Alcohol Approved Cities Polled by Sheriff Smith

Posted/updated on: October 11, 2012 at 12:17 pm

TYLER — Smith County Sheriff J. B. Smith has released the results of a study he conducted regarding the Wet/Dry issue and the impact on communities. Sheriff Smith said 28 ‘wet’ cities were polled about their average increase in crime since approving the sale of alcohol and the possible increase of litter on the streets. The Sheriff said of the 25 towns that responded, they anonymously responded by saying that there has been no increase in crime or littering since the sale of alcohol.

Smith said in two of the cities polled, Midlothian and Rockwall, they actually reported a decrease in crime and violence, as well as littering.

Sheriff Smith said he wanted to pursue some additional information after a report by a local newspaper. He said he wanted to dispel the myth that crime and litter would increase if the measure, now on the November 4th ballot, was voted for. Smith added, “It’s not the Sheriff’s job to make editorial comments whether his department is for or against it, I just wanted the public to have the truth.”

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