers
Winner: Eddie Shaw, Gilmer

Monday February 26, 2024
Question: How old was Rose when she told here story to the treasure hunters in Titanic?
Answer: 100
Winner: No Winner!

Friday February 23, 2024
Question: Which candy bar is credited with popularize the word “hangry”?
Answer: Snickers
Winner: Andrew Luisi, Tyler

Thursday February 22, 2024
Question: Which state entered the Union just before Texas?
Answer: Florida
Winner: Angie Gordon, Lindale

Wednesday February 21, 2024
Question: What African nation sites across the sea from Saudi Arabia and Yemen?
Answer: Eritrea
Winner: Ronnie Davis, Tyler

Tuesday February 20, 2024
Question: If you’re visiting the grave of Diamond Bessie which Texas town are you in?
Answer: Jefferson
Winner: David Ledkins, Hawkins

Monday February 19, 2024
Question: When Tom Hanks played a cop names Turner who was his partner?
Answer: Hooch
Winner: Tony Cline, Rusk

Friday February 16, 2024
Question: Which young Egyptian king’s tomb was famously discovered the 1920s?
Answer: King Tut
Winner: Terry Moore, Whitehouse

Thursday February 15, 2024
Question: Heads or tails … which side is the obverse?
Answer: Heads
Winner: Ben Fair, Longview

Tuesday February 13, 2024
Question: What is the state tree of Texas?
Answer: Pecan
Winner: Richard Townsend, Arp

Monday February 12, 2024
Question: In the movie industry what do the letters CGI stand for?
Answer: Computer Generated Image
Winner: Kendal Crittenden, Gilmer

Friday February 9, 2024
Question: Who is the only player from a Texas university to start at quarterback in the Super Bowl?
Answer: Patrick Mahomes
Winner: Betty Atchley, Bullard

Thursday February 8, 2024
Question: Which NFL player or coach has the most total Super Bowl wins?
Answer: Bill Belichick
Winner: James Casey, Gilmer

Wednesday February 7, 2024
Question: What 3 US states together account for 9 NFL teams?
Answer: California, New York and Florida
Winner: Cathy Green, Tyler

Tuesday February 6, 2024
Question: How many times has the Super Bowl been played in Texas?
Answer: 4 Houston x3 Dallas x1
Winner: No Winner

Monday February 5, 2024
Question: In which movie did Kevin Costner play a Cleveland Browns executive?
Answer: Draft Day
Winner: Thomas Harrison, Tyler

Friday February 2, 2024
Question: What American toy for young boys spawned the term “action figure”?
Answer: GI Joe
Winner: Paul Ruark, Tyler

Thursday February 1, 2024
Question: Which dictionary is considered the authority on the English language?
Answer: Oxford English Dictionary
Winner: John Christian, Tyler

Wednesday January 31, 2024
Question: A city was known in history as Byzantium and Constantinople – what is is called today?
Answer: Istanbul
Winner: Ty Ford, Winnsboro

Tuesday January 30, 2024
Question: Which Cowboys great began his pro football career as a 27 year old rookie?
Answer: Roger Staubach
Winner: Ron Ayres, Tyler

Monday January 29, 2024
Question: Which film saw Gary Cooper playing a character named Will Kane?
Answer: High Noon
Winner: Mark Dickerson, Tatum

Friday January 26, 2024
Question: Which Super Bowl brought the Chicago Bears their only Lombardi Trophy?
Answer: Super Bowl XX (20)
Winner: Perry Troiano, Kilgore

Thursday January 25, 2024
Question: Which US president heal the first live televised news conferences?
Answer: John F kennedy
Winner: Matt Wickes, Longview

Wednesday January 24, 2024
Question: Which African country was founded people from the United States?
Answer: Liberia
Winner: James Law, Jacksonville

Tuesday January 23, 2024
Question: Which Texas bridge is home to the world’s largest urban bat colony?
Answer: Ann Richards Congress Ave. Bridge
Winner: Alma Spencer, Gladewater

Monday January 22, 2024
Question: What was the title of the last John Wayne movie?
Answer: The Shootist
Winner: Marshall Hill, Tyler

Friday January 19, 2024
Question: Which TV ad character was said to “live vicariously through himself”?
Answer: The Most Interesting Man in the World
Winner: Jeff Williams, Ben Wheeler

Thursday January 18, 2024
Question: By what name were the Hawaiian Island first?
Answer: Sandwich Islands
Winner: Beckett McBee, Bullard

Wednesday January 17, 2024
Question: What country sits between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf?
Answer: Iran
Winner: Robert Hamilton, Longview

Tuesday January 16, 2024
Question: In George Strait’s song about his exes, which Texas river is mentioned?
Answer: Frio River
Winner: Mike Terry, Jacksonville

Monday January 15, 2024
Question: What was used as fake snow in the classic films like “It’s a Wonderful Life?
Answer: Soap flakes
Winner: Jack Clephas, Tyler

Friday January 12, 2024
Question: Which Super Bowl was the only appearance of the Jets in the big game?
Answer: Super Bowl 3
Winner: Patty Long, Tyler

Thursday January 11, 2024
Question: Which 1930s aviator was the first to fly from Hawaii to California?
Answer: Amelia Earnhart
Winner: Elijha Baskerville, Flint

Wednesday January 10, 2024
Question: What is the capital of Scotland?
Answer: Edinburgh
Winner: Aaron Partlow, Longview

Tuesday January 9, 2024
Question: Which East Texas reservoir is named after former Speaker of the House?
Answer: Sam Rayburn Reservoir
Winner: Chris Chappa, Hawkins

Monday January 8, 2024
Question: Which 1958 pirate film reunited Yul Brynner with Charlton Heston?
Answer: The Buccaneer
Winner: No Winner

Friday January 5, 2024
Question: What was the name of the very first NASA Space Shuttle?
Answer: Enterprise
Winner: Aaron Shaw, Longview

Thursday January 4, 2024
Question: Which American’s name is most associated with the revolver type of handgun?
Answer: Samuel Colt
Winner: Gene Merriman, Longview

Wednesday January 3, 2024
Question: What cape is at the southern tip of Africa?
Answer: Cape Hope
Winner: Randall Reinhart, Tyler

Tuesday January 2, 2024
Question: What is the largest county in Texas by area?
Answer: Brewster County
Winner: Mason Lee, Tyler

Friday December 29, 2023
Question: What nickname was used for the crisis expected to happen on New Year’s Day 2000?
Answer: Y2K
Winner: James Moran, Whitehouse

Thursday December 28, 2023
Question: Who was the Dallas Cowboys’ opponent in the famous Hail Mary game?
Answer: Minnesota Vikings
Winner: No Winner

Wednesday December 27, 2023
Question: Which American territory will be the last place to celebrate the new year?
Answer: America Samoa
Winner: Melonie Whitten, Longview

Tuesday December 26, 2023
Question: Which large city is the southernmost in Texas?
Answer: Brownsville
Winner: Jared Johnson, Hideaway

Friday December 22, 2023
Question: What is the name of Santa’s not so jolly twin?
Answer: Krampus
Winner: John Moore, Whitehouse

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