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Sunrise Sunset Hours

For computational purposes, sunrise or sunset is defined to occur when the geometric zenith distance of center of the Sun is 90.8333 degrees. That is, the center of the Sun is geometrically 50 arcminutes below a horizontal plane. For an observer at sea level with a level, unobstructed horizon, under average atmospheric conditions, the upper limb of the Sun will then appear to be tangent to the horizon. The 50-arcminute geometric depression of the Sun's center used for the computations is obtained by adding the average apparent radius of the Sun (16 arcminutes) to the average amount of atmospheric refraction at the horizon (34 arcminutes).

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 7:30AM CST 5:30PM CST
February 7:00AM CST 6:00PM CST
March 6:30AM CST 6:30PM CST
Daylight Saving Time begins 2nd Sunday in March
March 6:00AM CST 6:45PM CST
April 7:00AM CDT 7:45PM CDT
May 6:30AM CDT 8:15PM CDT
June 6:15AM CDT 8:30PM CDT
July 6:15AM CDT 8:30PM CDT
August 6:45AM CDT 8:00PM CDT
September 7:00AM CDT 7:30PM CDT
October 7:30AM CDT 6:45PM CDT
November 6:30AM CST 5:45PM CST
Daylight Saving Time ends 1st Sunday in November
November 6:45AM CST 5:15PM CST
December 7:15AM CST 5:15PM CST


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