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Intel investing $20 billion to bring chip manufacturing to Ohio amid global shortage

iStock(NEW YORK) -- Amid a global chip shortage that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Intel announced Friday that it will invest more than $20 billion in two new chip factories in Ohio. The new investment will significantly expand U.S. manufacturing capabilities for semiconductors, a vital building block needed for computers, smartphones, autos, and much more. Much of the global tech industry currently relies on chip manufacturing out of Asia. "Today’s investment marks another significant way Intel is leading the effort to restore U.S. semiconductor manufacturing leadership," Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger said in a statement Friday. The project will make Ohio home to Intel's first new manufacturing site location in 40 years. The California-based tech giant said the project   ... Read More

Instagram testing feature that lets creators charge subscription fees

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- A small handful of Instagram content creators can now directly charge followers a monthly subscription fee for exclusive content and benefits in the latest shakeup to impact the ever-evolving digital creator economy. Instagram's parent company Meta announced the news in a company blog post, saying it is part of an effort to help enable creators to make a living through its platforms. Meta-owned Facebook launched a similar subscriptions service in 2020 and is now rolling the service out as a test on Instagram after positive feedback from Facebook content creators. Meta previously said it would not collect any fees from creators on Facebook Subscription purchases until 2023 at the earliest, and said   ... Read More

Amazon announces its 1st clothing store: here’s what to know

Chris Ratcliff/Bloomberg via Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Amazon has expanded in many ways throughout the years, and now the e-commerce giant is launching a brick-and-mortar clothing store. The company announced Thursday that its Amazon Style fashion retail space will open later this year at The Americana at Brand shopping mall in Los Angeles. The new concept will offer a selection of apparel, shoes and accessories. The items will have QR codes providing information from sizing to customer ratings, the company said. With the Amazon Shopping app users can also send items to a fitting room where they can use a touch screen to look through more options as well as request more sizes or styles to be delivered directly to   ... Read More

FBI warns criminals are using fake QR codes to scam users

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Cybercriminals could use altered Quick Response (QR) codes to steal personal and financial information of unsuspecting customers, the FBI warns. QR codes are all around us these days, and they're used for everything from restaurant orders to donations. During the pandemic, many restaurants began using QR codes in place of paper menus. How it works: A code is scanned via a phone camera app, and the user is then redirected to the relevant website. Troubles can arise, the FBI says, in cases where the codes have been altered. Unwitting users can be directed to malicious sites that prompt them to enter their financial and login information or expose them to malware. "While QR codes have been   ... Read More

Jan. 6 committee asks Ivanka Trump for cooperation, testimony

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- The House select committee investigating the Capitol attack requested on Thursday that Ivanka Trump cooperate with its investigation and asked her to testify regarding conversations with her father, former President Donald Trump, before and on Jan. 6, 2021, as they pertain to the attack and the challenging of election results. In a new letter addressed to the former president's daughter, Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., requested she voluntary provide an interview with the committee, citing her presence in the Oval Office. "As January 6th approached, President Trump attempted on multiple occasions to persuade Vice President Pence to participate in his plan. One of the President's discussions with the Vice President occurred by phone on the morning of   ... Read More

Experts slam oil giant Exxon Mobil’s net-zero ‘ambition’

Lao Chengyue/Xinhua via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Exxon Mobil Corp. announced on Tuesday an "ambition" to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its operations in the next three decades, but fell short of making any commitments to offset or reduce the massive amounts of Earth-warming emissions from the fossil fuels that account for the company's profits. The net-zero aspirations were outlined in the company's Advancing Climate Solutions 2022 Progress Report, and builds upon previously announced emission-reduction initiatives. "ExxonMobil is committed to playing a leading role in the energy transition, and Advancing Climate Solutions articulates our deliberate approach to helping society reach a lower-emissions future," Darren Woods, Exxon Mobil Corp.'s chairman and chief executive officer, said in a statement. "We are   ... Read More

‘Significant evidence’ of alleged fraud in Trump business investigation, NY AG says

Mark Wilson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- New York Attorney General Letitia James said that her office has uncovered "significant evidence" of fraud in her civil investigation of former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. The unusual statement amid an ongoing investigation came as James' office argued in court papers that Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump have not sufficiently responded to subpoenas issued as part of the investigation. "Thus far in our investigation, we have uncovered significant evidence that suggests Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization falsely and fraudulently valued multiple assets and misrepresented those values to financial institutions for economic benefit," James said in a release late Tuesday night. "The Trumps must comply with our   ... Read More

Verizon, AT&T delay 5G rollout around some airports after stark warnings from US airlines

Joan Cros/NurPhoto via Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- A showdown between the nation's major airlines, the FAA and AT&T and Verizon appears to be cooling after both telecom giants agreed at the last minute to pause a portion of their 5G-C rollout on Wednesday. "At our sole discretion we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer turning on a limited number of towers around certain airport runways as we continue to work with the aviation industry and the FAA to provide further information about our 5G deployment," AT&T said in a statement Tuesday. Verizon followed AT&T saying, "We have voluntarily decided to limit our 5G network around airports. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and our nation's airlines have not been able to fully   ... Read More

