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For second time in a week, Russian strike in Ukraine kills and wounds dozens of civilians

Getty Images - STOCK(LONDON) -- For the second time this week, Russian strikes have caused significant civilian casualties in a key Ukrainian city as Russian missiles hit areas around the southeastern city of Dnipro on Friday, killing at least 8 people -- including two children -- and wounding nearly 30 more.Two days earlier, Russian missiles struck the center of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine, killing at least 18 and injuring nearly 80 more -- one of the deadliest strikes in months.Friday’s strikes in Dnipro damaged several floors of a residential building as well as the station, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement.The strikes underline a shift in the war that has intensified in the past few weeks that has   ... Read More

How the UN Plastics Treaty aims to tackle the pollution crisis

Scavengers collect plastic waste to sell to a recycling centre at a landfill in Medan, North Sumatra, March 27, 2024. (Kartik Byma/AFP via Getty Images)(NEW YORK) -- As Earth Day 2024 puts a spotlight on the world's climate crisis, negotiators from 175 countries are gathering for the fourth round of the United Nations Plastics Treaty negotiations next week in Canada.Held in Ottowa, Canada, from April 23-29, the last major round of negotiations will bring together the treaty's Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) to draft a global, legally binding agreement by the end of 2024, according to the U.N.The negotiations begin immediately following Earth Day on Monday, April 22."Global plastic production and consumption has grown exponentially since the 1950s and is set   ... Read More

Injured in a Russian strike, a 13-year-old Ukrainian girl runs to raise money for other victims

Unbroken Ukraine (KYIV, Ukraine) -- A Russian missile strike on April 8, 2022, changed Yana Stepanenko's life forever.She was at a railway station in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, with her mom, Natalia, and brother, Yaroslav, when a missile hit, killing more than 60 people. She lost her legs. Her mom lost the left one. A tragic story of loss turned into an example of resilience and growth thanks to the Ukrainian and American doctors who treated the girl. Stepanenko, who is now 13, ran a 5K at the 2024 Boston Marathon on Saturday to show the courage and strength of Ukrainians and to raise money for a Ukrainian soldier.After a few months of treatment in Lviv, in western Ukraine, the family went   ... Read More

Israel-Gaza live updates: Israelis fired 3 missiles in limited strike

pawel.gaul/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Israel, early Friday morning local time, launched a retaliatory strike against Iran, a senior U.S. official told ABC News.The strike follow Iran's attack last Saturday, where the country sent a volley of more than 300 uncrewed drones and missiles toward targets throughout the country, Israeli military officials previously said. All but a few were intercepted by Israel and its allies, including the United States, officials said.Iran's attack came more than six months after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on Oct. 7, after which the Israeli military began its bombardment of the Gaza Strip.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the country's war cabinet have met several times since the Iran strikes, and as ABC News previously reported, at   ... Read More

Some Iranian women say they fear war with Israel amid violent hijab crackdown

KeithBinns/Getty Images(LONDON) -- In the wake of Iran's unprecedented airstrikes on Israel, dozens of Iranians gathered in Tehran's Palestine Square earlier this week to celebrate what the Iranian regime described as a retaliatory attack.But interviews with women on the ground indicate that the scene, broadcast by Iranian state-run media in a country that lacks a free press, is not representative of how many other Iranians -- particularly women -- are feeling as Israel weighs its response.ABC News spoke to several women in Iran who said the fear of an imminent war has been added to a long list of worries and hardships they have been grappling with for years. Their names have been changed due to concerns for their safety."The   ... Read More

Polish citizen accused of spying for Russia in potential plot to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A Polish citizen was arrested for allegedly spying for the Russian government as part of a potential assassination attempt against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the top prosecutors in Poland and Ukraine said Thursday.The Polish citizen, identified as Pawel K., was charged with readiness to act for foreign intelligence against the Republic of Poland, the Polish National Prosecutor's Office said in a press release.The suspect allegedly "proactively established contact" with Russian military command representatives and "informed them of his readiness to cooperate" with the Russian Federation's foreign military intelligence agency, according to Andriy Kostin, the Ukrainian prosecutor general.The suspect's alleged tasks for the Russian government included collecting and providing the agency with information   ... Read More

Renewed support for Israel in wake of Iran’s attack could be squandered with direct retaliation on Iran, say former top Israeli military officers

An Israeli army F-15 fighter jet flies over central Israel on April 15, 2024. (Menahem Kahana/AFP via Getty Images)(TEL AVIV, Israel) -- Two former senior Israeli military officials said a direct military strike against Iranian territory would not be in Israel's best interests.Retired Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland, who was head of Israel's National Security Council from 2004 to 2006, said the alliance that helped Israel successfully defend itself from Iran's first-ever direct attack against Israeli territory on Sunday has proven "that Israel cannot do everything alone."Eiland said Iran's attack and the defensive military support and intelligence Israeli received from a coalition -- led by the U.S. and including European and Arab states -- has reversed Israel's growing isolation in relation   ... Read More

Prince William attends first royal engagement after Kate Middleton cancer announcement

Prince William, Prince of Wales visits a housing workshop to discuss solutions to support local families at risk of homelessness, in Sheffield, northern England on March 19, 2024. (Temilade Adelaja/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)(LONDON) -- Prince William returned to work this week in his first official public appearance since his wife Kate, the princess of Wales, revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer.William is traveling to Surrey on Thursday to visit Surplus to Supper, a nonprofit organization that distributes surplus food to people in need.The royal engagement is the first for William since March, when Kate shared publicly for the first time that she was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing preventative chemotherapy.Kate shared her diagnosis in a video message released   ... Read More

