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Alleged Murderer Released from Jail

Posted/updated on: June 30, 2013 at 5:08 pm
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larrymaplesvzcsoCANTON — After failing to be indicted within 90 days, Larry Maples, 44, of Ben Wheeler, was released from the Van Zandt County Jail on Thursday after allegedly murdering his wife and injuring her boyfriend in March. That’s according to KETK. On Sunday, March 24, at 6:00 a.m., the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Maples saying he had shot his wife and her boyfriend. Deputies arrived at the 2600 block of FM 16 a short time later and arrested Maples at the front door of his home without incident.

Investigators say that Maples had arrived in the early hours of the morning, parked his vehicle a short distance from the scene, and walked to the home on foot. Maples, after seeing his wife’s car parked at the rear of the home, entered the house through an unlocked door. Inside the home, Maples reportedly shot Moses Clemente, 47, of Canton, after an altercation. Maples then allegedly shot and killed his wife, Heather Maples, 34, of Ben Wheeler. Clemente was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound, but he was expected to fully recover. Heather Maples was pronounced dead at the scene.

KETK spoke with Ed Saturley, the stepfather of Heather Maples, after the release of Larry Maples. “I want this man locked up,” said Saturley. “My step-daughter is dead and her son is without a mother because of this man. Do you think a murderer should be walking around town? No! He’s free and Heather is in a hole in the ground.”

Van Zandt County Sheriff Lindsey Ray pointed out that the law required Maples’s release since he hadn’t been indicted within 90 days. Ray released a statement that reads, in part, “Although I am not excited that Larry Michael Maples has been released upon bond, I believe it is more important that we thoroughly investigate this offense for purposes of a conviction, rather than attempting to rush an investigation for the purposes of a ninety day ticking clock. This case will be forwarded to the Van Zandt Criminal District Attorney’s Office when it is properly and thoroughly investigated and when it is completed. I am fully convinced that Larry Michael Maples will be indicted by a Grand Jury and will ultimately be convicted for Capital Murder.

“Until that time, Mr. Maples will be confined to house arrest and may only leave home to visit his defense attorneys and his pre-trial release officer. A GPS device has been attached to his person and his location will be supervised at all times by the Van Zandt County Community Supervision and Corrections Department. He is also ordered to report to that Department weekly to assure compliance with the conditions of his pre-trial release. If he violates any condition of his bond, the District Attorney’s Office will seek to have his bond revoked and have him placed back into custody.”

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