Microsoft to acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Microsoft Corp. announced plans on Tuesday to acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard Inc., the maker of immensely popular franchises including "Call of Duty" and "Warcraft," for $68.7 billion. The companies jointly announced news of the all-cash deal on Tuesday, which involves tech giant Microsoft purchasing the controversy-marred gaming company for some $95 per share. When the transaction closes, Microsoft will become the world's third-largest gaming company by revenue -- behind only Tencent and Sony -- Microsoft said in a statement Tuesday. The deal comes as the gaming industry has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entertainment industry, and as Microsoft seeks to accelerate its mobile, PC, console and   ... Read More

Small yield of Florida oranges could mean higher juice prices

Matt Stroshane/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- It's peak citrus season in the U.S., but Florida orange groves had a bitter yield of the beloved sweet and tart winter fruit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that orange crops are projected to be down for the second consecutive season, which could send prices that were already high due to the pandemic, even higher. The historically low production could be 16% less than last season's final count, the USDA found. Growers in the Sunshine State are forecast to harvest 44.5 million boxes of fruit from the 2020-21 season, according to the USDA, down1.50 million boxes from the December forecast. The current USDA forecast looks at 17.5 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges (early, mid-season, and   ... Read More

Woman goes viral for showing off tattoos in company headshot

Jessica Leonard(CLEVELAND) -- Over the last few decades, it has been considered taboo to reveal tattoos, piercings or even unconventional hair colors in a professional work setting, but one woman is challenging that idea after showing off her full sleeves of arm tattoos in her company headshot and going viral on LinkedIn. "As soon as it started going viral, I thought, 'I know how this works. If I put myself out there, and it's something that is controversial, I should be prepared,'" Jessica Leonard said. Leonard, 36, received over 30,000 reactions and nearly 3,000 comments on her LinkedIn post, which showed a two side-by-side images -- one of her posing in a suit jacket and one of her exposing her   ... Read More

Wealth of 10 richest men doubled in pandemic as 99% of incomes dropped: Oxfam

iStockThe 10 richest men in the world doubled their fortunes during the COVID-19 pandemic, a report published Monday by advocacy group Oxfam said, highlighting how the global health crisis has deepened the divide between the haves and have-nots as well as the need for policy intervention to address these "deadly" inequities. While the wealth of the world's 10 richest men more than doubled -- increasing from approximately $700 billion to $1.5 trillion between March 2020 and November 2021 -- the incomes of approximately 99% of people around the globe fell during that time, and more than 160 million people have been forced into poverty, the Oxfam report added. The poverty and economic justice advocacy group calculated the wealth gains of   ... Read More

Puppies and all-wheel drive: How Subaru built its ardent fan base

Robert Hradil/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Some automakers tout engine performance, cutting-edge technology or exclusivity to attract buyers. Japanese automaker Subaru has a different approach. In 2019 the company transformed 10,000 square feet of the Javits Convention Center in New York into a state-of-the-art immersive exhibit where Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser and Denali's snowcapped peak were the focus -- not the company's sport utility vehicles. Deer, foxes and muskrats can be spotted along the walking trails at Subaru's Indiana facility, the sole U.S. manufacturing plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Materials on site are either reused, recycled or repurposed and in 2004 the plant achieved zero landfill status -- another industry first. "Business has   ... Read More

How sky-high inflation is evaporating Americans’ savings, imposing ‘cruelest tax’ on the poor

Guido Mieth/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The sneaky sting of inflation is catching many Americans by surprise as soaring prices erode their savings and prompt major sticker shock at the supermarket, gas pump and seemingly everywhere they look. Rapidly rising prices have become a major new wellspring of anxiety for American families. Some 3 in 10 Americans said everyday bills (15%) or inflation specifically (14%) was the single biggest concern facing their family right now, according to a Monmouth University poll released last month. This is nearly double the 16% of Americans naming rising prices or household bills as their biggest concern last July, and more than triple the 8% who named household bills as their top concern in August 2020.   ... Read More

Navient agrees to $1.7 billion student loan settlement

Navient agrees to .7 billion student loan settlementBy Aaron Katersky Navient, one of the nation's largest student loan servicers, agreed Thursday to pay nearly $2 billion to settle claims by 38 states and the District of Columbia it deceived thousands of borrows into costly, long-term, forbearance plans that caused students to pay more than they should have. "They ran a multi-billion dollar scam," Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said during a news conference announcing the settlement agreement. MORE: Biden extends student loan payment pause until May Navient, formerly known as Sally Mae, burdened struggling students with debt, the attorneys general said, by pushing them into subprime, private loans they knew most would be unable to repay. "So many people are trapped in unaffordable student loan debt," Massachusetts   ... Read More

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