Biden administration to end sanctions waiver on Venezuelan oil

Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The Biden administration is conceding the reality of the last six months: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro does not intend to hold free and fair elections.Six months after lifting U.S. sanctions on Venezuela's key oil and gas sectors, the Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will let those temporary licenses expire -- saying Maduro's government did not uphold its end of the bargain.That bargain was straightforward – Maduro and the united Venezuelan opposition signed an agreement in Barbados last October to hold free and fair elections, monitored by international observers, and in exchange the U.S. temporarily lifted some of its sanctions on Venezuela's oil, gas, gold, and sovereign debt.It was a bold move, a gamble --   ... Read More

9 arrests made in $14.8 million gold heist at Toronto airport, only fraction recovered

Gary Hershorn/Getty Images(TORONTO) -- Nine people have been arrested and search warrants are out for three others in last year's $14.77 million (20 million Canadian dollars) gold heist from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canadian officials announced Wednesday.Police have only recovered six pure gold bracelets worth over $65,000 -- a fraction of the gold that was stolen from a holding cargo facility last April. Authorities announced the arrests on the one-year anniversary of the heist.Police say 6,600 bars of pure gold weighing over 400 kilograms and foreign cash amounting to around $1.8 million were stolen in the heist. They believe that the thieves melted down the gold, sold it and then used the profits to purchase illegal firearms as part   ... Read More

US submits assurances to UK over Julian Assange extradition, moving case forward again

A protester stands with a placard in support of Julian Assange during the demonstration. Supporters of Julian Assange gathered outside the Embassy of Ecuador in Knightsbridge on the fifth anniversary of his incarceration in Belmarsh Prison. (Vuk Valcic/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)(LONDON) -- The United States has reportedly sent assurances to the United Kingdom intended to facilitate the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange -- including that he will not face the death penalty -- signaling, for now, that the U.S. is continuing to move forward with its efforts to prosecute Assange on espionage charges.Last month, the U.K.’s High Court ordered a delay in Assange’s extradition unless the U.S. could provide assurances on a number of issues, including that he   ... Read More

Dubai sees severe flooding after getting 2 years’ worth of rain in 24 hours

Christopher Pike/Bloomberg via Getty Images(DUBAI, United Arab Emirates) -- Flood conditions continued to impact Dubai on Wednesday, after two years' worth of rain fell in just 24 hours, records show.Over a half foot -- 6.26 inches -- of rain was recorded in the United Arab Emirates city between 10 p.m. local time Monday and 10 p.m. local time Tuesday, according to the Dubai Meteorological Office.Dubai receives 3.12 inches of rain per year on average, according to the World Meteorological Organization, meaning two years' worth of rain fell in 24 hours.The Dubai International Airport, the world's second-busiest airport, said Wednesday it was facing "operational challenges" and advised passengers not to arrive as runways continued to be inundated with water. It said   ... Read More

IDF’s conduct, ethics under scrutiny following soldiers’ social media posts

Ronaldo Schemidt/ Getty Images(JERUSALUM) -- Six months into the Israel-Hamas conflict, the conduct and ethics of some of the Israel Defense Forces members have increasingly come under the microscope.Incidents ranging from pranks to potentially criminal acts are being exposed to the world, often by videos soldiers themselves have posted online, according to critics and Israeli officials.In many pictures and videos that have circulated since the conflict began, and which were reposted by pro-Palestinian activists to millions of followers, IDF soldiers are seen blowing up buildings in Gaza while in combat, waving women’s underwear like flags and rifling through the possessions of Gazans with gleeful expressions.Younis Tirawi, a Palestinian activist, says he’s seen thousands of videos of IDF soldiers reportedly behaving   ... Read More

Fire rips through Old Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen as people try to rescue artwork

slobo/Getty Images(LONDON) -- One of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark, that was built in the 17th century has become engulfed in flames as rescue efforts are underway to salvage artwork and other valuable assets from the building.The Old Stock Exchange, located in the heart of downtown Copenhagen next to the Danish Parliament building, became engulfed by fire early Tuesday morning as the building's iconic spire collapsed due to the flames.People could be seen rushing into and out of the burning building attempting to salvage art work that is housed within the Old Stock Exchange.The cause of the fire is currently unknown and no injuries have been reported as crews work furiously to extinguish the flames.Denmark's Minister for Culture Jakob   ... Read More

Attack on religious leader in Sydney to be investigated as terror related, police say

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb, Premier of NSW Chris Minns, NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Thurtell and Ambulance Commissioner Dominic Morgan hold a press conference on April 16, 2024 in Sydney, Australia. (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)(SYDNEY) -- An attack on a religious leader during a sermon in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, on Monday has been deemed a terror-related incident, police said."Anyone with information about extremist activity or possible threats to the community should come forward, no matter how small or insignificant you may think the information may be," the New South Wales Police Force said in a statement on Tuesday.The government's Joint Counter Terrorism Team has begun an investigation into the stabbing, which was first reported to police at   ... Read More

US forces down drones headed to Israel

U.S. officials say American military forces have downed some Iran-launched attack drones flying toward Israel. That is according to a U.S. defense official and two U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter. The defense official said the effort to intercept the attack was continuing. Since Iran announced its attack Saturday against Israel, air raid sirens have gone off in Jerusalem, in northern and southern Israel, in the Negev region, in the Shomron area and in the Dead Sea region.   ... Read More

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