Welcome to our Media Kit and Information for Advertisers page. This is your first stop for gathering information in order to consider an advertising campaign on one of our radio stations on our digital platforms. Also, please feel free to call Susan Brown, Director of Sales, at (903) 593-2519.

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"Let's Talk..." is our comprehensive media kit. For your convenience, we have broken it down into sections that may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

So Let's Talk about...

  • Our Commitment to Your Success - A brief discussion of our guiding philosophy as it pertains to helping you succeed with your marketing and advertising.
  • Making a Connection - Our explanation of how we will work to help you forge a connection with our customers and prospects using the media platforms that we offer.
  • Advertising that Works - It's about so much more than raw audience statistics. It's about careful analysis before the first commercial is purchased.
  • The Three-Legged Stool - A very simple illustration that explains the three key ingredients to successful advertising regardless of medium.
  • What's in the News and What's On Your Mind - A profile of the programming that we offer in order to attract a high quality audience.
  • Who Listens to KTBB 97.5FM and ESPN 92.1FM - A profile of the audiences for each of our two principal stations.
  • Creating Advertising that Works - An explanation of the services that we offer to help you create successful advertising messages.
  • Internet & Digital - A summary of our internet and digital offerings.
  • Special Coverage - Examples of special coverage that is advertiser sponsorable for higher visibility and quality association.
  • Coverage Maps - How KTBB 97.5FM and ESPN 92.1FM cover East Texas.
  • Putting Us to Work - The essential next steps in putting us to work helping you succeed. Contact information is also available here.


Rates and Other Information for Political Advertisers

Political Rate Cards
2015 Issues Advertising Rate Card
2016 Texas Primary Election Candidate/LUC Rate Card


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