Today is Saturday December 05, 2020
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Sun Hours

Month Sunrise Sunset
January 7:30AM CST 5:30PM CST
February 7:00AM CST 6:00PM CST
March 6:30AM CST 6:30PM CST
Daylight Saving Time begins 2nd Sunday in March
March 6:00AM CST 6:45PM CST
April 7:00AM CDT 7:45PM CDT
May 6:30AM CDT 8:15PM CDT
June 6:15AM CDT 8:30PM CDT
July 6:15AM CDT 8:30PM CDT
August 6:45AM CDT 8:00PM CDT
September 7:00AM CDT 7:30PM CDT
October 7:30AM CDT 6:45PM CDT
November 6:30AM CST 5:45PM CST
Daylight Saving Time ends 1st Sunday in November
November 6:45AM CST 5:15PM CST
December 7:15AM CST 5:15PM CST