Groundbreaking Surgery at Mother Frances

Posted/updated on: July 25, 2014 at 4:41 pm

thumb_MotherFrances-signTYLER – Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics became the first health system between Tyler and the Metroplex to perform a single-site (incision) laparoscopic gynecological surgery in East Texas when Dr. Daren Yeager successfully completed the procedure July 22 at Mother Frances Hospital Tyler. That’s according to a Trinity Mother Frances news release.

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is an alternative to conventional multiport laparoscopy. Single-access laparoscopy using a transumbilical port affords maximum cosmetic benefits because the surgical incision is hidden in the umbilicus, according to the news release. The advantages of single-access laparoscopic surgery may include less bleeding, infection, and hernia formation and better cosmetic outcome and less pain. Ongoing refinement of the surgical technique and instrumentation is likely to expand its role in gynecologic surgery in the future, according to the release.

On Tuesday during the almost 3-hour procedure, Dr. Yeager successfully removed a large mass from the ovary of a patient through an almost invisible incision, hidden in the navel. “This is a landmark day for patients in East Texas, simply due to the advantages this type of surgery offers,” said Dr. Yeager. “Cosmetically, the advantages are clear: less scarring, fewer and smaller incisions. But more importantly, the positives from a medical perspective are immense. Minimally invasive surgery means lower risks of complications, less bleeding, lowered chances for infection, quicker recovery time, and less pain for the patient.”

With this state-of-the-art procedure, patients can look forward to leaving the hospital sooner, recuperating more quickly and spending less time removed from their daily lives, according to the news release. “This is a tremendous advancement for patients in East Texas,” said John McGreevy, Chief Executive Officer, Mother Frances Hospital Tyler and the Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital. “We are very proud to be the first facility in Tyler and this area to offer a single-site gynecological surgery. The benefits of this procedure are extensive for the patient, and it also represents the commitment of Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics to maintain the highest standards of care using technology and procedures from the leading edge of the medical field in order to continually improve healthcare for the people of East Texas.”

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