Hide-A-Way Lake Probe Concerns Residents

Posted/updated on: August 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Hide-A-Way LakeHIDEAWAY — Neighbors in Hide-A-Way Lake, near Lindale, say they’re confused and upset about a recent investigation. It culminated with the firing of the property’s general manager. One resident who wants to remain anonymous tells KETK, “Everything’s on lock — it’s become this big secretive thing.” The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the community after receiving a complaint that the maintenance supervisor was getting a 50% kickback to cut down trees in the neighborhood. The resident also says the general manager of Hide-A-Way Lake, Dennis Godoy, has now been fired — and she claims this isn’t the first time she has been unhappy with the way things are run in her community.

“It happened in 2005 as well,” says the resident. “I feel like I pay a lot of dues to not have adequate things out there. If your road’s a mess and you’ve got trees falling in your yard, you would expect when they say they’re coming to fix it, for them to actually come fix it.” There are other neighbors with complaints. One said, “I knew in the past there had been some problems out there, but this is the latest that I’ve heard of anything going on in Hide-A-Way Lake.” KETK did some digging, and just this June, Hideaway Asset Management was involved in a civil case. Nearby residents say.they hope that this neighborhood makes some changes for the sake of the homeowners. “By all means there needs to be an investigation,” says one. People need to be held accountable for misuse of funds or any other activities that cost the local citizens and local taxpayers.”

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